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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

{I Spy}

I hope those of you buried in snow-mageddon are safe and warm...feel free to send some of that our way, the kids are itching for a snow day. I'm just popping in to share a few goodies I've spotted lately and have my eye on.

Old Navy just unveiled a whole collection of new arrivals...and they are killing it! This top looks straight up J.Crew, but with awesome Old Navy pricing.

I love a good pullover much easier to do a casual tuck-in with jeans and shorts. These stripes are so crisp.

And just like that, our plaid love affair carries over to Spring.

Field jacket perfection.

Another item straight from the pages of J.Crew...and now I'm dreaming of a beach trip!

A great bootie/sandal hybrid to carry you from Winter to Spring. I have several pair of Old Navy shoes and are always happy with them (obviously they aren't real leather, but I'm okay with that for my everyday wear).

Sidenote: Funny story...a few months ago, Mr. SP and I were at a fancy-pants party at his colleague's house...the kind with servers and coat-takers. I texted Sheaffer to tell her we were waaay out of our league, that I was even in old navy shoes. Lots of funny texting ensued, and turns out she thought I meant old, navy shoes. Like I was wearing ratty, old, blue shoes to a party. I was tipsy at the time, so I thought it was pretty hilarious.

My sister is getting married this Summer, so I've been scoping out dresses for showers and parties. This is my favorite silhouette, and you can't go wrong with black and white stripes...or the sale price, for that matter!

I've never worn a one-shoulder dress, but for 40% off I think I could try.

And finally, this floral maxi is all kinds of lovely.

What have you spied lately? Anything we need to check out?! Happy Hump Day, lovebugs!


  1. I think you would look fabulous in the one shoulder dress.

  2. Love all those old navy picks! I think I have to get those shoes!!!

  3. You know, your kids still have a chance at snow. Since we haven't had any this winter in North TX, that means we will get it in March like a couple of years ago. ha!

    Old Navy has also been kicking it up a notch in the jewelry department. I've found tons of cute things there.

  4. Wow- so impressed with those Old Navy finds! I just "window shopped" online at JCrew, but these prices are obviously more do-able. I'm so itching for spring and spring clothes! I think the aqua one-shoulder dress would look amazing on you!

  5. Love the Old Navy picks! I'm a huge fan of ON; you can't beat the price point!

  6. Sigh. This post makes me want to go on vacation. Like yesterday.

  7. I really love the Chevron dress. I would love to see what you mix with it. I could totally see you rockin' this for one of your events.

  8. That one shoulder chiffon dress would look SO GREAT for my Hawaiian Cruise! Eek!!

  9. I love the blue and white stripped pull over!

  10. More plaid? Yes, please!

  11. Suddenly I feel like I NEED to go to Old Navy- that field jacket is killer!

  12. Hahahahahahaha! Yes, the old navy shoe incident. Still makes me lol!

  13. Love the chevron fit and flare! The navy shoe thing is pretty funny-tipsy or not! :)


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