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Monday, March 14, 2016


Whoa Nelly, this Monday snuck up on me, and quite frankly, is kicking my bootie a little! Between traveling across time zones, and the time change, we're all a little bleary-eyed this morning. Not to mention, I'm suffering from Spring Break withdrawals. I went from 24-hour family time, to everyone going their separate ways...I miss my people and no schedules! I wish we could live in our Spring Break bubble forever!!

I had big plans for a post today, but just couldn't get my act together, so it will have to wait for another day...and instead, you get a brain dump of the ramblings currently going through my head.

ONE // Remember this sassy little black dress from a {Date Night Style} post? The perfect date night/girls night/ happy hour dress? It sold out in a hot-second last year, but it's back...and priced to sell! I'm wearing an XS and find the fit to be generous. This one is really similar, and under $50.

I liked the silhouette so much, I picked it up in pink last year, too, and styled it {Day to Night}.

TWO // Speaking of strappy wedge sandals from last year popped back up, and in four great neutral colors. I wore them from everything to dresses and skirts, to shorts and jeans. The neutral tone is leg-lengthening, and the wedge just high enough to give you a lift without being uncomfortable.

THREE // I continue to be overwhelmed by the response to our Living Room from last year's One Room Challenge. As if it's not treat enough to enjoy my morning coffee in this room, House Beautiful just named it one of their favorites from all 10 seasons of the ORC! #Icanteven I'm humbled to be included among their stellar top picks. Since I participated in two back-to-back challenges, I'll be sitting out the next one starting in April, but I can't wait to see who Linda selected, and watch them work their magic!

FOUR // If you're a dog-person, then it's likely your house revolves around your fur-baby as much as ours, and you'll stop at nothing to make them comfortable and happy. If that's the case, then you'll want to check out these waterproof dog beds from Shop Janery! Miss Maggie Sugarplum has been sleeping like a princess on the navy herringbone for several months, and I'm thrilled with how well it's held up! The insert is just as full and fluffy as the day it arrived, and the cover launders beautifully.

FIVE // One of my favorite people on the planet just had the most precious little girl, and I can hardly stand the sweetness. I can't wait to get my hands on her baby, and breathe-in all that yummy babyness! I couldn't be happier for Megan, who's honestly the sweetest, most endearing person I know. Hard to believe we're friends, right?! ;)

SIX // Another of my darling friends, Sheaffer, who's as funny as Megan is nice (that's not to say Sheaffer isn't nice, she's just really, really funny...and I'd know, because I know funny), just relaunched her blog with a new, more appropriate name...Sheaffer Told Me To. Because not only is she funny, but the girl's bossy! But dang-it if she isn't alway right!

SEVEN // Another of my favorites just launched her own shop! Danielle Oakey is known for her use of color and decorating on a budget, and now her collection of pillows will elevate any space. I'm adding a few to our new Bonus Room and can't believe the difference they make!

Babies, websites, shops...clearly I hang with some amazing girls! What's rambling through your head today? I'm also thinking about this scarf, perfect for Spring-time temps and currently on clearance. #asyouwere


  1. Okay, I want the first two dresses. Like yesterday. I need them, right?

  2. I'm right there with you--this Monday is really feeling like a Monday already. And the laundry...Love those wedge sandals and think it's time to pick up a pair!

  3. I loved this. More random posts like this in the future, please!

  4. So need those strappy sandals. They are gorgeous

  5. I'm totally nodding my head in agreement and lol'ing over here because Megan is definitely wayyyyyyyyy nicer than I am. And yes, #youdoknowfunny. Thanks for the sweet shout out!!!!! xoxo :)

  6. That black dress and those fringe heels are FIERCE!!! Dang, woman!

    Also, those pink pillows in your living room? I die.

  7. Thanks for including my pet beds! I'm glad Maggie is happy :)
    I'm so excited for Megan and her new little girl. I met her at Blissdom years ago and was blown away by how she was so kind, smart, and freakin' gorgeous to boot.

  8. Congratulations on the recognition for your living room! It's so beautiful! Looking forward to hearing all about your spring break trip!

  9. You are the best! I can't wait to get you some pillows!

  10. I remember that pink dress at Haven!! You can't take a bad picture!! So sweet of you to give a shout out to baby Jordan. I may be nice, but you are sassy as all get out and I love you to pieces!! And about time Sheaffer renamed her blog! #gogirl

  11. Amazing! My preferred is the first one! Lady in red .. always ;)
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