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Monday, February 1, 2016

Look for Less

Happy February, friends! We had a freak heat-wave blow through this weekend, and it was a gorgeous 75-degrees everyday! Needless to say, we spent the better part of it outside, so that makes being back at a desk particularly hard today! I actually want the cold to return (Winter should be Winter!), but the warm days do have me excited for Spring. Hopefully not for a few more months though!

Today I'm excited to bring you a big ole Look for Less roundup! You guys have made it pretty clear you love these posts, and I'm more than happy to troll the internet looking for it's a win-win for us both! It's like a challenge to find lower-priced items that give the same impact as their higher-priced counterparts...and obviously I love a good challenge!

That doesn't mean that I always endorse the lower priced item, but it's good to know your options. In some instances it's worth it to pay a little more...that's when I stalk and wait for a good sale!

This latest installment is a doozy...Mr. SP and I were watching the strangest movie the other night (Birdman, have you seen it?!), and I wasn't really feeling it, so I turned my attention to my laptop instead.

Sidenote: I goofed the placement of a few items because the Low version looked so much better than the High! But ain't nobody got time for new graphics!

We'll start with booties, because they are my shoe-obsession this season. I'm pretty hard on my shoes, so while I do invest a little more for good quality, I don't completely splurge because I know they'll only last me a few years anyway. And since I'm now addicted to my rain boots (these pink ones are $50 off!!), I'm intrigued by the shorter version I show below. Anyone have experience with them?

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less

Strappy Booties : High  //  Low
Low Ankle Bootie : High  //  Low
Low Ankle Bootie : High  //  Low
Short Rainboot : High  //  Low

Every woman should own at least one pair of leopard heels...they just make an outfit! Even if it's a simple little black dress, leopard heels make it 'wow'!

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Ankle Strap Sandals : High  //  Low
High-Heel Pumps : High  //  Low
Low-Heel Pumps : High  //  Low

Peacoats and trench coats are wardrobe staples and never go out of know I love this fact I already own it it two colors (size up!). I've seen this low-option trench and it's fabulous...I haven't seen this one, but it's an amazing price, too.

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Camel Peacoat : High  //  Low
Khaki Trench : High  //  Low

Trendy pieces are usually fairly easy to find Look for Less options, but the classics can be a little harder. These are all great options.

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Chambray Dress : High  //  Low
Tunic Blouse : High  //  Low
Pleated Leather Skirt : High  //  Low

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Illusion Top Dress: High  //  Low
Halter Trapeze Dress:  High  //  Low

We're headed to the snow for Spring Break, so I've still got cozy tops and sweaters on my mind. I just picked up the low-option cashmere sweater in both crew neck and v-neck, and love them!

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Funnel Neck Pullover : High  //  Low
Ivory Turtleneck : High  //  Low
Crewneck Cashmere Sweater : High  //  Low

Accessories are the easiest way to change up an outfit, and also another area I prefer not to splurge! Lucky for my penny-pinching ways, there are always plenty of Look for Less options! I actually own every single one of these low-options. #sorrynotsorry

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Crystal Collar : High  //  Low
Horn Pendant : High  //  Low
Pearl Cluster : High  //  Low
Bar Pendant : High  //  Low

And this isn't really a Look for Less, but such a great sale it's worth mentioning...we're headed to the snow next month, and I don't think my peacoat is going to cut it, so I've been scoping out this huge selection of Winter parkas for up to 60% off! What do you Northern girls think...see any winners? Mr. SP keeps telling me it's about being warm, not a fashion show. But obviously he's's both! ;)

What's your favorite Look for Less this go-round? Have you spotted any good ones lately? Send them my way so I can share with the class. See more posts in this series here or clicking on this graphic in the sidebar. Happy Monday, love bugs!

P.S....My darling friend Shay, is releasing not one, but two, great cookbooks today! #canyoueven I'm just so so excited and proud of her! To celebrate, several of us are hosting a fab giveaway on Instagram. So hop over a little later today (no posting before coffee!), and enter to win 1 of 10 sets of books, plus a stand-up mixer!! #icanteven


  1. Um, I just love posts like this!! Happy Monday friend!

  2. I own the low option pearl cluster necklace and wear it with so many different outfits. I love it! From a northern girl- you can't go wrong with a faux fur hooded parka-always keeps your face cozy in the wind.

  3. WHOAH! Lots of great stuff today! You have a gift! :)

  4. Walmart of all places has a $15 chambray dress that the two girls from Whoa Wait Walmart says is nicer than a high end....I haven't seen it in person but it looks pretty darn cute!

    1. I also should add that I found the most perfect chambray button down at Nordstrom. It's Topshop and on sale for $30. It's drapey and loose but not baggy and just perfect. :) I wore it out for dinner this weekend on an 80 degree day and was completely comfortable.

  5. Great post for a rainy Monday morning!!

  6. Also from a Northern (and Rockies) girl-skip the fashion brands on coats and go for true classics: Patagonia, North Face, Pendleton-they're proven and will keep you MUCH warmer.

  7. Coming from the north, you can't go wrong with a down, thigh-length parka from a reputable brand. Black or dark colors and waist cinching or a belt help keep you from looking like a marshmallow stick. Functionality tends to overrule style when you live in the north. Parkas can all tend to look alike to me. I do love a cozy, furry hood! A packable down coat might also work and would be more slimming. Add style with a fun hat, scarf, and gloves.

  8. I have the Sam Edelman low rain boots in leopard, and I scored them for even "less" over the holidays on sale. They are super comfy, and great for when I don't want to commit to my knee high rainboots, or to wear for school drop off and the drive to work, and then change into different shoes. Plus I get compliments EVERY time I wear them!

  9. I just got the urban navy north face parka, my last north face has lasted for up to 10 Iowa winters! I will be wearing my new parks in the blizzard to the IA caucus tonight ;) along with my sorel boots

  10. I completely agree with Amy - skip all those fashion brands and stick to North Face or Patagonia! PLUS (faux) fur hoods are worth their weight in gold. When you wear your hood, they keep your face and neck so much warmer

  11. I love these posts too. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lands End has amazing parkas, also Columbia brand are great.


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