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Monday, September 5, 2016

Top Ten | August

Happy, happy September, friends! I hope you're having a fabulous Labor Day, and soaking up the extra family and friend time. I don't know about you, but August was a whirlwind, don't you think?! Between traveling and the kids returning to school, there was a lot going on.

Some weeks days it seems I'm doing nothing but chasing a To Do List, or playing catch-up, so it's nice to take a moment each month and look back at the projects and content I managed to create. Hopefully we all spent a little less time online for the final weeks of Summer, so here's a quick catch-up of the top posts from August.

JoJo & Jordan...even if you didn't watch The Bachelorette, you've probably seen
pics of these two beautiful people plastered all over. One of their first perks was a little
vacation in this stunning Malibu home. It's only $25k a week, so what do you say we go halfsies?! ;)

Portofino, Italy might just be one of the most picturesque stops on our 
Mediterranean Cruise. Or any trip, for that matter!

I love a good Look for Less...and this baby is the best $25 I've spent in awhile.

I get a lot of requests for more work wear I added the Work It series
featuring office-appropriate outfits like these Black & White options. You can check the 
Work to Weekend series for more ideas, too.

Even though we renovated the Kitchen over a year ago, it still feels a little 
unfinished to me. So I've been considering some changes, like taking the backsplash
tile all the way to the ceiling. You guys proved very opinionated with your ideas...and I loved it!!

Two things: The rug is actually really muted in person, the pic above is lightened quite a bit. Also, I'm hooking up with my friend, Emily, to get some help finishing the standby for that!

This month's {5 Ways} was based around the essential little white tee, and I gave
several ways of styling it for the coming season. Well, five ways, to be exact.

I had the honor of attending & speaking at the Bloom Bash Workshop in Florida.
It was like spending two days inside an issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Cartagena, Spain was the first stop on our Mediterranean Cruise, & a tapas wonderland.

One of my favorite shoots to date, for Back-to-School with one of my favorite brands...
I love these cuties so much!

Last month also had another round of Sugarplum Style, and everyone's favorite, Dressing Room Diaries, featuring tons of new finds, and recent outfits. I also threw in a couple of quick Five Under $50 and Ramblings, featuring fun new things I've got my eye on.

(Sidenote: I also updated my Sugarplum Picks to reflect what I'm loving and wearing these days. You can check it out anytime using the shopping bag graphic in the sidebar.)

September is sure to be another fun one, with a trip to NYC, new home updates, and touches of Fall in the closet. Thank you so much for stopping by when you do...your support and comments mean the world to me!

In case you missed it, all the best Labor Day sales can be found in this huge new Dressing Room Diaries post. Enjoy the extra day, lovebugs!!

If you're new around here, or just playing catch-up, here are some good places to start:



  1. I absolutely adore your style posts, you look FABULOUS in everything!!!!

  2. August was a great month on this blog- but it's no different than any other month! Love this page.


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