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Friday, May 2, 2014

The Friday Five

Wah-whoa-we-wah, am I glad it's Friday ... it has been a doozy of a week. I've had one kid down with the croup, another with insane sinus problems...along with some other sadness/drama I've been trying to deny. Anyway, it's catching up with me. Funny how life has a way of not letting you sweep it under the rug, huh? I think a weekend of family time will perk things up...okay, and maybe some retail therapy, too.

1) It's finally safe to pull the shorts out here, but still cool enough to pair with long sleeve shirts. I recently nabbed these graphic shorts, and plan to wear this exact outfit all weekend. Oh, and every single item shown is on sale! I've included the code if needed for the discount...the other links are automatically marked down. Ain't nobody got time for full price! And yes, I'm still putting that bag charm on everything.

bright and preppy

Graphic Shorts (use code GETMORE) | Chambray Shirt (use code TREAT) | Crossbody Bag | Elephant Bag Charm | Tassel Necklace | Wedge Sandals (use code BRSPLURGE) | Sunglasses | Bow Bracelet | Watch 

2) Let's talk about those wedges, because they are so good they deserve their own post. I've been on the hunt for comfortable, neutral wedges for awhile, and almost settled on the Toms wedges, but they were a little tight across my fat toes. I hit the jackpot with these from Banana Republic...right height, comfy padded insole, stretchy straps for custom fit, and perfect neutral color to elongate the leg! I wore them all day during the conference last weekend, and apparently danced all night, and was so impressed by how comfortable they are. Use code BRSPLURGE for 30% off through this weekend. You're welcome.

Hi Sugarplum | BR Wedge

3) Now that you've got the outfit and the wedges, let's talk about how to roll your long sleeves for this transitional weather. Because a properly rolled sleeve, and a popped collar, definitely ups the style factor in your outfit. My stylish friend Carly at C.Style shows us the simple steps to achieve the perfect J.Crew-style rolled sleeve. I just used the word 'style' four times in two sentences. Clearly I mean business.

4) Did you see the clever Freckles Chick Mudroom Reveal this week?! Girl didn't just make an existing space awesome...she completely converted the porch into a more usable (and awesome) space! It's never occurred to me to look outside my house for more rooms!! I also need her little fox hook in my life.

5) Ya'll know a good portion of my home decor comes from World this weekend is pretty much the Super Bowl for me. They are having their once-a-year Friends & Family Sale, where every single item, sale and full-priced, is 25% off (use code FNFSAVE)!!! I'll let you marinate on that a second.

Here are the items I'm considering...or have already brought home!

Hi Sugarplum | World Market Sale

a. Tufted Ottoman / add so much color and style to a room
c. Embroidered Dress / perfect cover-up for pool season
d. Parrot Floral Curtain Panel / I just ordered these for our bedroom!
e. Gray Wingchair / timeless & classic, in a compact size
g. Metal Pendant / so good over a bar or island
i. Natural Fedora / add instant chic to your Summer outfit
n. Tassel Scarf / tassels + pink & orange! what else do you need?
p. Potting Bench / see mine in action here & here

See anything you like? Who's rolling their sleeves and popping collars?! Happy weekend, lovebugs!


  1. yep i usually turn to retail therapy too... not always the best thing but it works! i hope you feel better soon. loving those espadrilles! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. CLEARLY you mean business! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And listen, I know another reason you have had a rough week is because you've been dealing with dirty bangs. #victim

  3. Hope the kiddos are on the mend. So not fun!! That mudroom is AMAZING. Hope you manage to get some retail therapy in.

  4. Thank you for sharing all of this goodness, especially all the sale items!

  5. Fabulous Round up as usual my friend. The dance pictures made me laugh out loud...we might have to be breaking it down at Haven! I have also been debating on those gray wing back chairs for our dining room for quite a while. Now if I could get the Hubs on board! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  6. Oh I need to check out the WM sale! And I can't wait to see the mudroom...thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  7. We're soul sisters. Just FYI. Soul. Sisters. #loveeverythinginthispost

  8. Hugs for your tough week lady!!! Just had to check out that cuff rolling technique! Cool!

  9. Yup, it's the dirty bangs. But it's nothing a good sleeve roll and a popped collar can't fix! Love you friend.

  10. Lovely "Friday five" inspiration as always! Hope the kids get better and your energy comes back soon! xoxo,

  11. Thanks as always for the fashion advice! I just ordered those JCrew shorts!!!

  12. Love love that tassel bag charm and necklace! Super cute and stylish weekend outfit! Happy Friday!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  13. Thanks for all the smarts in this post!!! Did I miss item L. in the World Market goodies??

  14. How come I always want to BUY ALL THE THINGS every Friday, thanks to you?!?

    Aw thanks for including my mudroom in your roundup, love!!! High praise coming from the details diva herself! I'm still sitting on my mudroom bench, waiting for you to swing by & share this wine with me. My sleeves are rolled accordingly.

    (Sidenote: I used to style windows for Abercrombie & Fitch straight out of college & this is how we were taught to roll sleeves on the mannequins! Straight up profesh right there.)

    I hope the kiddos get well soon & I hope you shake the drama soon. Cause ain't no one got time for that, amIrite, xoxo.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hope that this weekend will allow you to rest, relax, and get the sunshine back in your corner of the world with healthy little ones and a little retail therapy, too :)

  17. Love, love, love those wedges, they look great! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  18. I've got to get those wedges! My feet could really use a cute and comfy wedge!

  19. I know where those World Market curtains are going! :)


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