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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Friday Five

Hi friends, and Happy Friday! We've got a crazy weekend full of sports, birthday parties and an egg hunt, but hopefully I can squeeze in a little project time. And Mexican food the laundry.

1) I'm not sure when I'll be able to show you the full reveal of the Home Depot Patio Challenge, but my deadline to complete it is next I'd better get busy! Here's a little sneaky peeky of the space with the fab set they sent me! Thanks to my son, we got it assembled pretty quickly. You've seen the rug and dry-erase serving tray, but I've got one more project planned before putting it all together.

patio sneak peek

2) I had a great idea for an Easter tablescape centerpiece, involving a bowl of thick, green grass. But 10 days after planting the 'guaranteed to grow anywhere fast' grass, this is what we're looking at. It's a good thing my sister-in-law just decided to host Easter brunch this year.

potential easter centerpiece

3) And speaking of Easter, I intended to make MerMag's adorable Easter Bunny Pouch as a treat for my kid's teachers. But Babygirl's birthday happens to fall on Easter Sunday this year, so we've been busy with party planning instead. But can you stand this bunny cuteness? Maybe I'll find a way to whip out one or two.


4) The cute and sassy Caycee posted this stripey goodness on her InstaGram last week, and I knew it had to be mine. Thank goodness for smartphones, because I ordered it from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I can never resist stripes, so this skirt and dress are on the way, too. And I've got my eye on this one from Old Navy (use ONSAVE25 for 25% off your total order thru Sunday!).

I pretty much want everything in this Destination: Vacation round up from Forever 21! Someone cut me off!


5) Did you see the Living Room Emily Henderson just designed, and revealed on her blog? I, of course, loved every detail of the colorful and quirky room...but then felt elated when I realized I have similar elements in my Living Room (still unfinished, fyi).

teal sofa, yellow lamp, bri emery's house

I'm not a designer and have zero training...I just put things together that I like and make me happy, and hope for the best. It's reassuring to see a legit designer, who's work I adore, use similar elements and pairings. Seeing this fabulous room, with the blue sofa and striped throw, brass cuffs on table legs, gold tables, oversized Fiddle Leaf, and funky upholstery, lets me know I'm on the right track. I suppose you could call it validation. But really, it's just confidence to keep going and create what I love.

designlovefest living room

Oh, and the random winner of the Monogrammed Clutch was announced here. I hope it was you! What's on your Friday Five today? Are you busy not growing grass and not making Easter treats? Happy weekend, lovebugs!


  1. love it all, but especially my girl Caycee and her adorable self in that dress!

  2. Looks like your baby girl and my hubby share the same birthday!

  3. The patio is looking awesome!


  4. i can't open any of the links from the things you bought! wish i could because i love that striped dress (but the old navy links work for some reason?)!

  5. love your striped dress and can't wait to see the patio when you're done!

  6. Busy weekend for sure! Can't wait to see the patio reveal! And Caycee couldn't be cuter in that dress. Off to check it out this weekend. Fun round up!

  7. You should check out the jersey striped from from ON as well. I have it in a solid and its the most comfortable, twirliest dress you've ever seen. And only $15!!

  8. Ooh your patio project is looking great! I can't wait to see the big reveal! Have a great weekend, Miss Cassie!

    ~Abby =)

  9. Try planting wheat germ grass. I get the wheat germ from the bulk bins at the natural food store. Soak them overnight, sprinkle on damp soil, and cover container w/ plastic wrap until they sprout. Usually only takes a few days to have lush grass!

  10. I usually kill any plan I touch! I am crossing my fingers this year!

  11. Wheres the kiss button? Cause I like to give you a big one!!! Thanks girl ;). Plus can not wait to see the patio...I know its going to be amazing!!!

  12. Thanks for the clothes ideas cause I totally got that dress this morning! Is it short? That's always my fear with F21 stuff.

    Can't wait for the patio reveal!

  13. I loved that dress that Caycee showed and I ordered it too! I swear we might all end up at the same place at the same time in the same outfit, haha...wouldn't that be a fashionista's nightmare come true? LOL. I also ordered a super-sweet fitted Green Bay Packers sweater while I was on their site, can't believe they randomly had husband will appreciate that fashion statement for sure. Oh, and loved the b&w striped dress you linked to, I actually posted the other day some outfits with my b&w striped maxi skirt!

  14. Cant wait to see your patio reveal! I am so ready for spring and itching to see the colorful space. Don't worry about not growing grass... We currently have a dirt yard because our seed never took last fall.

  15. aku suka itu semua, but especially my girl Caycee and her adorable self in that dress! Desain Rumah , Denah Rumah Minimalis

  16. I can't wait to see your finished patio! I'm sure it's going to look amazing!

    And that dress is absolutely adorable! I want one!

  17. I love that dress!!! I've never ordered anything from F21 before. What size did you order?


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