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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Top Ten | November

Happy, happy December, friends! I don't recall another year that's flown as quickly as this one! It seems like we just finished up Summer Break, and yet, here we are, 24 days from Christmas, and 30 days from a new year. Crazy, right? #deepbreaths

Some weeks days it seems I'm doing nothing but chasing a To Do List, or playing catch-up, so it's nice to take a moment each month and look back at the projects and content I managed to create. No question the One Room Challenge took up a majority of the month, but we squeezed a few other things in there, too.

We took our annual family photos & I shared all our tips for a 
stylish & successful shoot. And wow what a difference a year makes!

We all played hooky at The State Fair of Texas & it was a delicious day. 

This black pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple for me, 
and easily styled for both Work & Weekend.

Looking for some new Fall style inspiration?

picturesque backdrop to show off two Cute & Cozy Styles. Because sometimes we just
want to be comfy (but always cute)!

You might say I'm smitten with these plum booties. If by smitten
you mean completely obsessed! Not only are the comfortable, but such a 

But the highlight of the month was the One Room Challenge, and you guys 
blew me away with your kind & enthusiastic response! Week 5 was all about 
drapes & dilemmas, but we managed to finish the space in time for the full reveal on Week 6
Then I shared more pics, plus a full source list & breakdown of the project. 

Last month also had another round of Sugarplum Style, and everyone's favorite, Dressing Room Diaries, featuring tons of new finds, and recent outfits (and Mama Sugarplum!). I also threw in a couple of quick Five Under $50 and Ramblings, featuring fun new things I've got my eye on.

(Sidenote: I also updated my Sugarplum Picks to reflect what I'm loving and wearing these days. You can check it out anytime using the shopping bag graphic in the sidebar.)

December is sure to be another fun one, with tons of holiday inspiration...both home and style. Thank you so much for stopping by when you do...your support and comments mean the world to me! See you back here tomorrow for part 2 Dressing Room Diaries with Mama Sugarplum, featuring tons of great gift ideas.

If you're new around here, or just playing catch-up, 
here are some good places to start:


  1. Such a great month! Can't wait to see what December holds!

  2. Oh my goodness! So much in one month! And Cassie...your mama is just the cutest!!


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