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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Five Under $50

Obviously I spend a obscene fair amount of time online, so new finds are always catching my eye. Especially the great deals! Here are five darling pieces I'm loving lately, and all under $50!

five under $50

one  //  I love the graphic brushstroke of this mock-neck top, and the 
countless ways to wear it...alone or under a jacket, untucked with jeans or tucked
in a skirt or slacks. And the pattern pairs so well with solids or floral. I already have the
polka dot print, and my mom has the floral and the pink! #itsagoodone

two  //  If you follow my #SugarplumStyle on Instagram, then you already recognize this's been on regular repeats. It jazzes up just about any outfit, and the colors 
add so much punch! See for yourself in my One Jacket | Three Ways post.

three  //  It's officially outdoor patio season, in fact, our kids even got in the pool this
past weekend!! I watched from the porch. #brrr Which also reminded me
it's time to start sprucing it up. I started by ordering
two of these darling pink flamingo outdoor pillows.

four  //  This darling little tshirt dress is perfect with sandals and a jean jacket, or
even thrown over your swimsuit this Summer. And it comes in 8 great colors, plus a stripe.
Fit Tip: I'd size up one for a little extra length.

five  //  I never met a stripe I didn't love...and this tote works great for everyday, travel
and even a pool/beach bag. (This red and navy option is too cute for words, too!) 
I can't help but notice how cute the pink dress, tassel necklace, and striped bag look together! #outfitdone

I wanted to add this split-back blouse, but Six Under $50 doesn't have the same ring to it! What great deals have you found lately? For more posts like these, check out my Look for Less and I Spy series, as well as more Five Under $50.


  1. Pink, turquoise and stripes oh my! Love everything!

  2. I have that necklace and I absolutely adore it - could wear it every single day! Love your style posts so much!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kellyann...I'm thrilled you find inspiration here!! xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. That was kind of accidental...but I liked it, too!! I guess I just can't help myself from constantly coordinating and creating outfits!! ;)

  4. Great finds. I just returned the bobeau mock neck top because when turned down the points on the back of the mock neck stuck out... Does yours do that or did I get a dud? I've considered reordering. The fabric and fit was perfect!

    1. Hmmmm, I didn't notice anything like that? My mom literally has all three colors, and said she didn't notice either. Maybe you got a dud, or it just needed laundering.

  5. Yeah, that tassel necklace is soooooooooooo good. Love all the picks!

  6. Love that striped bag! Also, I'm curious about what you would consider acceptable pool weather. I just googled the weather forecast for Dallas #isthatweird and today is supposed to be 29C, which I believe is about 85F. Do you consider this to be cold? I can't imagine having to function somewhere with those sorts of daily temps. I would never get anything done. Every day would be pool day for me in Dallas. And I think I'd be totally fine with that!!

    1. LOL, 85 is def warm enough to swim, but the pool water hasn't warmed up enough for me yet! It takes several weeks of 80+ temps in order for me to get in. ;) xo

    2. Gotcha! Lol thanks for indulging me x

  7. I second that mock top- have it in polka dots!!


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