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Friday, March 29, 2013

{Organized} Earring & Jewelry Caddy

Hello and Happy Friday! I'm so thrilled the weekend is finally here...between Easter and Babygirl's birthday, we have a lot to celebrate! But today I want to share my latest organization project with you. Remember when I showed you our Organized Bathroom Cabinets...and teased what was tucked away in the top drawer?

 Hi Sugarplum | Organized Bathroom Cabinets

Well, I finally tackled my rat's nest of earrings and bracelets, and organized them in this cute little caddy.

Hi Sugarplum | Organized Earring Caddy

Hi Sugarplum | Organized Earring Caddy

It's an idea I swiped from my crazy-talented friend when we visited her last Summer. Hop over to my contributor post at I Heart Organizing for all the yummy details on how to create your own! But prepare to stay awhile, Jen's blog is a rabbit hole of amazing ideas. Happy weekend, lovebugs...I hope it's full of joy, life and celebrations!

IHeart Organizing

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Party Invites & $100 Giveaway!

I don't know how it happened, but our sweet and funny Babygirl is turning seven this weekend! I swear it feels like just yesterday we were adjusting to the idea of another baby, and now, there's no way to imagine our family without her.

We brainstormed a whole list of party ideas, but in the end, she insisted on an Art Party. If you're new around here, you might not know that we've already had a full-blown Art Party...last year! Since I tend to go insane over the top with her parties (our son is too cool old for mom's parties), I decided to let someone else do more of the work this year, and she agreed to have it at a local art studio.

Hi Sugarplum | Art Party Invitations
I changed the details to throw any crazies off our trail. That is, however, my phone number.

I am a huge fan of Invitation Box, so I jumped at the chance to partner with them for her adorable invitations. They have thousands of designs to choose from, and you can easily customize the text for them to print, or order them blank. The card stock and printing is top-notch, and you can add little extras like lined envelopes, rounded corners, and pre-printed return addresses.

Hi Sugarplum | Art Party Invitations

Most of their invitations have coordinating pieces, so we completed the set with monogrammed notecards, and custom stickers. I'm using the stickers for her thank-you notes and favors...can you stand the cuteness of the mini-paint cans?! I can't wait for the party, and to share all the details with you next week!

Hi Sugarplum | Art Party Invitations

And one of you lucky ducks will win $100 to Invitation Box! The only problem will be choosing how you want to spend it! They have invitations and announcements for every occasion, notecards and pads, labels, calling cards, enclosure cards and tags. And most can be customized with photos and text.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{DIY} Gold Dot Vase

Creativity, and the desire to be creative, comes and goes for me. There are periods when I have more ideas than time (and money), and others when I couldn't brainstorm a project if you bribed me with tacos. Lately I've been on a creative wave, so I'm riding it out as long as it lasts! (Remember this later if the blog has a dry spell!) Today's project is another that turned out better than I'd envisioned (which is a rarity), and I'm cuckoo over this little spotted vase!

Hi Sugarplum | Gold Dot Vase

After I made these Anthro-Inspired Confetti Vases, I started looking around for more glass vessels I could paint. I dug this rectangular vase out of my cabinet, (they sell similar ones at Michaels and HomeGoods), some metallic gold craft paint, and a circle stencil dobber-thingie.

Hi Sugarplum | Gold Dot Vase

The random placement of dots are inspired by Kate Spade, which is a pattern I've drooled over for years. Just dip your sponge in paint, and gently press down on the glass. Be careful not to move the sponge around, or it will smear the paint. A toothpick is perfect for popping the little air bubbles. I wanted my gold dots to be very opaque, so I did several layers of paint, allowing them to dry in between.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Tables & Projects

You guys are amazing...thank you so much for all the kind words for my Otomi Table. It's true, I have taken her on as a sister wife. And I can't wait to add more of the fabulous pattern around the house. But today I have projects-fails on the brain. Specifically, this centerpiece that wasn't meant to be. I'd envisioned the bowl full of dark green grass, with colorful eggs nestled in with other Easter paraphernalia. But after two full weeks, not a single blade of grass has emerged. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is hosting the family this year, so I don't need a Plan B, but if I did, I'd likely recreate something from our past Easter Tablescapes.


This bowl of bright flowers and Peeps was my favorite centerpiece. I wish they sold Peeps individually though, so you didn't have to rip the little chicks apart.


Here's another option with Peeps. Clearly Peeps and Easter go hand-in-hand for me.

Monday, March 25, 2013

{DIY} Otomi Patio Table

Hey, hey, hey friends! How was your weekend? Ours was crazy busy, and unexpectedly cold, but that didn't keep me from finishing my last project for the Home Depot Patio Challenge. And I am positively giddy to share it with you today! Most projects start out grand in my head, but never seem to translate into what I envisioned. It's rare for one to live up to my expectations, much less exceed them. So I was thrilled when this little table turned out even cuter than I'd hoped...I dare say it's my favorite project to date!

Hi Sugarplum DIY Otomi Table (12)

This outdoor table was in sad shape, so I gave it a fresh coat of Rustoleum 'Real Orange' (to go with the DIY Dry-Erase Serving Tray). It was a quickie makeover, and I didn't plan on posting anything about it. After all, how many times have we seen the power of spraypaint? (But really, does it ever get old?!) I threw this image up on InstaGram (@cassiesugarplum), and many of you commented that you couldn't wait to see what I was going to do with that got me thinking (which doesn't usually end well).

I was brainstorming all the usual patterns and shapes, then my aunt suggested otomi! It was an ah-ha! moment...clearly I'm a fan of Mexican decor and bright colors. And who didn't fall instantly in love with Grace's Otomi Headboard?

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Friday Five

Hi friends, and Happy Friday! We've got a crazy weekend full of sports, birthday parties and an egg hunt, but hopefully I can squeeze in a little project time. And Mexican food the laundry.

1) I'm not sure when I'll be able to show you the full reveal of the Home Depot Patio Challenge, but my deadline to complete it is next I'd better get busy! Here's a little sneaky peeky of the space with the fab set they sent me! Thanks to my son, we got it assembled pretty quickly. You've seen the rug and dry-erase serving tray, but I've got one more project planned before putting it all together.

patio sneak peek

2) I had a great idea for an Easter tablescape centerpiece, involving a bowl of thick, green grass. But 10 days after planting the 'guaranteed to grow anywhere fast' grass, this is what we're looking at. It's a good thing my sister-in-law just decided to host Easter brunch this year.

potential easter centerpiece

3) And speaking of Easter, I intended to make MerMag's adorable Easter Bunny Pouch as a treat for my kid's teachers. But Babygirl's birthday happens to fall on Easter Sunday this year, so we've been busy with party planning instead. But can you stand this bunny cuteness? Maybe I'll find a way to whip out one or two.


4) The cute and sassy Caycee posted this stripey goodness on her InstaGram last week, and I knew it had to be mine. Thank goodness for smartphones, because I ordered it from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I can never resist stripes, so this skirt and dress are on the way, too. And I've got my eye on this one from Old Navy (use ONSAVE25 for 25% off your total order thru Sunday!).

I pretty much want everything in this Destination: Vacation round up from Forever 21! Someone cut me off!


5) Did you see the Living Room Emily Henderson just designed, and revealed on her blog? I, of course, loved every detail of the colorful and quirky room...but then felt elated when I realized I have similar elements in my Living Room (still unfinished, fyi).

teal sofa, yellow lamp, bri emery's house

I'm not a designer and have zero training...I just put things together that I like and make me happy, and hope for the best. It's reassuring to see a legit designer, who's work I adore, use similar elements and pairings. Seeing this fabulous room, with the blue sofa and striped throw, brass cuffs on table legs, gold tables, oversized Fiddle Leaf, and funky upholstery, lets me know I'm on the right track. I suppose you could call it validation. But really, it's just confidence to keep going and create what I love.

designlovefest living room

Oh, and the random winner of the Monogrammed Clutch was announced here. I hope it was you! What's on your Friday Five today? Are you busy not growing grass and not making Easter treats? Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Road Tripping through Texas Hill Country

Last week was Spring Break, so we took advantage of the time off and warm temperatures, and road-tripped south...through the Texas Hill Country. Warning: if we don't share DNA, or you have no interest in visiting Texas, this post might be a whip. (Har-har, get it?)

Hi Sugarplum | Texas Hill Country Road Trip

We live in a big, bustling city full of people and traffic, so we always jump at the chance to take lonely back roads. Texas has miles and miles of ranches and pastures, with creeks around every turn, just waiting to be explored.

Hi Sugarplum | Texas Hill Country Road Trip

Dotted along the way are rustic towns, with scenic courthouse squares, and diners serving the best pie of your life.

Hi Sugarplum | Texas Hill Country Road Trip

Hi Sugarplum | Texas Hill Country Road Trip

Our first layover was in Fredericksburg, a charming town surrounded by fields of wildflowers, peach orchards and wineries. Just outside of town is Enchanted Rock, a 425-foot tall pink granite batholith. Basically, it's a big ass rock made of pink granite, and you can climb to the top.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Organized} Master Bathroom Cabinet

Last month I finally tackled the Kid's Bathroom Cabinets, and I can't even explain how much of a positive impact it's had for us. Now they can easily get themselves ready, and I'm able to keep a better inventory of bathroom supplies. Not to mention, we're prepared for houseguests!

Hi Sugarplum | Organized Bathroom Cabinet

And surprisingly enough, it was a simple and inexpensive task. So I decided to give my bathroom cabinets the same royal treatment. They had the same story...stuff piled up everywhere, and poor use of vertical space. Not having designated spots for things always costs me, too, since I'm never sure of what we have, and end up buying more. Seven bottles of body lotion, hoarder anyone?!

bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are tricky because of the sink and plumbing, so I'm a huge fan of the Target modular system because it allows you to customize odd-shaped spaces. Just like in the Kid's Bathroom, by better organizing the cabinet, I was able to fit three times as much stuff, therefore freeing up more cabinet space throughout the house.

Now, instead of a rat nest of cords, and bottles overturned everywhere, my cabinets are joyfully organized. Feel free to stroke pet your computer.

Hi Sugarplum | Organized Bathroom Cabinets

Let's take a tour, shall we?

Monday, March 18, 2013

{DIY} Dry-Erase Serving Tray

Hey, hey friends! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. We covered a lot miles and ate a lot of salt and candy on our Spring Break Road Trip...and it was perfect. I hope to share some of it with you later this week. Today I've got another quick project I whipped up for the Home Depot Patio Challenge. Once I saw all the stellar bloggers participating, I panicked knew I'd better step up my game!

What's the point of having amazing outdoor furniture, if you don't invite guests over to enjoy it with you? I love colorful serving trays, and having several on hand is perfect for shuttling supplies in and out of the I made my own to coordinate with our soon-to-be outdoor room!

Hi Sugarplum | Dry Erase Tray

I like the idea of writing messages, or labeling food on the tray, so I picked up this Ikea Klack tray for $8, which conveniently already has a surface suitable for dry-erase markers. If you aren't near an Ikea (bless your heart), you could use any basic tray like this, and cover the bottom with dry-erase or chalkboard paint.

Hi Sugarplum | Dry Erase Tray

I wanted to keep the base in tact, so I covered it with painters tape and paper.

Hi Sugarplum | Dry Erase Tray

Then I gave it several light coats of Rustoleum Real Orange in gloss, followed by a layer of Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze to give the tray a lacquered look.

Hi Sugarplum | Dry Erase Tray

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Breaking

Well, with another blink of the eye, it's now the middle of March, and Spring is around the corner! Just when I was getting used to sweaters and coats, it's almost time for tees and sandals. No complaints here though, as I'm always ready for bright colors and warm temperatures. Fab invited me to share some of my current favorites, and since we're headed out for a mini Spring Break getaway today, I gathered a few of my road trip essentials from their collection of modern and quirky products, curated by exciting designers.


I'll save my statement necklaces for another time, and go with this sweet love letter necklace.

This orange Baby Lush watch will be so cute paired with Spring's bright colors.

Big earrings always make me feel stylish...even riding around in the car.

Virtually everyone looks impossibly chic in a straw fedora.

Toss everything in an oversized tote and you're ready to hit the road.

Casual trips mean minimal make-up, packed in an adorably cheerful cosmetic bag.

We'll stay hydrated and be charitable with this water bottle, since 10% of the sales go to WaterAid.

A big purse with room for extra snacks and my camera.

Pink + polka dots = the cutest scarf ever!


We'll be traveling the back roads, through many small towns, so there will be plenty of discoveries and observations to jot down in this field set.

There is always a quilt in the back of my car, because you never know when the perfect opportunity for a road-side picnic will arise.

Have you ever seen a cuter deck of playing cards?

This curly iPhone charger assures we'll have constant music and access to the map.

And Goldie manages our cords, while providing a cradle for the phone while it's charging at the hotel.

We may never be able to drink a bottled soda without a mustache attached again!

 And of course, the most essential part of a road trip....snacks! Sriracha Popcorn may just be the perfect choice.

What are your road trip essentials? See any favorites here? Click through to see all that Fab has to offer, and since these goodies are only available for a limited time, you probably want to act fast! 

Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{Outfit Inspiration} Stripes & Florals

There is no hiding my love affair with stripes...especially since they are in virtually every room of our house, from my son's wall, to the Mudroom back door. So it's not surprising that my closet is chock full of stripey goodness, too. I love to wear them with almost any pattern, but paired with floral is my favorite preppy combination.

Hi Sugarplum  Stripes & Florals (6)

Stripes tone down the feminine sweetness of the floral, and black gives the whole look an edge.

Hi Sugarplum  Stripes & Florals (7)

Hi Sugarplum  Stripes & Florals (5)

My jewels are a mix of sweet and masculine too, with a black leather cuff, a blingy bracelet (thanks, Sheaffer!), and a delicate arrow bangle (thanks, Angi!)

Hi Sugarplum  Stripes & Florals (8)

Hi Sugarplum  Stripes & Florals (9)

Hi Sugarplum  Stripes & Florals

Are you a fan of mixing up patterns? Do you have a stripe addiction, too?

See my floral and check combination here, and how I wear this skirt in Summer here.

{Outfit Deets (same or similar items linked when available)}
White Shirt: J.Crew Factory | Striped Top: J.Crew | Skirt: Zara | Tights: J.Crew | Shoes: Franco Sarto | Arrow Bracelet: Stella & Dot | Wrap Bracelet: Francesscas | Jewel Bracelet: Loft | Necklace: Nordstrom BP | Earrings: Banana Republic

Monday, March 11, 2013

{Breakfast Room} Dipped Chairs

How about that Daylight Savings Time?! I know I'll love it eventually, but right now, I'm cursing the lost sleep! The upside of more daylight, is more I can't wait to get cracking, because my project list seems to be breeding!!

Last I left you on the Breakfast Room, we'd painted the walls and ceiling, added a rug, and hung some bright new drapes.

 may2 062

A definite improvement from where we started....but we still had the issue of the crazy chair party. I'm a fan of mis-matched table and chair sets, but having two styles of chairs, and three different tones, just made the small room feel cluttered.

 may2 064

So I finally drug the remaining three unpainted chairs to the garage, and gave each a quick hand-sand...just enough to take some of the glossy finish off. That got old after about 2 10 minutes, so I  wiped them clean and gave them a thin layer of spray primer.

 Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Friday Five

Hey, hey friends....give it up for Friday! As usual, lots going on around here....

1) The good news is, I made a few dollars on this wee lil blog last year. The bad news is, that means 1099s and taxes. I keep thinking if I ignore them, it will go away. But Uncle Sam has a funny way of flushing us out. Fortunately, Ms. Smarty Pants CPA, Sarah at Tucker Up, wrote a really clear and informative post about blogging and taxes. It will likely be my lifeline as I crawl my way through Turbo Tax. Eventually.


2) I've been doing a little bloggie housekeeping, and the comment section now has a 'Reply' function. This will be great for answering your questions, and responding to fun comments. (Especially those of you still pegged as No Reply! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, read here.) Feel free to reply to each other, too...think of it as the of home bloggers.


The Project Gallery is also updated, and there's a handy little Pin It button at the bottom of each post. Oh, and InstaGram is now added to the gaggle of social media buttons in the sidebar, so you can stalk follow Hi Sugarplum anywhere. Yay for technology...and Thais at House 09 who did the fixes for me! So grab a donut and stay awhile.

3) Mr. Sugarplum and I discovered Breaking Bad about a month ago, and have already blown through all four seasons on Netflix! (Sleep is for the weak.) It's not for the faint-of-heart, but daaaaaaaaaaang is it good. We're having Walter White withdrawals...even though I despise him.

Now we're recording the new mini-series, The Bible, to watch with our kids. How's that for balanced TV viewing?

4) Last weekend we cleaned up the backyard in preparation for the Home Depot Patio Challenge with these lovely bloggers.

This weekend we'll dive in this box, occupying half the garage, to see what Home Depot sent us!

home depot box

5) And finally, our Project Fund would like to welcome back The Shopping Bag, as a returning sponsor. Check them out, and don't forget the 10% off for Hi Sugarplum readers!

The Shopping Bag

What are you currently watching? Have you started your taxes? Have you ever received a box the size of a Smart Car?! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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