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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

{I Spy}

It's been awhile since I've done an {I Spy}...which is basically a big round-up of all the pieces that have caught my eye lately...most of which are sitting in my online carts waiting for me to pull the trigger!

I love a good puffer vest, especially a great Look for Less one! This fun one comes in this blue and a fun red and taupe color.

You can never have enough scarves, and this one comes in nine great Fall colors. I love how this one adds texture, but not pattern (for those days when I'm already wearing more than enough pattern!), and isn't too bulky.

This sweater looks crazy-expensive to me...I'd never guess Old Navy. 

This classic fair-isle is coming in the next {Dressing Room Diaries}...I absolutely adored it!

Love the cozy shape and flattering cowl neck of this sweater, but in the fresh pink's available in seven great colors.

It doesn't get much more chic than a classic trench in the perfect camel color...I love the slightly shorter length of this one.

I must be on a neutrals kick because I just picked this sweater up in the a 'creamy latte' color. Although I wanted all 11 colors it comes in! It's soft with the perfect amount of turtleneck. It will get a ton of wear with everything from jeans to skirts and pants.

J.Crew Factory has the best plaid shirts right now. I have this one and this one, but could easily bring every last one home.

This is one of my favorite brands of boots...and this pair happens to be on sale!

Look what's back and on sale! My favorite wrap I lovingly refer to as a 'kitten cardi' (it feels like being snuggled by a litter of baby kittens. Declawed baby kittens that don't bite.) Looks like they switched it up a bit for this's more a ribbed fleece texture. So basically you'll never take it off. Or leave the couch.

Here's the original one that I have, um, well, more than one of. And it's not just me who's cuckoo for it...check the almost 3,000 near-perfect reviews!

I'm willing to bet several of you have this cardi, too! What have you spied lately...anything the rest of us need to know about!? Make sure you check back tomorrow for the latest...and last!...update on the {One Room Challenge}!


  1. LOVE the fuzzy fleece cardi and you can't beat that price! Thanks for the heads up, just ordered it in the light grey.

  2. Loving the fuzzy cardigan!! I'm always about cardigans but one that can be like that?

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Hey thanks for this post! I picked up a few Christmas presents at the Old Navy sale oh yeah and something for myself too!LOL Love the kitten cardi - I have one cut out to sew up this weekend!

  4. Love the infinity scarf! So cozy for our cold Michigna winters! I ordered one in cream and red too!


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