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Friday, November 21, 2014

Sugarplum Style Vol. 6

Holla for Friday! Is it me, or is this last stretch of 2014 really picking up steam?? I love this time of year, but I wish I could freeze time, or at least slow it down a bit. I'm determined to find a way to really soak in the holidays...I think the key to that is for me to simplify. Not really a term I'm familiar with, but I'm going to try!

I'm off to a pretty good start with simplifying my wardrobe, since every outfit appears to be a combination of jeans + scarf + boots, with a vest thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, I wrote a post about just that formula! And a head's up, if you have an objection to puffer vests, you likely won't enjoy this installment of Sugarplum Style.

Does a zebra scarf and a leopard belt count as mixing animal prints? I think mixing cognac with black is what made this outfit interesting.

You can't beat the quality and style of this puffer vest for the price, and as you'll see, the red pairs well with a lot.

You can see this outfit come to life in this post.

This shirt makes accessorizing easy, and I love mixing the fanciness of it with a rustic vest.

Black Tights | Mary Jane Pumps (similar)

Some of you have asked what kind of socks to wear with short booties...I wear ankle socks so you can't see them poking out of the boot. Unless of course you're looking down at me like this. In which case...dude, you're in my dance space! #nobodyputsbabyinacorner

I love the look and idea of leggings, but prefer the structure and back pockets of jeggings. That way I don't have to worry about having tops long enough to cover all the lady bits. I went up a size on this pair and they are super comfy.

Faux Fur Vest (similar) | Cream Blouse | Black Jeggings

I'm too mad for plaid to save it for the weekend, so this is how I dress it up for work. 

Hey there, red puffer. Again.

And you probably remember the kitten-cardi outfit from this post. I won't tell you how many times I've worn it...if it's not documented, there's no proof!

What's been your go-to formula this Fall? Are you a fan of the puffer vest? Clearly I am...along with plaid. How about a {5 Ways} post on wearing plaid...yay or nay?

You can catch up with past installments of Sugarplum Style here, or follow my everyday-style outfits on InstaGram. Make sure you're following my Facebook page, too...that's where I post deals, steals, sales and goodies! Happy weekend, love bugs!


  1. I'm a huge fan of plaid! My go-to formula has been a plaid or gingham button down, topped with a sweater, topped with a puffer vest paired with jeans and booties. That is, until it hit 70 degrees yesterday, and I started sweating profusely :) I just love your style--thanks for sharing!

  2. I thought nobody did spring and summer style better than you, but you are KILLING IT this fall. Stop it. :)

  3. my arms always get cold when i wear vests haha! but i love these looks :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Love these outfits! I just bought 4 puffer vests from Old Navy, totally expecting to get them, and return at least half of them....and I loved So my closet is totally full of puffer vests, and because they were such a good deal - I don't even care. :) I also got one of the plaid shirts Sheaffer & you have been featuring, and a chambray shirt as well - I think they'll layer super with the vests. :)

  5. I always love your outfits, so no surprise that I love them all this week too :) I am such a puffer vest girl! Ohio only gives you about a week or so to where them though...we go straight from Summer temps to Winter temps :( My go to outfit on weekends is a puffer, plaid, some distressed jeans, and boots :) Happy weekend Cassie!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Hi Cassie, the zebra scarf is fab. X

  8. All so cute, girl. This is my favorite time of year to wear clothes . . . now if only we could get some real weather in CA!

  9. Hi Cassie - I notice you switch bags a lot. Is there a way you organize your items to make this easy? What about a wallet - do you switch wallets too?

    1. Hi Anon! ;) I do switch between bags, but not daily. I typically carry one for a few days, then swap it out...hence why I almost always carry neutral bags that go with any outfit. The majority of the contents of my purse are in little zipper pouches, so I just transfer the pouches and my wallet to the new bag. xo

  10. Love that military vest!! Actually, I love it all!

  11. I'm in the red puffer club! Happy weekend Cass!

  12. Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me what size you ordered in the military vest? I ordered mine in a small a few months ago and I got it yesterday! I feel like it is a little big but I'm not sure if I'm styling it right ;) what size did you get??

    1. Hi Maddy! I have an XS, and it is fitted, so it only works over a single shirt. But it did shrink a bit in the washer/ try that maybe?


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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