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Thursday, April 3, 2014

{Top Ten} March

I like to re-cap each month's top posts, just in case you missed any, and to make it easier for newer readers to catch up. Thank you so much for stopping by when you do!

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

Liberace stopped by and added some liquid gilding to my faux-agate coasters.

The holy grail of white jeans, and a cute outfit around them.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

Oh hey, who's surprised to see more gold? This time in the form of a DIY Splatter Box.

{Outfit Inspiration} Olive & Pink...aka, the jacket I never take off.

The wistful photographs by Dallas-ite Gray Malin. Final days of the sale, so hurry!

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

{Outfit Inspiration} Aqua & Hot Pink...aka, the cutest striped bag ever.

Finally starting the Master Bedroom makeover!

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten March

Cutie-pie Nate, and his cutie-pie Spring Collection for Target.

Fun Spring Outfits...aka, what I wore in Puerto Rico.

Thank you so much for all your comments and support of my projects and ideas, your friendship means so much to me. April is already shaping up to be a doozy, so stick around!

If you're still playing catch-up, here are some good places to start. Happy almost-weekend, lovebugs!

{Top Ten} January 
{Top Ten} February


  1. How long ago did you buy the Zappos dress? I looked the other day but couldn't find it. Wah. :(

    1. Hi Katie! It's been a few weeks...but the link in the original post still takes you directly to it. Hope this helps!

  2. loveeee those gray malin prints! so pretty xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Hi Cassie, I enjoy reading your blog. You always keep things light and positive. I think I remember you mentioning at some point that you work full time outside the home. I would love to see a post about how you keep up on the blog and working full time. I can seem to do both successfully!

  4. Puerto Rico! You just had to remind me of that trip, again!

  5. the one kings lane site for malign gray says sale ended!! :( is it not still going on?

    1. Try searching 'gray malin' in the search bar on OKL...some pop up in other sales.

  6. Wowee! You had an amazing month! Can't wait to see what you do in April!


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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