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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Friday Five

It's practically the weekend, and I'm totally let's jump right in to The Friday Five...

1) Ever since we painted the Dining Room pink (oh yes we did, see it here), the drapes in the Breakfast Room are no longer jiving with me. You can see them from the Dining Room, and the dark pink of the drapes clashes with the pink walls. And honestly, it's a little too much pink. (Wha?! Who said that!?)

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Makeover

West Elm to the rescue with 30% off all curtain panels and hardware....these pretty ladies are on the way to me. I'll be sure to show you once I've got them up. (Pssst...rugs and bedding are 30% off, too!)

Cotton Canvas Zigzag Curtain – Feather Gray

2) Several of you sweet people complimented my legs in the {Outfit Inspiration} post yesterday. First of all, thank you! But I must confess, it's totally an optical illusion. The magic is in the wedges. I picked them up at the beginning of the Summer, and have worn them constantly. And every single time, someone compliments my shoes and legs. The neutral color and wedge heel lengthen (and thin!) the leg, and they are actually quite comfortable. So I'd say they were a good investment...especially since they're affordable.

DV by Dolce Vita 'Jonee' Sandal (Nordstrom Exclusive)

3) But if you've already moved on to Boot Season, these are my all-time favorites. My Fall uniform is skinny jeans, tee, colorful scarf, and these boots. Easy, comfy and totally pulled together! I've had my pair for 2 years and they are still going strong. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to sandals, but I've learned the hard way it pays to spend a little more for good boots.

Steven by Steve Madden 'Intyce' Boot

4) The sweet Amanda of Serenity Now asked me to share my favorite Summer Projects....two months ago! And I'm such a jerk blonde chump, that I forgot to tell you guys!! So please help me right my wrong, and hop over to say 'Hi' to Amanda. And scope out my fun projects, too.

Serenity Now

5) I bit ole WELCOME to my returning sponsor, Design Your Dwelling! The talented Beth creates affordable Mood Boards, and my favorite...$25 Quick Fixes for when you need help with small things like finding art for a blank wall, or choosing a color for a piece of furniture. And you lucky ducks get to take 20% off any services with code SUGARPLUM. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep the projects flowing around here!

design your dwelling ad

So what's your secret weapon for making your legs look long and lean? Do you have a favorite Fall boot? Happy weekend, lovebugs!


  1. Love your picks today! Can't wait to see those curtains up!

  2. Love those drapes!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Those drapes are going to be KILLER in there! I have basset hound legs, I should give those wedges a go :D

  4. Love those curtains! I just picked up a striped pair from West Elm today!

  5. Excited to see those drapes in action! Can't wait for an update!

  6. luv those boots! do the calves have room to adjust? I have huge calves and cant find tall boots to fit. i'm hoping so the buckle looks adjustable. luv em all

  7. omgosh I just saw the red/pink paint (so glad u did that link back I somehow missed it) I luv luv luv it! please tell me you kept it as is!! its absolutely gorg!

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Sarah!! Well, they certainly aren't my usual $20 Target sandals, but considering they'll last at least 3 seasons, and I'll wear them 100s of times because the real leather makes them more comfy, they end up being a pretty good deal! :) The Target sandals barely make it through a Summer before I have to toss them!

  9. I love your pink drapes! I know there is not voting going on but I'm voting anyway:Keep! xoxo

  10. I really, really love those wedges! They are going on my "must-buy" in 2014 list! And I can't wait to see the curtains!

  11. Love your picks! Here's our Friday Five picks for the month of September:


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