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Friday, October 21, 2016

Dressing Room Diaries

Cheers to Friday, friends! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm over the ORC update...I'm glad to hear you're as anxious as me to see that wallpaper installed! I have a few more big decisions to make as soon as it goes up, so I'll have to kick it into another gear soon!

Today it's time for the next installment of Dressing Room Diaries, where I hunt down some of the cutest new arrivals from my favorite retailers, and review them for you. You know the drill...the shots aren't good, the lighting is bad, my hair is usually past it's expiration, and many of the items aren't a good fit for me...but it's real life, real girl, real clothes...and hopefully helpful for you to see them this way, instead of perfectly styled on a model.

And this time I brought my darling Mama Sugarplum with me! She's a little smaller than the last time you saw her (thanks to strict doctor's orders!), but it's still fun to see how she translates the outfits for her petite frame and age.

Fit Note: I'm 5'4"-ish, 120 pounds-ish, with a slight pear shape. My usual size is an XS/0. Mama Sugarplum is 5'1", with an hourglass figure. Her usual size is S/4.

Our game plan this time was to walk the store together, and see what we each gravitated towards. And funny enough, we seemed to like all the same stuff, and usually in the same color! Starting with this cowlneck pullover. The website refers to it as a sweater, but the thick knit makes it more of a heavy shirt...and oh so soft!! We both kind of hugged ourselves with glee when we pulled it on. I also love the curved hem and longer back.

Fit Tip: Size up one if you want to wear it with leggings...I'm in an XS & mom in a S.

We're both suckers for the kitten cardi, so of course we had to try this new version with a peplum back and drape front. It's just as soft as the button version, but has a little more shape thanks to the back darts.

Fit Tip: True to size, I'm in an XS and mom in a S.

I don't know where these jeans have been all my life, but in the span of a week, I hit the jean-jackpot three times! And all are under $40!?! #saywhat I first stumbled on these dark ones, and could hardly believe how comfy and flattering they were. So I quickly tried the light wash, and loved them even more! And I'll show you the black ones later in this post.

Fit Tip: The tricky part is the fit...these dark wash run 1-2 sizes big #trustme and the light wash run one size big. 

If you follow my #SugarplumStyle on Instagram, you know this is a regular uniform for me...and just look how darling it is on my mom! She's pretty much head-to-toe in my must-haves...favorite striped tee, utility jacket, and newfound jeans.

Fit Tip: Size down in all three...she's wearing an XXS jacket, XS tee, and 26 jeans.

Many floral prints overwhelm my frame, but this one was both lovely and striking. I'm crazy for the ruffle neck, and it's perfect paired with jeans for a night out, or with a pencil skirt or slacks for work. And these are the black jeans I was referring to earlier...I love the mid-rise, dark rinse, and no distressing. The booties are pretty much perfect, too, and comfy thanks to the block-heel.

Fit Tip: The blouse runs large...this is the XS, and the armholes are a little too big for me (nothing a cami can't fix!). The black jeans are true to size, I'm wearing a 26.

You know the bootcut jeans that make me look tall and leggy (worn here & here)...yeah well, mom joined the bootcut bandwagon, too! I insisted she size down one, which she of course fought me on...but guess who was right in the end?! #thisgirl She fell in love with them, and ordered the 2P for a perfect fit. #mmmmhmmm

Fit Tip: Mom has a larger chest than me, so the blouse was a good fit for her. And like I said, size down in the jeans! I wear a reg 0, and mom a 2P.

I never met a ruffle I didn't love, including this little top. I liked the sweetness of the top paired with rugged jeans and boots, but it'd be darling with a skirt, too. 

Fit Tip: Top runs a little small through the arms, so I'd recommend sizing up one. I'm wearing an XS in the pics, and my circulation was in danger.

On Mama SP: Ruffle-Trim Blouse | Dark Jeans | Booties

I already own this oversized sweater in wheat, and love the soft weave and longer length. I think I love the colors even more...especially with a classic plaid scarf.

Fit Tip: Sweater runs large, both mom and I are wearing XXS. You can see even with sizing down, it's still legging-length. #coveryourladybitsladies 

On Mama SP: Sweater | Scarf | Dark Jeans | Booties

Then we both decided we liked the other's sweater we swapped colors!

On Mama SP: Sweater | Scarf | Dark Jeans | Booties

My mom's work environment is more corporate than mine, so she likes to find pieces that fit both work and weekend vibes. She loved this sweater and pencil skirt combo...I'd pair the look on the left with these block-heeled pumps for work, then add the drapey jacket and booties for a night out. 

Fit Tip: The skirt runs large & long...she's wearing a 2P (I wore a 0P), and the sweater a tad small, but not enough to size up. The jacket has a stretchy-knit back, so it hugs the torso for a flattering fit. She's in a small in both the sweater and jacket.

We both loved this lace blouse with the sweet scalloped collar, and the booties give the pants a bit of an edge. I had her turn her head for those of you always asking about her hair! ;)

Fit Tip: Blouse runs true, she's wearing a S.

I lived in this lightweight cowlneck tunic last year, so was excited to see they brought it back in new colors. It's great for leggings, but looks darling with skinny jeans and low-ankle booties, as well.

Fit Tip: It's a tad big, but not enough to be shapeless. I'm wearing a regular XS.

I knew mom would love it too (can you tell by her smile on the left?!), and wanted to see the difference between the regular and petite sizing on her.

Fit Tip: She's wearing an XS in both...but the left is regular, and the right a petite.

Of course we had to pose together with our favorite Fall bags! (Use code SUGARPLUM10 for 10% off!)

I've tried this twist-front blouse several times, but my lack of chest makes it a poor fit for me. Obviously it's darling if you are blessed with 'girls.' 

Fit Tip: Top runs large, mom is wearing an XS with a cami layered under. 

I think I've converted her to a stripe addict...she ended up wearing this exact outfit (except with red converse) to a family reunion the next day. The cardi is really lightweight, so it doesn't add any bulk or overheat you on these warm early-Fall days.

Fit Tip: She's wearing a S sweater and XS tee.

I loved the bell-sleeve and flared hem of this sheath dress, but this size ran a little big through the chest for me.

Fit Tip: I'm wearing a 2, so I'd recommend sizing down one. This is black & deep mulberry.

Once the weather really gets cold, I love nothing more than a chunky turtleneck. This one has a great fit, and wasn't super itchy.

Fit Tip: Sweater is true to size, I'm in an XS and mom a S.

On Mama SP: Bubble Sweater | Dark Jeans | Booties

This dress would be fun with open-toe booties and a moto jacket, or pretty with block-heels. 

Fit Tip: I'm wearing a small in this pic, which is a little large on I'd say stick with your usual size for this one.

This classic t-shirt dress is nice and thick, with just enough stretch to give it shape. And look how cute she is pairing it with booties!! Update: I goofed this graphic...the dress on the left is actually different...more of a swing shape.

Fit Tip: The swing dress runs large, mom is wearing an XS, and the striped boatneck is true to size, she's wearing a S.

In fact, she looked so cute I had to try the swing dress for myself in black! 

Fit Tip: I'm wearing an XS and mom a Small.

I couldn't resist trying these pjs...the pink trim was just too cute! They are a silky knit that is so soft, and not overheating.

Fit Tip: They run large, I'm wearing an XS.

I think she's getting the hang of this posing business! This classic shift dress was a great work option, and the bell-sleeve gives it a little flare.

Fit Tip: Petite is definitely the better fit for her with dresses, she's wearing a 6P.

I love a good shirtdress, and this was is extra-darling with the ruffle trim. And pockets! #swoon I liked the longer length, but I'd recommend going with a petite if you're shorter than me.

Fit Tip: Dress runs large, I'm wearing a reg XS and it felt too big.

They call this the 'perfect plaid shirt', and I'd have to agree. It's a stiff cotton with no give though, so it's definitely more tailored than relaxed.

Fit Tip: Shirt runs small...I'm wearing a 2 and it's a little tight in the shoulder.

Slouchy cardigans are kind of my obsession this season...maybe it's the heat we're still having, or the laid-back vibe of them paired with my favorite tee...but I can't seem to stop reaching for them. It's hard to see in this crap-ball pic, but this one is a pretty deep green. (It's also under $50!)

Fit Tip: The sweater runs large, I'm wearing an XS, but plan on swapping it for the XXS.

I raved about this dress in yesterday's Five Under $50, and I can hardly wait to take it for a spin this holiday season! Great length, flattering neckline, exposed back zipper, fully lined and under $50! #bamwhat

Fit Tip: Runs true to size, I'm in an XS...and the red has a definite pink undertone.

I wish this shirtdress had a true collar, but I do love the colors and plaid. And it's a soft flannel material and has pockets!

Fit Tip: Size up to wear as a dress (I'm wearing a small in these pics), or go with your regular size to pair with leggings.

Another fun option for holiday parties, also available in several colors, but the sleeves run a bit long.

Fit Tip: I'm wearing an XS...the color on the right is 'tomato.'

I took Little Miss shopping for some longer tunic tees to wear with leggings, and ended trying this funnel-neck pullover for myself! I love layering them over collared shirts, too.

Fit Tip: I sized up one in the pullover for a relaxed fit.

Puffer vests are one of my Fall's Essential Seven, and this classic black plaid would be a great addition to any wardrobe. The quilted one on the left is thinner and adds pattern, while the frost-free on the right is bulkier and adds warmth. I've got a fun post featuring one of these next week!

Fit Tip: I'm wearing an XS in both.

And finally, both Mama Sugarplum and I fell for the cozy softness of these v-neck sweaters...and of course both chose pink. #itsoursignaturecolor One of us liked it so much she also got blue, but I'm not pointing fingers. #mom

Woo-Wee, this post was a doozy! I do hope you found it helpful, and maybe discovered some new goodies. I know Mama Sugarplum and I had a great time...but being with her is always fun!

What's your favorite from this round of Dressing Room Diaries? You may want to check out the previous installment because many of the items featured are on sale, and check the codes below for additional percentage off! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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  1. Oh Cassie, I cannot get enough of your mama. xo

  2. Beautiful ladies! You're definitely twinning with your gorgeous mom!

  3. I love these posts and your mom is too cute!

  4. SO FUN! Love both of you in that floral ruffle top, your mama is precious in that little lace number, and my favorite on you was that black top with the ruffle sleeves!

  5. Oh my gosh your mom is the cutest! I love seeing how the outfits work on multiple generations! My mom is always worried things she likes on me will look too young on her (and I don't dress super young lol).

  6. You both look so cute! And your mom looked beautiful before but looks great at her new size! I have my eye on the BP tunic sweater but can't decide on color. Is the red more of a muted red or cheery red?

    1. Thank you! It's definitely muted...more of a burgundy red, than true red. The pic is a pretty good depiction of it. It'd be stunning with your dark hair! xo

  7. Great post!! Love the looks. You mentioned that all the jeans were under $40...I didn't see that when I clicked on the non skinny jeans.

    I do not understand why a doctor would tell your mom to lose weight. She's tiny!!

    1. I hit the jean-jackpot three times! And all are under $40!?! #saywhat ...copied and pasted from the blog.

    2. The three jeans I was referring to (all new to me this past month), are the BP dark, light and black jeans. The other jeans linked in the post (like the bootcut) I've had for awhile (but still under $100). And my mom hit her goal weight she's not going to get any smaller. She was having glucose issues, but now she's on the right levels! xoxo

    3. Ok. That was confusing on the jeans. And although "but still under $100" may sound good to you, I personally think that's expensive for a pair of jeans...unless you just own 1 or 2 pair.

  8. Your mom and you are so cute and you look so much like her!!! I love dressing room diaries and all of the great ideas!

  9. Love it when you and your mom work together. You are both gorgeous!

  10. I always are this series- such great finds! And tell your sweet mamma she is looking fabulous!!

  11. Love your dressing room diaries - and you and your Mom are both lovely!

  12. you and your mom are SO cute :) love this post. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. Such great pieces and you and your mama couldn't be any cuter!

  14. Y'all are just too stinkin' adorable!! Love these posts and all your choices. So excited to pull out some sweaters finally!

  15. Cute as buttons the both of you and looks like you were having just a bit of fun :)!

  16. Wow! Sugarplum mama is looking H. O. T. Keep up the good work, I know she also feels amazing :)

  17. Dressing Room Diaries with your Mom are my favorite! It's just so sweet to see you gals having fun together! There's nothing better than a shopping day with Mom.

  18. Thanks so much! I appreciate all the work and fun that went into this post. I look fw to more!

  19. Omg Cassie, this post was amazing! I want it all. :) Your mom is the cutest and so stylish! My age is between the two of you (52) and I love expressing myself through fashion. So many of the fashion bloggers are under 40 and it's really awesome to see your mom and you repping for the over 40 crowd! I love your realness, you're adorable.

  20. Your mom is so cute! I love the matching outfits. I always wonder how long it takes you to try on all those clothes, but it must be a lot of fun! I just love everything and I am pinning those pink lined PJ's, may have to get them!


  21. Love this post and your mom looks great! What did she do to lose weight? I'm trying to shed a few pounds and would love to get some helpful tips.

  22. You guys are both seriously too cute! What a fun way to spend mother/daughter time together!

  23. I ordered the BP mid rise jeans in light wash, dark version is sold out. Can't wait to give them a try and see if they are keepers. Thanks for the recommendation. :)


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