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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Friday Five

You guys!!! Not only is it Friday #holla, but it's officially less than two weeks until Christmas! I somehow went from being on top of things, to horribly behind, all in the span of a week?! Last I remember, it was Thanksgiving weekend...and now it's Christmas! What??

Okay, my panic-driven rant is's pep-talk time. There's still 13 days...that's two full weekends to git 'er done. Online shopping has truly saved me this year...I mean seriously, ain't nobody got time for mall crowds!

1) So last week I shared my Holiday Party Style, featuring a black lace dress. But you know I love to get several wears out of my pieces, so I started thinking how I could jazz up a more basic, everyday black dress, to make it party ready. Clearly this one is my favorite, since I styled it
3 Ways in black, and 5 Ways in pink!

Outfit #1 pairs the dress with a fun faux-fur jacket, and a pop of bling and color.

Holiday Party

Outfit #2 is pure chic, with a touch of leopard and bling. You could also swap out the black heels for a fun color like I did here.

Dressed Up LBD

2) Many of you noticed my rain boots in a recent #SugarplumStyle post on InstaGram, and wondered if they were my Look-for-Less combination. Well yes, ma'am, indeed they are...and I could not be happier!! The boots don't come in half-sizes, so I sized down to a 7, and the socks are medium. The two fit together like peas and carrots, and you'd never know they weren't meant for each other. To be fair, I've never tried on true Hunter boots, but I'm thrilled with my more affordable version! Oh, and they're lined with black and white stripes! #swoon (Thanks, Mom!!)

3) I shared my Sugarplum Christmas earlier this week, as part of Chris's Holiday Blog Hop, but I wanted to make sure you checked back at the end of my's updated with links to 25 of the most inspiring Christmas Home Tours in blogland! I mean, Christmas board is about to be overflowing with ideas for next year.

4) I don't know about you, but all our parents have requested for Christmas, is pictures of the grandkids! My friend had this giant canvas made at InstaCanvas, and it turned out amazing! I'm ordering some of the smaller ones while they are on sale. The company was kind enough to offer free shipping (by Christmas!) with code SUGARPLUM, so I'm all over it!

5) Okay, so we know Christmas is 13 days away, and it's time to get serious about those you haven't shopped for yet. So I did us all a favor, and created what may be, the best Gift Guide yet. Well, as Mr. SP would say, 'the best in lower Bulgaria, maybe.' #nooffensetobulgaria Whatever! I challenge you to find someone on your list who wouldn't match up with one of these gifts! There is a little something for everyone, and they all ship free. You're welcome. And for the record, I'm a good match for 10 of the 12. #justsayinsanta

Hi Sugarplum | The Perfect Gift

two | Statement Necklace (60% off!)
three | Cable Knit Reindeer Head (40% off!)
four | Dipped Bowls, only 16!
eleven | Selfie Wand
twelve | Lip Gloss Set

So that's it for the randomness that is my Friday Five! What's on your random list today? Are you still shopping? Are you going to any fun holiday parties? Happy weekend, lovebugs!

{A few more fun gift ideas}

**A small portion of this post was written in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all opinions, product selection, and Santa List Making is my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!**


  1. I feel like I could write a paragraph of comments after every one of your posts! I'll try to keep it short--love that black dress, need some hot pink boots like that, your home tour was amazing, will order some Insta Canvases today (needed grandparent gifts), and great gift guide. A selfie wand? I'm learning to embrace the selfie and this might help :)

  2. YES to that black dress. Maybe I should go ahead and start planning my wardrobe for our event in April. What do you think?!? :) hehe, just kidding, kind of......

  3. I need those socks but they are unavailable! Story of my life. That book is already on my wish list! I don't know if I'll get it in time. Take a few deep breaths, you can knock out your shopping in no time and be back to tree gazing!

  4. Great outfits Cassie. Love the black dress. Great gifts picks too. Headed your way Monday (flying through to get Katie).

  5. Some fabulous ideas as always! I am having trouble finding a holiday outfit that is cute and fits this preggo bump. Wish me luck! Also...don't worry I feel so behind! Less than two weeks you say? Eeek!

  6. Good thing we don't live in the same town (or state) because I am copy catting so many of your outfits and ideas it isn't even funny! That being said, I just headed over to Target to check out your "rainboots for less" and they are on SALE for $27.99. I *may* have just ordered myself some...

    1. Girl, move here and we'll pal around looking like twinkies!!! I'm thrilled you're inspired by my posts!!! xoxox


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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