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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Five Under $50

Obviously I spend a obscene fair amount of time online, so new finds are always catching my eye. Especially the great deals! Here are five darling pieces I'm loving lately, and all under $50!

five under $50

one // Racerback style & bright florals are giving me all the heart-eyes! I've had
really good luck with this brand in the past (the white dress in this post is the same brand), 
and the length is usually perfect for us non-21-year-olds. #knowwhatImsayin I've got it on order,
so look for it to pop up in a Dressing Room Diaries soon.

two // Cognac sandals are my go-to because they are so versatile & flattering. I don't
think I even own black sandals, since my tan ones go with literally everything!
These classic slides look way more expensive than $50, right?!

three // I've been using this Detox Mask for over a month, and it's safe to say
I'm obsessed! In fact, even Mr. SP started a weekly mask!! I don't know all the fancy-talk
behind it, but basically it draws out impurities & cleans-up pores. Literally after one use!
My son uses it as a spot-treatment on his teenager-skin, and has seen a big improvement, too.

four // I've never met an Otomi print I didn't love, but most of them are so pricey! That's why I
DIY'd my own Otomi Table a few years ago! I can't believe these indoor/outdoor embroidered
pillows are so affordable , and I'm having a hard time not scooping
up the entire Otomi collection! It just adds so much fun & personality to a space.

five // No question I have a weakness for (affordable) handbags, with clutches being my main addiction. They just have a way of transforming an outfit, plus, pack away so easily. I recently added this one to my collection (more colors available here), and I can't believe how much it holds! Not to mention, you'd never guess it's not real leather!

I wanted to add this perfect tee (which is actually 2 for $50) to the list, but Six Under $50 doesn't have the same ring to it! What great deals have you found lately? For more posts like these, check out my Look for Less and I Spy series, as well as more Five Under $50.

P.S. Happy birthday to my darling sister, the prettiest bride I've ever seen!


  1. I need those sandals! Like yesterday!

  2. Love the pillow! Where is it from? Links didn't work for me.

  3. You always find the best stuff!! I tried the link on the pillow and it's not working. :(

  4. I love that dress!! Old Navy has their jersey swing dresses on sale for $13.50 right now. They fit great and are very versatile.

    1. I ordered the blue and pink and received them yesterday. Loved them so much I decided to order the black and orange as well. There's an additional 20% off so I just got them for $10 each!!!

  5. Just ordered the blue dress! Such a great price I couldn't resist!

  6. Speaking of Old Navy, I spotted these sandals for $20 today that are super similar to the Steve Maddens. And Old Navy is 40% off everything right now, plus free shipping no minimum! In case anyone is interested!

  7. hmmm, all the dresses are are lovely. My choice would be #3 the pink floral or #4 the white dress.


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