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Monday, April 11, 2016


Mondays always start a little bleary-eyed for me, and especially the Monday after a fun girls weekend! It was much-needed facetime with some of my favorite girls, with lots of laughing, talking, eating...and not a lot of sleeping! But as I told you in this raw post, girl's night out isn't something I make time for often enough, so it's always so good to step away from my wife/mom responsibilites  for a few days. Hopefully I managed to get some usable pics, and I'll share it with you soon!

I had big plans for a post today, but just couldn't get my act together, so it will have to wait for another day...and instead, you get a brain dump of the ramblings currently going through my head.

ONE //  Domino has always been my favorite shelter publication, and no one was happier when they brought it back (except for that ridiculous price tag they charge for each issue!!??) I had a sort-of fangirl moment when they recently featured my How to Hide Lamp Cords and Organized Bathroom Cabinets tips in their Command Hook Hacks story!

TWO //  The Spring edition of One Room Challenge started last week, and there's a stellar line-up of bloggers participating...many of whom are my real-life friends! Including my #girlcrush, Kristin Jackson. It's no surprise she's my favorite designer...afterall, she was the secret sauce behind my Living Room! I can't wait for each week's update from her, and the other 19 rockstar bloggers (including my love, Megan!!). You can check out my past ORC here and here.

THREE //  Remember when BH&G came to shoot our last home? It was amazing and so special to have that keepsake of our home, but apparently they file all those images away in their database to use for future stories! #whoknew So it was a fun surprise to see our last Living Room pop up in the 'Pillow Talk' story of their new special interest publication, Makeovers. Thanks to Jen for letting me know!!

And funny enough...another shot of our Living Room appears in the March issue of BH&G...but this time, so unrecognizable, even I didn't notice when I read my copy!! Thankfully, my friend Jennifer has an eagle-eye and texted me the pic! So funny to see how they changed it up to fit the color story, but I think I prefer the sofa in blue! I also love that even though Jennifer has never seen my house in person, she instantly recognized the room as mine!! I would know her rooms anywhere, too, though!

FOUR // I'm beyond excited to be invited to speak at the Bloom Workshop in Florida next month! I've long-admired their beautiful locations, classes, and images, and am so flattered to be included in the next one held at the stunning Lange Farms in Dade City. I'll be sitting in on Q&A sessions, answering all your questions about blogging, style, and design.

If you're in the area, I'd love to see you there...but only a few spots remain! But for you lucky ducks, code SUGARPLUM600 gets you $600 off your ticket!! #hello #thatsbig

FIVE // We've had some pretty delightful weather lately, so I've finally had the chance to bust out my  perfect wear-anywhere, take-everywhere dress...which is back for the season! Still priced under $50, but now in seven great colors. To say I wear this dress a lot is like saying Trump needs a new hairdresser. #captainobviouscalled

Fit Tip: It's true to size for me, and I wear an XS. 

Racerback Dress in 'Blue Spectrum' | Panama Hat | Sunglasses | Earrings

SIX //  One of the coolest shops in Dallas, Scout Design Studio, dubbed me as their 'designer' of the month...which basically meant I got to play room-dress-up in their unbelievable inventory! Using only what they had in store, I designed this living area for their showroom.

Considering it takes me ages to complete a room in my own house, I was nervous about pulling this off...but can you believe I did it in an hour!? #itsokaytosayno As soon as I spotted this huge piece by Dara Burriss, I knew it would be the focal point, and the rest of the room just fell in to place.

SEVEN //  Several of you asked about my nail polish color in the recent 1 Cardi | 4 Ways and Three Ways | Pink Jacket posts...which is funny because I had no idea anyone even looked that closely at my pictures! But I guess it makes sense since I always notice great polish colors on others...especially at the change of new seasons.

I have about five colors I rotate through regularly, most of which are in the red or pink family #shocker, but this particular shade is Estee Lauder's 'Hot Coral.' I also love their 'Ballerina Pink' for a softer nail. Good news, too, not only is the polish on sale, but it's Gift With Purchase time, and it's a good one (a $130 value with just a $35 purchase)!! I'm really curious about this Bronzed Whipped Body Creme and may take this opportunity to try it.

{Top Picks for Gift with Purchase}

Are you a sucker for gifts with purchase?? I have a hard time resisting them, but also figure it's a good opportunity to try new products. What's rambling through your head this Monday?

*Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring a portion of this post!*


  1. I love the racerback dress and scrappy heels! I bought both for a recent island spring break vacation. Both were so comfortable and the shoes go with so many outfits! Thanks for all of the fashion inspiration!

  2. Oooh! Love the Ramblings post! SO FUN! And nobody's cuter than you in that racerback dress. Others may come close, but it was made for you!!!!

  3. Fun ramblings! I just got bare minerals gift with purchase and it's a good one! I think you meant to type $75 purchase. I was intrigued with only $35 but it says 75.

    1. One more thing... Do you feel like more expensive polish last longer? I usually just grab Essie. I will say my last bottle of Essie from nordstroms stays chip free longer than grocery store bottles of Essie. Different formulas maybe?!

    2. Christina...I normally by Smith and Cult polish. It's $18... And I love it! There aren't a lot of color options, but great polish. I do think it's better than Essie. However, I often find the amount of chipping is directly related to how long my nails are at the time. If I let them get a little longer, they chip more easily. But Essie, for me is about a 3 day max. My more expensive polish can get me 5-7 days. It's worth it to me! I'm going to try this EL!

    3. Hi girls!!! I agree with Melissa...the shorter my nails, the less chipping. And I'm all over the place with my nail polishes...literally have $25 bottles, and $2 bottles! The biggest difference I see is the intensity of color (less coats with the pricier brands), and the amount of shine.

      And that GWP is supposed to start today...hopefully they'll have that good one on the site soon!!

  4. Well, bummed! I jumped on over to to get some polish. Opted for 2 to get my gift with purchase. It wouldn't come up and in reading the details, says $75 purchase. Still getting the polish, though!!

  5. Congrats on your speaking engagement! That's so exciting! Are you nervous? I was a guest speaker on a podcast last week (first time) and I was nervous but felt incredibly proud doing something outside of my comfort zone

    1. Thank you, and congrats on yours!! I might get a little nervous right before it starts, but mostly I'm just excited!! xo

  6. Hi, are you seriously coming to Tampa next month? OMG!! Can we meet pls pls?

    1. yes..the workshop is like 45 mins from Tampa, right?! I'm literally flying in the night before, and leaving right after the 2-day workshop...not sure I'll have any downtime?!?!!? I'd love it though!! xo

    2. I hardly comment but seriously girl we are long lost friends!xo!!

  7. Even though I'm less than lousy at decorating, Domino had always been one of my favorite magazines. As soon as I finished your post (racerback bought), I went to their site; $48 for 4 issues?!? At that price, I want someone to flip the pages for me!!

  8. I love this post! Something for everyone. haha

  9. Wait, how awesome! I'm talking about everything in this post! So many fun things going on in your life! Much deserved!

    Dana Ivy //

  10. Crazy that you be speaking here! So sad that I can't do the ticket price right now but I'm sure it's worth it! Please do post if you want to meet up with some of us locals for dinner.

  11. Y'all will have so much fun at Bloom! Jealous I'll miss you!! Big congrats on all those features,friend!

  12. $600 off with your code?! Wow! What is the normal price? It's sad. Something priced that high makes is a niche market for home bloggers who can afford it. :0(


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