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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Friday Five

It's Friday, the sun is shining, and my toes are in the's a good day! I hope your day and weekend is beyond glorious, too. Here's my overly-excited, random Friday Five for the week.

1) You guys loved the striped dress I featured a few weeks ago (I did too, the dress now belongs to me and I'm working on a 1 Dress 5 Ways post with it!), so I thought I'd share this adorable striped skirt I just fell in love with. It's got a full shape, so it might not be for everyone...but it couldn't be any cuter with a chambray top and cage sandals! Funny how a few years ago, I'd never pair blue, black and brown...and now I can't get enough. (Update: the skirt just went on sale!)

Stripes + Chambray

Tote Purse (on sale!) | Polka Dot Wallet (also on sale!) | iPad Case

2) Even though our birthday parties have become simpler (turns out teenagers don't want favors and craft stations), I'm still a sucker for a fabulous children's party. The talented Kelli Trontel (who took our family pictures while visiting Texas last year), lives a picturesque life, with her darling family, in Montana. They recently celebrated their son with a Little Explorer party. The details, and her photos, are almost more than I can handle.

3) Bet you can't guess where this rug is from? And even more shocking, it's under $100!

4) Are you kidding me?!? I'm dying over these DIY Otomi Bean Bags!! Shelley at Crazy Wonderful made them. Like, with her own two hands. I can never get enough of otomi, and it's genius to stencil it on a drop cloth! Consider this copied, Shelley!

5) Why am I just now trying these crackers?! I can't believe all the years I've wasted eating mediocre crackers. I think the gluten-free label scared me off, and I assumed they'd taste like communion wafers. I was wrong. Do yourself a favor, use them to scoop Nutella. #faint

What snacks are you shoveling back these days? How do you feel about wearing black, brown and blue together? Oh, and if you like that striped skirt, you might want to check out this one and this one. Happy weekend, lovebugs!


  1. nut crackers?! ummm that (and the nutella) sound amazing! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Those crackers are amazing!! So glad you took the plunge! And I am loving the outfit you put together! So fun!

  3. You're making me blush! Thank you, Cassie :) That outfit is perfection. I want it, want it, want it!!! That rug is pure woven happiness. Makes me want more color in my home. And that party. Holy cow!!!! Mind. Blown. Adorable.

  4. i luv pretzel thins, I have to say I luv the plain ones with red chili pepper hummus.

  5. i was right there with you on the blue/black/brown all together look. now i can't get enough of it!! and aren't those crackers amazing?! i keep a box at home and at my desk, so delicious! love this post!

  6. Ohhh, thank you for the cracker shout out, I was thinking of getting those or the rice thins the other day, but then got distracted by my toddler and forgot about them! I have Celiac, and have had the hardest time finding good g-free crackers that don't cost like a million bajillion dollars :)

  7. I'm obsessed with Nut Thins!! Once we open a box, it's hard not to eat the box in one sitting! We eat them with hummus or cheese or just by themselves. Mmmm.....


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