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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Five Under $50

Thanks so much for your sweet words on yesterday's post! I know it was family overload, but I love having a scrapbook of our life on this blog, as well as home and style inspiration, so thank you for indulging me!

Obviously I spend a obscene fair amount of time online, so new finds are always catching my eye. Especially the great deals! Here are five darling pieces I'm loving, and all under $50!

five under $50

one //  Cooler temperatures are just around the corner, which means I'll be pulling out the lighter cardigans & jackets. This three-quarter sleeve cardigan comes in 15 great colors, and is available in both regular and petite sizing. It's insanely versatile and easily pairs with jeans, dresses, skirts & trousers!

two // This stylish tote is reversible, so it's like two-in-one! It also comes with a coordinating wristlet, so it's two-for-one! Hello, bang for your buck!! It's big enough to stash all your stuff, including a laptop, so it's as functional as it is stylish.

three // Our home decor is pretty consistent year-round, but when Fall comes, I do love to bring in cozy throws and pillows with lots of texture, like this gray lumbar kilm. This velvet ikat in deep jewel tones is gorgeous, too.

four // If I'm at home, I'm almost always in pajamas. Even if it's just for a few hours between errands, I'll change back into pajamas. It's partially because I don't like being in street clothes while laying around the house #freakalert, but mostly because I love getting comfy. So you'd think I'd have a whole collection of cute pajamas...after all, it's what my family sees me in most of the time, right?! Um, no. Quite the opposite actually. I figure it's time to change that..starting with this Sporty Spice set.

five //  Going along with that whole comfy theme, I spend a fair amount of time in leggings in the Fall and Winter. But finding tops to cover the lady bits, while not looking like a mumu isn't easy. I think we may have a winner with this striped number...hopefully I'll share it in the next Dressing Room Diaries.

Speaking of leggings, my all-time favorites are under $50, so I should have added them! I wanted to add this v-neck pullover and this twist-front shirt to the list, as well, but Eight Under $50 doesn't have the same ring to it! What great deals have you found lately?

For more posts like these, check out my Look for Less and I Spy series, as well as more Five Under $50.


  1. I've been eyeing THESE pajamas! Not warm enough here yet, but I love them.

    1. Ohmygosh...I guess so! Those are too cute to be pjs, I'd probably never take them off! ;) xo

  2. Love the pillow and the pajamas! I just picked up a cute pair at Target last week- super soft and super cheap and I had them on at 6:30 on Friday night (because I'm such a party animal)-

  3. The pajamas are super cute! Thought I was the only one with the street clothes issue. As a teacher, I always change out of work clothes as soon as I get home and usually straight into pjs! Thanks for all of the great ideas for fall.

  4. Love everything! I want to curl up on the couch with those pjs and pillows! I just found a comfy tee shirt dress by Michelle Commune (think that is right) that feels like pjs and dresses up so cute! No pockets but it has stripes!

  5. I adore the idea of leggings, but have really shied away from them because my legs are heavier (a bit past "athletic" at the moment). Any suggestions for someone who wants to be comfortable but not look like a slob?? I blog from home but work with wine (doing tastings in stores) for my PT gig.... Not lots of need for dressing up too much. Help? Thoughts?

    1. Hi Alison! That's what I love so much about the blackout leggings...they are thick and really hold things in place, so you don't see the usual lumps and bumps from regular leggings. I'd wear those with a tunic blouse and booties or knee-high boots for a casual, but pulled-together look! xo

  6. Have to say that I finally bought the turquoise tassel necklace and am wearing it ALL the time. Love your style.... Functional, yet always super sharp! xo

  7. That tunic and those pajamas!!! I'm all about the comfy clothes!

  8. For those of you who love leggings and struggle to find cute tops to wear with them, check out LuLaRoe clothes! It's a direct sales company so you have to find a consultant, but their clothes are amazing. Super soft and flattering. I've never been into clothes or fashion until I discovered that brand!

  9. I'm always in pjs too when I get home! I thought I was the only weirdo!!! lol! I love your blog! Keep up the great work!


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