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Monday, April 6, 2015

{Top Ten} March

Hi friends, and happy Monday. I hope you had a great Easter weekend, spent with people you love. I'm still coming off my Nashville food-coma from our quick weekend trip (here's some of my favorite restaurants there), and the sugar high from yesterday's celebrations. Gluttonous is thy middle name!

Things slowed down a bit in March, as we settled in to our second month in the new house. I realized I was a little frazzled from the intense pace of selling, packing and moving, so I allowed myself a bit of a breather from creating this new home, and just enjoyed it.

But that doesn't mean it was a quiet are the Top Ten posts of March...

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

My office is pretty casual, but I still need to look professional...

The Kitchen Renovation is nearing the end, but we need to repaint the walls so the cabinets stand out. Did you weigh in on which option you liked?

Even the most basic outfits can be taken to the next level with a single accessory.
See five examples in the Power of One.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

We completed the makeover on our previous Master Bedroom...just in time to move.
It was hard saying goodbye to those amazing drapes, but I got over it as soon as we started working on our new Master Bedroom plans!

Thrilling to see my name in the pages of Redbook. #willwondersnevercease
I also shared some of my favorite spray paint projects.

Volume 11 of Sugarplum Style showcased my field jacket love affair.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

Thanks to Spring Break, we took a few Field to the Dallas Arboretum,
and another to the stunning Arhaus store.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

The Family Room was the trickiest room to arrange, but we finally got it right.

I got a little carried away with several rounds of Look for, here, and here.
Some of which is hard to decipher the High from the Low option!

The first fully-organized space in the new house is the Master Bath (going along with that whole 'starting with us' theme). I shared my method for creating drawer liners out of any decorative paper, along with a clever tip for keeping the cords hidden away.

April is sure to be a busy month, with weeks 2-5 of the One Week Challenge, fun new Spring fashion posts, and hopefully, the last Kitchen update before the final reveal! Thanks, as always, for following along. #grouphug

If you're new around here, or playing catch-up, here are some good places to start:

{Top Ten}


  1. Yup I weighed in on the paint color and that tile is my top 10 of all times not just March! Hope you had a wonderful Easter

  2. yah! you had a great month :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Always love your Top 10! Such an exciting month for you and your sweet family!

  4. Love that monogramed pillow on your bed! Also love those wedges! Great site! Xo

  5. What is this carried away that you speak of?? :)


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