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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Friday Five

Hey,'s Friday! I made it to Atlanta, and am having a great time, especially with my roomies Courtney and Carmel. We're missing Megan though...sadly she was needed at home. Today we give the first of two classes on Social Media, and I'm trying to play it cool, but I am tripping a little. Is it too early for a cocktail?!

Here's what's on my radar for today's Friday Five....

1) Have you seen the Poppin website?! It's got to be the happiest place on the internet. They recently sent me a bright blue notepad and yellow pens, and I'm already looking for more products to brighten up my work day! 

Hi Sugarplum | Poppin Office Supplies

They've combined my obsession with office supplies and bright colors, and will make your desk the cheeriest spot in the house.

Hi Sugarplum | Poppin Office Supplies

2) When it came time to pack for Haven, I knew I'd stick with my uniform of bright dresses with equally bright necklaces. I'm pretty smitten with these three from Old Navy...and all under $30! Use code ONBIG20 for 20% off your woman's purchase.

Hi Sugarplum | Old Navy summer dresses

3) And I'd be a bad blogger-friend if I didn't remind you that this is the final weekend for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I've shown you my picks, and what I about you?! Have you hit the sale up yet?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on now. Prices go up August 5.

4) Remember the monogrammed pillow I went so crazy over? Well PB Teen has some new ones to drool on. I mean, drool over.

Abby Monogram Pillow Cover

5) A big, giant WELCOME to my newest sponsor, Olive Leaf Stencils! I'm thrilled to have them, and hope to try my hand at one of their amazing stencils soon. I'm partial to the Modern Prints, but really do love them all. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors...they are what keep the projects flowing!


Don't forget to follow all the Haven fun on InstaGram and Facebook. Happy weekend, lovebugs!


  1. Poppin is so much fun, and I love those ON dresses. I hope you have a happy Friday!

  2. Those Pottery Barn pillows make me want to have another kid.

  3. Loving all the bright fun colors. Hope you are having a fantastic time. The weather is perfect!

  4. Love those Old Navy dresses! So cute! Hope you're having a blast at Haven!

  5. Why Cassie? Why? I have way too much to do today to get sucked into looking at fun office supplies! I am heading to their site now and I know I'll stay there a loooong time. I just adore office accessories!


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