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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Friday Five

Hey, hey, it's Friday!! And not just any Friday...but Friday the 13th Friday! Also, 11 days until Christmas Friday! Which means that not only are we running out of shopping days, but the weekends of holiday parties are upon us! Lucky ducks, I've got you covered in this Friday Five!

1) Since finding my new favorite blouse at Express, I've been popping in their store more often. When I spotted this dress, I flew to the dressing room just hoping it'd be as cute on me as it was on the hanger. I might have done a little silent-clap and hopped up-and-down a few times when I zipped it up...before texting this blurry pic to my fellow stripe-lover, Courtney.

Hi Sugarplum | Perfect party dress
Pretend I'm not wearing jeans under it. I hate stripping down in dressing rooms.
I do believe it's the perfect party dress...  

Comfortable and flattering a-line fit
Racerback top for slimming arms and shoulders
Stripes -- enough said
Skirt pockets, always a bonus for me
& an exposed zipper for a bit of an edge

Oh, and it's on sale for $50! It'd be so cute with black or colored tights and booties like these. I'll wear my winter coat with it (similar to this one), but it'd be so cute with a little jacket like this one, too. If you invited us to a holiday party, expect to see me in this dress!

2) You guys really liked the Men's Gift Guide I did last week, and asked if I had favorites for Ladies. This post had several things I love, but I rounded up a few more affordable options for you. I would be thrilled to find any of these things under my tree, and I'm sure your friends, neighbors, teachers, party hostesses and mom would agree!

gift guide

3) Most of us are in gift-buying-and-giving mode, not decorate-the-house mode, but I couldn't let you overlook the West Elm rug sale. Right now they are 30% off!! That's a big deal, and hardly ever happens. So if you've had your eye on one, gift yourself now! That's how I ended up with this rug in our Breakfast Room!

Detailed View

4) I'm having waaaaay too much fun with Faith, our Elf on the Shelf. She has been busy this week, and pretty clever, if I do say so! Here's a sampling of her hijinks this week, but follow me on InstaGram to catch them all.

Hi Sugarplum | Elf on a Shelf
Eggcellent message from Santa
Determined to win the Christmas Derby
Hide-and-Seek in the balls
Elfin Snow Globe

So many of you are using #HiSugarplumElfFun to tag your Elf-antics, and I love looking at them each night for ideas. Here are a few of my favorites this week.

Elf in a Shelf
Melted a snowman

Elf in a Shelf
Shaving Elf fuzz

Elf in a Shelf
Roasting marshmallows

Elf in a Shelf
Joyrides with Barbie

5) And finally, I wanted to remind you guys of the best and easiest Pay It Forward you can do all season...and it doesn't cost a dime! For every new 'Like' on their Facebook page, New Leaf Energy will PLANT A TREE!! All you have to do is click this link, and you've helped the environment! Don't be an Environment Scrooge...plant a tree from the comfort of your laptop! Feels good, right?!

new leaf

Tell me what's up with you this Friday! Do you agree that dress might be the cutest thing ever? Did you plant a tree? Happy weekend, lovebugs...I hope it's full of happy and jolly!


  1. Girl! You look FABULOUS in that dress! I love it!!

  2. I have an obesession and love for stripes too! That dress is adorable!! Ohh, and I've been debating on that West Elm rug you have for a while now for my living room....hmmm I really need to think about it seriously now with that sale.

  3. You in that dress is the cutest thing ever! Oh and now that your elf has turned into a little perv, just wondering if you have see the naughty elf round-ups. So wrong yet funny.

  4. loveeee that night shirt AND dress! express has got some good stuff lately. xo jillian

  5. That dress!! Oh my lanta it is perfect!

  6. THAT DRESS WAS MADE FOR YOU!!!!!!! If they had it in 10 other colors, I would suggest you get all 10.

  7. It certain - stripes make the world a better place. As does a West Elm rug on sale!

  8. I'm in love with that tray! And those elf antics are so cute! My son is only 1 and I hope the elf is just as popular when he's old enough to get into it!

  9. Love that dress! Amazing and the absolute perfect party dress!


  10. Haven Maven Christmas Round Up

    Cassie, Hello!

    We hope you all are doing well. We enjoyed meeting you at the Haven Conference 2013 in Atlanta.

    We have an exciting and fun idea we would love you to participate in with us here at Brick Anew. Send us a photo of your Christmas Tree, fireplace, and web address and we are going to have a Christmas Haven Maven FEATURE on our website. We will directly link back to each one of your websites.

    Call this the “A Merry Haven Christmas” Come one, come all, send us your photo’s today before the big man with the long white beard comes to town! This will be a lot of fun and we will enjoy seeing all your beautiful creations.

    The Brick Anew Team (Tanya, Sam and Wendy)


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