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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Friday Five

It's the most...wonderful day...of the week!! I have no idea why I've got Christmas melodies on the brain...but now you do, too. Ha! I think I'm just giddy it's Friday. Here's what else is running through my head.

1) With Fall finally coming to town, I'm on the hunt for the perfect boot. So when the adorable Freckles Chick posted this pic to her IG account this week (please tell me you follow her @freckleschic4???), I immediately needed to know details on her boots! Turns out they're these, and they are under $100! Sheaffer swears by these and you know she's never let us down, so I might need to try them. And my aunt texted me a pic of these from Target yesterday....they have real potential! (True to Target's form, they look way better in person than in their lame-o website pics.) Have you found the perfect Fall boot yet?!

2) I feel like my status as a part-time "fashion" blogger would be revoked if I didn't tell you about some great Columbus Day sales going on this weekend. (Yeah, I couldn't say fashion blogger without laughing, either.) 
  • J.Crew Factory has 50% off everything. EVERY. THING.
  • Hop over to J.Crew for an extra 40% off all sale items. That means this cute striped dress is only $18!
  • Gap has 30% off your total order, so you can add a denim jacket to your wardrobe for $45. I've had my Gap denim jacket (worn here) for 12 years....kid you not.
  • ShopBop updated their Sales, and they are up to 70% off! Dang. Even this transport tote is on sale. 
  • C.Wonder is having their mack-daddy 50% all sale items. Come to mama, $4 salad set!
  • RugsUSA is offering 65% off a huge selection of rugs.
Hi Sugarplum | J.Crew Factory Sale Favorites

3) My friend Carmel is the new home editor at The Chic Site (she's kind of a big deal), and one of her first orders of business was starting a cool new interview series. For some reason she chose me as the first subject, and she got all Barbara Walters on me. Head over to The Chic Site to read what drives my DIY, where I draw inspiration, and my attempt at defining my style.

4) I get asked a lot about mood I create them, will I create them for others, what program do I use to create them. You get the idea. The answer has always been no, no, and I don't. I'm not a designer, I just know what I like for my own home. And frankly, creating mood boards always seemed horribly intimidating. Until now. know them from all those great outfit has a Home tab. And it's loaded with 1,000s of items, all just waiting for you to work your magic. And the kicker is, it's insanely simple to use. I whipped up this fun bedroom in 5 minutes. No joke. I'm super psyched to be part of their Project Decorate team....more on that later!

Glam & Cozy Bedroom

5) A big phat WELCOME to our new sponsor, online stationary boutique, Rutherford Papers! They have invitations and gifts for a variety of occasions including weddings, bridal/baby showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, sip and see parties, as well as, birth announcements, thank you notes, personalized stationery, holiday cards, moving announcements, bag tags, custom rubber stamps, and much more! Basically, if you're celebrating something, and you want it to be cute, they are your hook-up! 

And notice how I said OUR new sponsor....because without sponsors, we'd have no project fund! So thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep things flowing around here!

Hi Sugarplum | Rutherford Papers ad

We plan to get our spook on this weekend, and Halloweenie the house. What are you up to? Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Pssst...the winner of the $100 Amazon gift card was announced here. Was it you??? And there's only a few days left for the HomeGoods gift card make sure you've entered!


  1. Thank you part-time fashion blogger! Now I am SUCKED into the J Crew factory site. Love today's post- filled with so many great tips. Off to Polyvore next! What's that you say?? I am supposed to be working?? Hmm....

  2. Love the boots. My oldest bought a pair of booties similar to the lace up ones, but at Target. They are really cute and very comfy. Thinking on getting a pair myself.

  3. Thanks fort the tip on rugs USA. I've been meaning to buy a rug and I'm glad I waited since now it's on sale!

  4. I just saw those Toms booties yesterday on someone.... so adorable... I'm becoming obsessed with them....

  5. Aww thanks for the link love, hot stuff!!!! Besides a mimosa, it was the best way to start my Friday! I tried on the TOMS booties & they're SUPER cute & comfy (Scheaffer knows where it's at). I teeter at any hint of a heel so I went with flats instead, but totally getting those TOMS when I grow up!

    Can't wait to read all about Carmel grilling you.


  6. I got all Barbara Walters - hahahaha! Love it! Freckles makes everything look cute - seriously!
    Have a great weekend girlie!

  7. Those Target booties are great! I bought the taupe and loved them so much, I got the black ones too!

  8. I'm loving a bunch of Target's boots and booties lately! If only this government shut down would end so my husband can get paid and I can buy them!

  9. How do I find those boots?! Love love. I need those in my wardrobe badly!!


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