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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

{I Spy}

I am neck-deep in photos of our Master Bedroom Reveal (the old one, not the new...duh!), and hope to have that post for you tomorrow...but I wanted to pop in and share a few things I've spied lately!

As much fun as the snow days have been lately, I'm ready for sunshine and flip-flops...evidenced by all the cute cover-ups I keep bookmarking. Some are too rich for my cheap blood, but they certainly have me dreaming of Summer.

Maybe I'll get this one and DIY my own tassels!?

I love a good popover top...I bought one last year a few sizes larger and wore it as a cover-up. I might have looked a fool, but I felt very Jackie O.

Roll Sleeve Popover / On sale & available in 4 colors

Split Neck Tank / Available in 4 colors for $20

If you've been following the Sugarplum Style series from the beginning, you know I'm a fan of the patterned short. Well, I added these to my arsenal this week.

I need this carry-all tote to go on sale rurrrrrrrl bad.

I lost an hour of my life on the Asos site...have you ever fallen down that rabbit hole?! So much fun stuff...some great prices, and some not as much. I ordered this tulle's either going to be adorable, or a hot mess. With free shipping and returns, I was willing to risk it.

Alert: Cutest Clutch Ever! (yes, that's a real alert)

Okay, enough of the Summer-dreaming...back to cozy tunics.

Hooded Tunic // 40% off

I've been scouring the internet for a Kitchen many great options right now.

You'll never guess where these pillows are from...or their affordable prices!

And finally, this bag was restocked with no backorder! From your comments lately, it sounds like we're all going to be twinkies with it this year!

Fringe Crossbody Bag / only $28 in black or cognac 

Have you spotted anything lately we need to know about?! Happy Tuesday, lovebugs!


  1. I am waiting for m y victoria secret cover up to arrive, I cannot wait to wear it! Love the old navy shorts, they will definitely be making their into my wardrobe! And that runner is fabulous! I just posted it this AM too!

  2. I love those tasseled cover ups, but ouch on the price! And that clutch! And those rugs! Great picks today :)

  3. The bag is absolute perfection and for the price - you definitely can't go wrong!!!

  4. Oh my gosh that was such a fun post to start my work day! Fashion, home décor and accessories all in one quick shot. I feel happy and full now :)

  5. Just ordered that bag...can't wait for it to arrive!

  6. shut the front door on the bag! if I didn't JUST buy a different one for $45 i would be getting this AND some Kendra scott earrings!

  7. I love the rug and multi colored pillow! I actually just included both in recent mood boards! As always, thanks for the fantasic inspiration.

  8. I was thinking the same thing with DIY tassels - I've noticed them on a few scarves lately too. And I just may have to DIY that ethnic tote too complete with pompom's - LOVE IT!

  9. Fun post, Cassie! Thanks so much! You and Caycee at HWTH must have been chatting! She featured so many of these items on her blog recently! Maybe y'all can share the commissions! ;) that will make the folks over at GOMI go crazy!!! Heehee haters definitely are gonna hate.

  10. We are definitely on the same page with spring girlie! Cute, cute!

  11. I bet the tulle skirt is going to be darling on you Cassie! Can't wait to see it on you.

  12. I'm now the proud owner of the tunic. It had me at thumb holes. Thanks for the great find!

  13. Love that tulle skirt! I'm in full vacation summer mode. Loving the cover ups! They are on my brain too!

  14. Ah the bag is unavailable now :( Dang! I know what you mean about the hole. I just ordered a swimsuit from ASOS (they do well for my larger rack usually). Have a good one!

  15. Cassie, your blog is my favorite...look forward to each of your posts! Thank you!

  16. I just ordered the fringe bag. It is on back order again so I may not get it in time for our spring break trip but I know I will be loving it this summer for exploring our new city, we just moved to Singapore from California. I love reading your blog even more since we moved, a little taste of home. Thanks for the awesome content you put out there Cassie!


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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