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Monday, July 11, 2016

Cruise Style | Formal Night

It's Monday, our upstairs air-conditioner went out again, and Summer break has reached it's half-way point. #wompwomp But the good news...make that great this week marks the beginning of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Well, for cardholders anyway, the big pre-sale event begins this Thursday (it opens to non-cardholders next Friday, July 22).

Why am I so excited about a sale, you ask? After all, sales happen all the time, right? Not this sale. This sale is brand-new merchandise...not picked-over, end-of-season stuff. This sale contains all the hot items for Fall (wardrobe staples like jeans, boots and coats), and for a few short weeks, is discounted 40% off!

I know we're in the throes of Summer, and boots are the last thing I'd want to wear right now, but these prices are too good to miss. Even my kids get into it because they get to choose their shoes for back-to-school.

Unfortunately though, items sell out fast, so having early access as a cardholder (either credit or debit card) is key. As avid travelers, Mr. SP and I are slaves to accruing airline miles on our credit card, but I do have a Nordstrom debit card only to gain access to the pre-sale.

But enough about Christmas in July the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, let's talk Cruising and my favorite evening on the ship, Formal Night!

You see a little bit of everything on formal nights...from tuxedos and sequins, to sport coats and sundresses. But I love an opportunity to dress fact, I probably err on the side of overdressed for many occasions, just because I'm so happy for the excuse! So needless to say, formal nights on the Royal Princess are my faves, and this flowy, floral maxi dress was a huge hit. (It was the overwhelming winner when y'all voted, but this one was a close second, and is now on sale!)

It had so much movement and a lovely swishy sound when I walked, so I couldn't resist a few twirls. After all, what's the point of dressing up if it's not fun!?

The dress comes with a pink sash for the waist, but I thought it detracted from the beautiful tie on the back, and the flattering fit of the neckline.

Fit Tip: Thanks to petite sizing, no hemming was required! I'm wearing a 2P and it fits like a glove.

Isn't the ship at sea a gorgeous backdrop? All that bright white and navy blue I miss sea life! Who's counting down the days with me to the opening of "The Sale"? I've been studying the catalog like it's my job, and will be sharing all my picks with you Thursday!

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*This post is created in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all clothing, ideas & excessive twirling are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*


  1. You look positively STUNNING!!!!! That dress is WOW.

  2. You were made for twirling in a dress. So pretty!

  3. Who needs "rent the runway" when you find adorable looks like this?

  4. I ordered this dress after seeing it the first time you posted it. I wore it to a beautiful wedding and got SO many compliments. I love the way it moves. I wore the sash to keep it from being 'too white' at a wedding, and think it works well either way!

  5. That dress is just...WOW! The contrast of the colors of the dress and the deep blue ocean is stunning. You look beautiful!

  6. That dress is just...WOW! The contrast of the colors of the dress and the deep blue ocean is stunning. You look beautiful!

  7. That dress is breathtaking on you!!!! The Mister is one lucky man!

  8. I have what might be a crazy question but I'm hoping you can help! ...I know you like to pack "light" when you travel but your clothes look great! Do you carry a travel steamer or anything similar?? Any advice you have would be super helpful!

    1. Hi Kim!! I don't pack any type of iron or steamer...I roll a lot of my clothes and that helps to cut down on wrinkles. Also, I try to unpack quickly so things aren't cramped any longer than necessary. And if something wrinkles horribly anyway...I either don't pack it, or borrow an iron from the hotel. Hope that helps!! xo

  9. Ordered for my cruise in 2 weeks!! Thank you, Cassie!! You are my personal shopper! xoxo


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