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Monday, July 6, 2015

{Top Ten} June

Welcome back to reality! I hope you had a great long weekend...or maybe your weekend hasn't ended yet! #luckyducks If you follow me on InstaGram, then you saw our shenanigans this weekend. Nothing like hurling your body through the air on a contraption built by your brother and his friend! Between that and reading the Nordstrom Anniversary Catalog, my heart rate had some serious spikes this weekend! (But seriously, how excited are you for this sale?! Who's shopping the pre-sale starting Thursday??? #duh)

How is it freaking July!? I can't believe we've already been on Summer break for a month!! Granted, it was a jam-packed, jet-setter month, full of amazing travels and unforgettable experiences...and we managed to squeeze a few projects in there, too.

In case you took an internet hiatus, here's the {Top Ten} posts of June.

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} June

Summer months mean my house is a revolving door of hungry kids.
Is yours like that? In an attempt to contain the madness, I overhauled the Pantry.

The Little Black Dress...a wardrobe staple.
I showed you how to take it {Day to Night} on the streets of New York.

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} June

This month, I started my {Trip Reports} recapping our Alaskan cruise.
The excursion in Juneau was Bucket List material.

No question I have favorites in my closet, but I rarely wear them the same way twice.
Case in point, this cute striped number...styled {3 Ways}.

We continued our new series, Dressing Room Diaries, showing you real clothes
on a real girl. And Mr. SP providing his own input.

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} June

Ketchikan was our first Alaskan stop, and the mountains, waterfalls, eagles, 
and whales did not disappoint. Majestic is just about adequate a descriptor.

Of course I loved 'formal nights' on the ship, and jumped at the
chance to doll-up in this colorful maxi for {Cruise Style}.

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} June

I love a leggy table, but don't love the inevitable lamp cord they leave exposed.

From Alaska to Montana...can you even? The weather was almost as spectacular as
the landscape, so the romper saw a lot of action.

Our backyard got a major facelift in the form of a new horizontal fence. have to see it. Who knew changing the direction of the board
would make such an impact?!

And finally, we had another round of everyone's favorites, Look for Less and Sugarplum Style.

July is set to be a another doozy as I head out of town again, we start a new room makeover, Alaska and Montana re-caps continue...and for the love of Pete, I finally hopefully share our finished Kitchen! I hope you'll follow along! Happy Monday, lovebugs...I hope it goes easy on you! 

If you're new around here, or playing catch-up, here are some good places to start:

{Top Ten}


  1. June was such a fun month for your blog! I always love reading your posts... mostly to see your awesome outfits. Hope you had a nice 4th of July weekend!
    The Busy Brunette

  2. You need to pat yourself on the back for making it through your crazy month! #wp

  3. What a great month for you! I can't wait for your updates this month!

  4. ah such a great month! still so obsessed with your fence! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Such a month but it was all good stuff (I think?) so that makes it a little easier in the busy times!

  6. Girl, you had an amazing month!!! I must say though...your horizontal fence was one of my favorite posts this month :).


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