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Thank you for considering advertising opportunities on Hi Sugarplum!
I really appreciate it, and so does my project fund!

Hi Sugarplum and the incredible readers have given me the opportunity for dream collaborations, like working with these stellar brands:

 Pottery Barn
Home Depot
Martha Stewart
Huffington Post
Good Housekeeping
Better Home &amp Gardens
Command 3M
Haagen Daz
and more.


Hi Sugarplum | Collaborations

There are a limited number of sponsorship spots available each month, so if you’re interested please email me for my media card and rates. The pricing is based on the site's traffic, which currently has over 150,000 monthly readers, with an additional 8,500 subscribers, and 18,000 social media fans.

I only consider products & brands that I love and use, and are a benefit to readers. Please email me information regarding your product to see if it's a good fit, and to discuss openings in the editorial calendar.

Please note that I do occasionally use affiliate links for RewardStyle and Amazon, and I may earn a small commission from items purchased through these links. It should be noted that not all links are affiliate links, and I would never link to anything I do not fully endorse. I genuinely like the products and brands, and would buy them myself. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact me directly!

 Advertising with Hi Sugarplum is a great way to gain exposure to thousands of clever and talented readers. If your brand matches our aesthetic, I'd love to work together!

You can find me at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant, or

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