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Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Top Ten} April

It feels like I was absent from blogging for most of April, but when I looked back, I realized we were busy-bees around the house before our trip! In case you passed out along the way (surely this joke will get old sooner or later?), here's a recap of April's hot projects.

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} April

Color exploded in the pan for this Rainbow Swirl Cake.
Our family's Command Center got an update thanks to Martha.
Being the Southern Belle I am, I had to have some dramatics at the start of our trip.

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} April

Our Patio is bright, cheery, and ready for Summer.
A fun new series had some favorite bloggers answering 20 Questions...this is Barbara Walters level interviewing!

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} April

It was a year-long project, but the Dining Room finally has fabulous New Drapes.
I shared the first leg of our Italian adventure...magical Venice.

Hi Sugarplum | {Top Ten} April

Thanks to Command's new products, my aunt has a snazzy new Organized Dog Station.
I'm still pairing Stripes & Florals, and loving it. 
Babygirl celebrated 7 years...with another Rainbow Art Party.

What was your favorite project this month? Lots more planned for May, so ya'll come back now, ya'hear?!

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  1. That art party is definitely my favorite for this month! It looks so awesome!

  2. love all of your projects. your patio looks so fun and summery - i can't wait to fancy ours up for the summer too!

  3. Please please tell me about Florence! We are in rome now and heading to Florence tomorrow. Would love some great travel tips...especially where to eat!

    Becky :)

    1. Becky!! I;m so jealous you're on the way to Florence! It's a little hectic around the train station, so don't let that throw you. Here's my tips:

      1. Trattoria ZaZa and Caffe Italiano were great.
      2. Venchi and Vivoli were amazing gelatos.
      3. Wander the Ponte Vechio at dusk, as the sun sets.
      4. You can walk to the top of the Duomo or Bell Tower.
      5. Piazza Michelangelo on the other side of the river, great view of the city. Little cafe a good spot for a drink at sunset.
      6. A hidden gem: Renascente Department store has a rooftop cafe, in the shadow of the Duomo. Great view!
      7. We had lunch at a really busy stall in the Mercado and it was great.

      Have fun!!

  4. Hi Cassie! We had great time in Florence and covered 1-4! More restaurants than time! I was thinking it would have been fun if we were in Florence at the same time! Then we could have met and I could have said thank you in person. It was so sweet of you to reply. Our trip continues to Switzerland and Paris, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your thoughtfulness!

    Becky :)


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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