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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Friday Five

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious about this day? I think it's kind of fun when the calendar falls this way...unless I'm flying. I'd rather not fly on Friday the 13th!

I am beyond excited for the weekend...our first in ages when we weren't painting, packing or moving. Of course we're still totally covered up in boxes, but I'm having so much fun unpacking and finding new homes for everything. I can't wait to just putter around enjoying the house.

We've all adapted to the new space pretty the house was just waiting for us. Babygirl is the only one struggling a bit with the change...she doesn't like sleeping upstairs away from us. We've resorted to bribery to get her to stay in bed all night! Any other tips?!

1) I dropped by Nordstrom this week, and audibly gasped when I spotted this fringed cross body bag. (A literal gasp is my indicator of how much I really want of course I scooped it up.) It's the right combination of boho and luxe, and the perfect size for stashing a full-size wallet, phone and glasses for traveling, and weekends. I also couldn't resist the colors of this blouse...I don't know anyone who doesn't look good in blues. Nordstrom is also having a killer clearance sale...these earrings and boots are included!

boho chic
Blouse | Distressed Jeans | Fringe Crossbody Bag
Riding Boots | Tassel Bracelet | Emerald Drop Earrings

2) Being a blogger, you'd think I'd always have my camera with me...but it's usually my phone that documents our life. In fact, most of my favorite pictures are on InstaGram. My sister sent me the cutest set of little square magnets for Christmas from Sticky9, each with photos of us from her account. They look adorable on the side of our fridge, and make me happy each time I catch a glimpse. I just ordered a set of square prints to keep on the coffee table, and am thinking of making a tablet cover, too. What do you do with your InstaGram pics?

Hi Sugarplum | Sticky9 Prints

3) I love to add a little pretty to my desktop, and the Fabulous Kelly always creates such stylish and chic options. She created these leopard patterns for Valentine's day...get your free screensaver download here.

4) Remember my Look-for-Less Pendants we hung over the Breakfast Bar (see them in action here)? Well, I stumbled across another great option in one of my recent 87 trips to Home Depot! I've long been a fan of the Jonathan Adler 'Ventana' chandelier...but ain't nobody got time money for those! (Or I don't, anyway.) West Elm has a similar version, but it's pricey, too!

Anyway...I spotted one by Hampton Bay at Home Depot with very similar lines. It's normally priced at $234, but for some reason, it was marked down to $120 in-store. And since only the floor model remained, I got greedy and asked for an additional discount (yes, I'm that person). So basically I scored that puppy for $106, and pre-assembled! I'm thinking a little black and gold spray paint will have it looking reeeeeeally similar to my Adler crush. And I won't be $900 poorer. What do you think?

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less Chandeliers

5) One of the most-asked questions in my #SugarplumStyle posts is about my jeans...because obviously, I'm a fan of them. My favorite brand of late has been Vigoss at Nordstrom, and I have several different styles. Some indicate you should size up or down, but I just order my normal size in them all, and appreciate the looser ones on some days (Taco Tuesday), and the tighter ones on others (date night). I have a small waist and 'ample' bootie, but they don't create the dreaded waist gap. A few pair are a tad tight on my 'ample' calves, but stretch out after wear. I live in the distressed ones, and these new flap-pocket style.

I have a hard time coughing up more than $100 for jeans, so these fit that bill, too! What are your favorite jeans? Do you spend a lot? I only have one pair of 'designer' jeans, and I scored those at the Anniversary Sale! #cheapskate

Hi Sugarplum | Favorite Jeans
a // Striped Cardi Wrap Boot Socks | Rainboots (similar) | Watch
b //  Cardi (similar) | Plaid Scarf (similar)
c // Gray Tee (similar) | Plaid Infinity Scarf Booties (similar) | Watch | Bracelet
f // Striped Hoodie Pullover | Plaid Shirt (similar)

{Shop More Jeans Under $100}

I just added this lace tank to my cart (in both cream and black, oops!). The black will be so cute with white jeans and colorful pumps this Summer, and the cream will layer under most anything. Hello, $16!? This dress is too cute for words, too. Happy Valentine weekend, lovebugs, I hope it's full of love and chocolate!


  1. I love the magnets your sister sent! How thoughtful was that?! Happy Friday girl. I hope you have a special weekend with your loves :). XO

  2. You know I have a deep and abiding love for Vigoss jeans. Everybody needs a pair!!!! Or 3. :)

  3. i love those leopard backgrounds! cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Love those desktop backgrounds. And I hear ya on spending a lot of money on designer jeans. These days I am always in my Gap legging jeans. They have enough stretch and if anything happens I don't worry! That said, I am dying to buy some Rag & Bone eventually but am too cheap! Also, LOVE the chandelier option. $106 what a steal!

  5. Yeah, that bag is darling and thanks for the cute screen saver link! Enjoy your weekend puttering!

  6. I don't pay more than $60 for jeans. When I went to London my luggage was temporarily lost and my Dad bought me a pair of uber expensive jeans and they barely lasted a year until they fell apart. My $30 pairs of jeans have lasted years. NY&Co is good for jeans, but I usually start at thrift stores. Just wish I could find a good pair of white jeans you can't see through.

  7. oh man, i am flying on friday the 13th. but not today. what are the odds that there are 2 friday the 13ths in a row? should i be scared? adding to that, our other trip this year on a plane...september 11th. oy.

    1. I think since you're flying on both...the superstition cancels itself out! ;)

  8. Thanks for this post. I am making my FIRST trip to Nordstrom on Monday (I am off work, kids have school so it's a ME day). I have always been too intimidated or thought it was too expensive for me, but thanks to you I am excited to see what all the hubub is about. Have you ever considered doing a post on how to shop at Nordstrom? Seems to me you might have some great insight for us rookies...

    1. Have so much fun!! I typically shop online with Nordstrom, simply because the selection is larger, and easier to navigate (for me anyway). and with their free shipping and returns, I just order multiple sizes if I'm unsure.

  9. I consider Friday the 13th to be my lucky day because way back when I got accepted to college, the acceptance notice arrived on Friday, December 13th! I remember it like it was yesterday :)

    I absolutely LOVE those earrings!!!

  10. Those magnets! What a sweet sister. I have been horrible about printing out any type of photos lately. You have inspired me. I need to print the IG photos stat. And don't get me started on how behind I am with albums.

    So fun to be taking your time putting away everything . . . I would just spend all day walking around the house. Hope sweet S feels comfy very soon.

  11. Video baby monitor with two way talk for your daughter! has a fairly reasonable one with two cameras (we got it for our infant but found using the second in the playroom very helpful for our 4yo who didn't want to play alone upstairs with out her big sister. Just a thought!!

  12. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting things that are not crazy expensive! I love to splurge every now and then but I need my every day stuff to be affordable. We are heading on a little trip soon and I was looking for a fun new crossbody. Thanks to your post, I know have a purse and a couple of pairs of jeans headed my way for less than $150! Score! Keep the great stuff coming! Thanks!

  13. My new favorite jeans are by Level 99. They are the softest jeans I've ever owned, feel like my old pair of beat up Levis from back in the day. They are deliciously stretchy and fit like a glove (I wear a 6). I got my first pair at 40% off and loved them so much I ponied up the money to buy a second pair at full price. I have the Rita and the Lilly, both are skinny jeans.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Carole!! I'll have to check those out!

  14. I just tried chatbooks today and am loving the simplicity and price. They do all of the work and you get your Instagram feed in an adorable book. Feel free to use this freebie book code 42X7XYV3


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