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Monday, October 19, 2015

Look for Less

The best thing about this Monday, is the floor guys have finally left my house! After a day spent chipping away with crowbars, they decided jackhammers were needed. Needless to say, we made ourselves scarce the last few days! But they've almost got everything back together, so now I can get back on track with the {One Room Challenge}! #wishmeluck

Today I'm excited to bring you a big ole Look for Less roundup! You guys have made it pretty clear you love these posts, and I'm more than happy to troll the internet looking for it's a win-win for us both! It's like a challenge to find lower-priced items that give the same impact as their higher-priced counterparts...and obviously I love a good challenge! 

That doesn't mean that I always endorse the lower priced item, but it's good to know your options. In some instances it's worth it to pay a little more...that's when I stalk and wait for a good sale! 

This latest installment is a doozy...I just kept finding more and more great deals. I thought about saving some of them for a future post, but couldn't stand not sharing all the golden tickets enjoy! And remember, to be fair, I don't list sale prices in the graphics.

This first graphic is a little different than usual...the tall boots were giving me grief, so the low priced options are below them. And are those over-the-knee boots really fourteen hundred dollars?! Maybe they make you skinny and bring you untold wealth?? They must be magic of some kind!!?? I've got my eye on these low-priced rain boots...they have the cutest colors and patterns! After getting constant wear out of my other Look for Less boots last year, I'm now a full rain boot convert!

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Riding Boot:  High  //  Low
Over the Knee Wedge Boot:  High  //  Low
Rubber Rain Boot:  High  //  Low

Remember I tried this Low asymmetrical dress in the last {Dressing Room Diaries}? I love it even more now that I know there's a $365 counterpart!

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Asymmetrical Hem Dress:  High  //  Low
V-Neck Shirtdress:  High  //  Low

I actually prefer the Low versions of both these sweaters! Well done, retailers!

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Plaid Blanket Poncho:  High  //  Low
Colorblock Sweater:  High  //  Low

Accessories are always a place I go for the Low version...I love mixing them up too much to invest in pricey pieces! I actually have all three of these Low options...and all have the power to elevate an outfit!

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Leopard Foldover Clutch:  High  //  Low
Statement Bib Necklace:  High  //  Low
Beaded Tassel Earrings:  High  //  Low

Boots, on the other hand, are an area I'm willing to pay a bit more...especially considering how often I wear them. I think you can get away with really inexpensive Summer shoes, like sandals, but for comfort and durability, Fall and Winter shoes should be more high-quality. But that doesn't mean I break the bank...all of these Low options are great choices that will last for years! I own and adore the Low ankle booties, and came thisclose to keeping the Low fringe booties. If only I could justify two pair of taupe booties. 

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Fringe Bootie:  High  //  Low
Peep-Toe Bootie:  High  //  Low
Low-Ankle Bootie:  High  //  Low
Lace-Up Pumps:  High  //  Low

Another good actual High, but priced for Less, is all Kate Spade on super sale! That means my favorite watch, worn 1087 times on this blog, is marked down to an all-time low! And how cute is this 'heart of gold' bangle (hello, teacher gift!) and this handbag! You know, Mr. birthday is around the corner! #notsosubtlehint

What's your favorite Look for Less this go-round? Have you spotted any good ones lately? Send them my way so I can share with the class. See more posts in this series here or clicking on this graphic in the sidebar. Happy Monday, lovebugs...I hope it's a peaceful one!


  1. Awesome finds once again!!!! Love seeing all the higher priced versions...makes me feel even more fashionable when I have something similar that's high dollar!!!! ;)

  2. Love these posts! The riding boots are exactly what I have been looking for and much more suited for my budget.

  3. Love this post! Lots of great finds for less!!! ;)

  4. These are one of my favorite posts that you do!!

  5. Love, love, love these types of posts! I'm always on the hunt for lower priced look-alikes, and you've rounded up some great ones--thanks for sharing!

  6. FYI, they are making beautiful faux leather and suede products these days for animal lovers. I am converting to animal free versions as I do not want to contribute to the horrible suffering of animals. My faux boots are super cute and comfortable plus I can wear them in the rain :).

    1. all the faux options! And the prices that go with them!! :) xo

  7. Just a quick tip - Costco has Hunter Boots (just black) right now for only $80! :)

    1. Eeeek! I commented too fast - they actually have three colors in the tall boots (black, graphite & red), along with the kid's versions and the shorter calf boots. :)

  8. I ordered two of the heart of gold bracelets for end of year teacher gifts for my daughter's teachers. Thanks for the heads up (and for helping me to get ahead!). And ditto what everyone else said - these are one of my favorite posts! Keep 'em coming! :)

  9. We all love a steal! Fashion doesn't have to be break the bank!

  10. Love looks for less! Awesome post!


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