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Monday, September 19, 2016


Happy new week, friends, I hope your weekend was grand! Ours was a good mix of lazy and busy, which was exactly what I needed after camping with a gaggle of fifth graders last week! I had big plans for a post today, but just couldn't get my act together, so it will have to wait for another day...and instead, you get a brain dump of the ramblings currently going through my head, and latest happenings around here.

ONE // I always feel so bad when I feature some darling new piece, only for it to sell out quickly. I try to keep an eye out for y'all, and am happy to report some of the more popular pieces of late are now back-in-stock...starting with this circle cardigan. It's hands-down the softest thing in my closet, I even snuggle-up in it every night with my pajamas! I can hardly wait for cooler weather so I can wear it all day, too.

These cut-out booties are back, as well, in all colors and sizes. I'll be wearing them with both jeans and dresses all Fall.

Fit Tip: I sized down half-size, and wear them sans socks so the cutouts show. If you prefer to wear socks, these booties are a cute and comfy similar option.

Another great bootie, that's perfect for most seasons, and easily dressed up or down, are these peep-toes. They sell out quickly every time, so if you've had your eye on them, I wouldn't wait. See them styled for Now & Later here.

You likely recognize this leopard clutch since I carry it more often than not (see it here, here and here for starters) was in stock when I hit publish on this post, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

This military jacket was a favorite when I shared it on my darling mom, but it sold out in a hot-second. It's back in two great neutral greens, and the gray pops in and out, too.

Fit Tip: It runs mom is wearing a medium.

TWO // I almost fell out of my chair when Traditional Home contacted me about being featured in their new digital magazine, Simply Perfect Kitchens & Baths. And to see my face in it is almost too much! It's a gorgeous read, with tons of great inspiration...check out the full issue here.

THREE // I'm so excited to be headed back to New York City later this month to attend the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker's Event. It's incredibly flattering to be included among such a stellar line-up of talented bloggers, and I can't wait to soak up all that creative inspiration again. See my recap of last year's event here.

FOUR // If you followed my InstaStory last week, then you saw some of the fun we had at Little Miss's Outdoor Education Camp. It's actually part of the school curriculum for fifth graders in our district, and something the kids look forward to since the first day of Kindergarten.

I didn't initially sign up to fact, I ducked my head big-time when the call for volunteers for the 3-day camp went out! (Read more about my shortcomings here.) But someone dropped out at the last minute, and I somehow found myself as the new counselor of these darling girls. And as miraculous as it seems...I didn't misplace a single girl, nor was a single tear shed! #bythemorme

 Custom monogram hats and sunglasses from Blush & Bashful

It was a steamy three days, and we logged almost 10-miles of walking each day, so I lived in my favorite athletic wear and caps! #camphairdontcare

If I'm being totally honest, I was actually dreading the whole thing a little. I mean, I'm not 'that mom' who loves all things kid, nor am I the 'fun parent' of our family. But I let go of any expectations, along with my guard, and ended up having such an amazing time with all the girls, moms and teachers...and especially this precious girl.

I loved watching her with her peers, and work through obstacles in a way I don't see at home. She surprises me everyday with her spirit and kindness, and I'm humbled to be her mama. The whole camp experience taught me I can be the fun parent, too! Sometimes. ;)

FIVE // While we were at camp, my other baby girl was bitten by a copperhead snake! I spent the evening sneaking outside the cabin to get updates from Mr. SP, and crying in my sleeping bag with worry.

She spent the night in the emergency animal hospital and received the insanely-priced anti-venom, but the good news is she's going to be just fine! Reading all the encouraging messages on my social media definitely lifted me up, and I was reminded of how much I love this online community of ours!

SIX // I shared some fun back-to-school style with you guys last month, but I can't let a year go by without the official first day of school pic! #lovethesetwo

SEVEN // Okay, on a recent Ramblings post, I professed my love and horror over a newfound product, Baby Feet. (Read the review and my cringe-worthy experience here.) And from the response I received, many of you are just as in love, and completely mesmerized, by your experience with it, too.

But what I find really funny, and completely horrifying, is how many of you shared pics of your peeling shedding feet with me!! Even posting them on social media!! For the sake of my gag reflex, I'm going to have to ask for no more! Or at least give me a warning in the subject line. ;) That said, I think I'm ready for Round 2! #obsessed #cantstopwontstop

EIGHT // I somehow stumbled across the Instagram account of these darling newlyweds, which led me to their blog, The Lavender's Longshot, and I'm glued to their every post. One day she's blogging about renovating their home, and the next, she's telling the story of her husband's motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the armpits down.

Her honest accounts of what they are going through, along with her unwavering faith and positive attitude, humbles me beyond words. (Check here for how you can help.)

NINE // Stefanie's safari-inspired boy nursery is nothing short of perfection. But of course we've come to expect nothing less from her!

TEN // As the season comes to an end, the sales have been rolling in. These are a few of my key pieces, now heavily discounted. My go-to tee is on sale in several colors...find the sale one here, and more colors (only $25) here.

The the blazer from this Blazers & Bootcuts post has the cutest pleated back, and awesome sale price. Those jeans are pretty much perfection,'ll be seeing more of those later this week.

Both Mama Sugarplum and I fell for this cashmere hoodie pullover thingie...but one of us might actually spring for it now that it's on sale!

As is this entire classic workwear outfit. The pants were a little long on me, but fit like a dream. And the sweater would add a touch of class to everything from skirts to jeans.

I love all the emails from those of you with upcoming yourself a favor, and just grab this dress now that it's on sale. You'll thank me when you feel like the belle of the ball on formal nights. 

A girl can never have too much plaid...I particularly like the smaller scale of this one. And it's 40% off, so there's that.

What's rambling through your head this Monday? I'd love to hear what's going on in your world! SaveSaveSaveSave

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*This post is created in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all ideas, clothes, and mom-fessionals are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep Hi Sugarplum running!*


  1. Congrats on the feature! Loved following along with your camp outing and so glad sweet Maggie is okay! Seems like your two are just about the same as mine and the difference between height really grew this year.

  2. I love these kinds of posts. My 5th grade daughter is going on the same trip next month, and like you, I'm ducking the call for chaperones. I'm so thankful for the mamas (and dads) who step up for these things. How wonderful that you ended up enjoying it, while getting to spend time with your girl!

  3. I was wondering if you've finished your kitchen dining area?

    1. Hi Kate!!! We've done a few things in the Breakfast Room (see a peek of the palm drapes in last week's Fall Home Tour), but not a lot!! Hopefully that will pick back up soon and I'll share updates here!! xo

  4. So happy to hear Maggie is on the mend! After we had a similar scare with our newly adopted pup a few years ago, I vowed to get pet insurance. It's not cheap, but covers a lot of the basics (wellness, vaccines, etc) as well as those emergencies you never hope happen.

    So jealous of your trip to NYC! We're heading to Chicago mid-December for our annual cold weather holiday shopping trip. Hope to get to NYC for Valentines Day, though! Have fun!!

  5. Congrats on the feature! That's really great, and well deserved! I'm so, so glad that Maggie is better! <3

  6. Would love to see a less expensive version of the Vince Camuto booties!


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