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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Five Under $50

Obviously I spend a obscene fair amount of time online, so new finds are always catching my eye. Especially the great deals! Here are five darling pieces I'm loving lately, and all under $50!

five under $50

one //   This little embroidered number is already on the way to me, and I've got my fingers crossed it's as cute in person as it appears to be online! With all that embroidery, you'd never guess it's under $50, right!? I'm a sucker for this style of dress, especially on hot Summer days.
Update: Dang, that sold out fast! But look at the back of this darling option!

two //  These sneakers aren't new to me, as I've barely taken them off since buying last month. You saw me traipsing all over Provence in them, and in half my recent Sugarplum Style posts. I wear them comfortably with no socks, but do recommend sizing down one-half size. Even my mom wears them in red! I love the slip-on style, and cute no-tie laces.

three //  This was my favorite cross body bag all Fall and Winter (see it here), but it sold out in a heartbeat. I was pretty excited to share it's finally restocked, in both the cognac and black!

four //  Do you stock up on good tanks and tees? I tend to find a style I like, and buy it up in all the colors. This loose tank looks like a good 'un...and with this sale price, it's actually 2 for $50!

five //  Black and white stripes on a pillow...need I say more?!

I wanted to add these linen shorts to the list, but Six Under $50 doesn't have the same ring to it! What great deals have you found lately? For more posts like these, check out my Look for Less and I Spy series, as well as more Five Under $50.


  1. Cassie..I must say I adore your style! I don't think there is one item that you share that I don't like! I just now had a chuckle about your comment about when you find an item you like, that you will buy up several in different colours. My daughter gets so mad at me because I always do that as well. Usually they are timeless pieces that never go out of style. I know I will get my wear out of them and it's better to be safe than sorry, because next year, the store may stop carrying them. Right?

  2. Would you show/teach us how you tie a knot in your shirts without stretching them out?

    1. Hi Whitney! I grab just the extra fabric, and tie a small knot, using only the loose fabric...not pulling more in to create a bigger knot. Sometimes the knot is literally only the size of a golf ball. Once it's washed, the shirt goes back to normal! xo

  3. I wore out my Converse shorelines last year in France, so much that I put holes in them! I didn't size down and the backs ripped because they were so big. But, they were my go-to shoes all year! Time for another pair... ;)

  4. I picked up those Converse last Spring and never would have imagined how often I would wear them. They do not leave my feet often.

  5. My Chuck Taylors just arrived today -- I'm in love! Waiting for my pineapple shirt and white embroidered dress to arrive any day now. I'm certainly nowhere near your size, but your lovely style still works for me!


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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