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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Top Ten | October

Happy, happy November, friends! I mean, do I really have to say 'November already', or is everyone in agreement that this is pure insanity?! I don't want to alarm you, but there are only 8 Saturdays until Christmas. And that's counting Christmas Eve! Okay, maybe we should all be a little alarmed.

Some weeks days it seems I'm doing nothing but chasing a To Do List, or playing catch-up, so it's nice to take a moment each month and look back at the projects and content I managed to create. No question the One Room Challenge took up the bulk of the month (by the way, thanks for your vote of confidence yesterday!), but we squeezed a few other projects and style inspirations in there, too.

Mr. SP is almost always a good sport & this Date Night Shoot was one of my favorites. He even jeopardized his back for me! Plus, I adore that sassy little dress & heels!

The hardest working utility cart...I shared six ways to make life easier at home with this nifty rolling cart. That's a lot of bang for your $30 buck!

I had the honor of being invited back to the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Event, and spent a beautiful, inspiring day with a roomful of creative geniuses.

I'm a sucker for a quilted puffer...and this one had me at buffalo check. I couldn't bear to reserve it only for weekends though, so I styled it 2 Ways for Work. Okay, casual work wear, but work wear none the less.

We snuck off for a quickie getaway to stunning New Mexico...Albuquerque was unexpectedly gorgeous, and Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Farm the charming cherry on top!

It was a whirlwind couple of days, but here's how we squeezed every drop of fun out of 
our 36 Hours in New York City (plus what I packed)!

The always-exciting, sometimes-stressful One Room Challenge kicked off, and it's been 
a month of fast-paced progress...Catch up with Week One, Two, Three & Four.

Last month also had another round of Sugarplum Style, and everyone's favorite, Dressing Room Diaries, featuring tons of new finds, and recent outfits (and Mama Sugarplum!). I also threw in a couple of quick Five Under $50 and Ramblings, featuring fun new things I've got my eye on.

(Sidenote: I also updated my Sugarplum Picks to reflect what I'm loving and wearing these days. You can check it out anytime using the shopping bag graphic in the sidebar.)

November is sure to be another fun one, with more travel, the One Room Challenge Reveal, and holiday inspiration for home and style. Thank you so much for stopping by when you do...your support and comments mean the world to me! See you back here tomorrow for enough Fall style inspiration to get you through the rest of the season! #monsterpost

If you're new around here, or just playing catch-up, here are some good places to start:


  1. Lovely pictures, looks like you've had a great month. Sophie x

  2. You packed A LOT into October!!!!! That pic of you and your mom is precious!

  3. Now I am alarmed! Eek!! Your mama's getting younger! :)

  4. I'm ready to buy that adorable deer bag but the link is broken! EEEKKK please help!

    1. Oops, it's updated now! Here it is:

  5. You always look stunning! Such an inspiration! :)
    Looks lovely there! Both of your outfits are perfect too; very seasonal and classy! :)you have an amazing style! I love all of your posts. The quality of your pictures is amazing.


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