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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Prepping for Back-to-School with The Container Store & Me!

No matter how hard I try, the Summer days are not slowing down, and the kids will be returning to school in a few short weeks. I can either sit in denial, or start preparing for a smooth transition. Without a doubt, mornings are happier when we're organized and planned ahead.

I'm thrilled to partner with one of my go-to spots for organizing, The Container Store, and host an afternoon event of Back-to-School Inspiration! I'll be sharing my tips for getting your little ones ready, and making school days run smoothly.

We'll be chatting all things back-to-school...from getting dressed and packing lunches, to homework stations and family command centers. There's even ideas for making lockers efficient, yet cool, for the older kids.

Hi Sugarplum | Container Store Event

The come-and-go event will be chock-full of prizes, surprises, exciting new products, tasty nibbles, and delightful drinks! Plus, when you RSVP here, you'll receive 20% off your in-store purchases that day (including the Summer Sale items we'll be using in the demonstrations!), and a free gift when you arrive (while supplies last)!

So if you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, stop by the Stonebriar Store on August 8th, to say 'Hi' and get inspired! I'd love to meet you, and hear your tips and ideas, too!  I volunteered to travel to each Container Store in the country (anything for travel!), but they decided to keep me local. ;)

I can't wait to meet all the DFW readers and who's coming?!? #pleeeeeeease


  1. I have a daughter who is passionate about organizing. Sounds like a fun event we would both enjoy! See you next Saturday!

  2. This is SO FUN!!!!! Cute invite and I know the event will be a blast!

  3. I wish I lived closer! This sounds like a great event...although as a teacher I remain in denial for just a little while longer!!

  4. Dang it! If I was in Austin that week I would love to come. Love your blog Cassie.

  5. EEK! I'm so excited I can go - no plans that day!!! I've already RSVP'd too! And bonus, I needed to make a Container Store trip anyway!! Can't wait to meet you Cassie!

  6. This sounds fun! I wish I were a little closer than 3 hours away :(
    Btw- the beautiful shirt tail skirt showed up in stock again... I'd so love to see the post on styling it. Also do you have a favorite brand of tights to wear under skirts and dresses in cool/cold weather?

    1.'s sold out again!! I wish you were closer, too! I love the Spanx tights...but I prefer a really opaque tight so the skin doesn't show through!

  7. Thanks-- I'll check out the spanx tights. I ordered the skirt. Waiting for a shipping confirmation to know that I actually got it.

  8. So fun! Have the best time in my very favorite store!


  9. So excited about this! I have plans on Saturday, but this may call for rearraganements to my schedule! ;)

  10. oh man! I wish they would let you travel to all the container stores!


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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