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Monday, December 31, 2012

{Organizing} Holiday Decor

Hello, hello -- and happy New Year's Eve, my friends! What big plans do you have tonight? We'll be ordering take-out, followed by a smorgasbord of chocolate's amazing how many things you can dip in melted chocolate. But before the ball drops, I hope to have the last of our Christmas decorations packed-away.

Organizing Holiday Decor

I was talking to my mom while removing ornaments from the tree, and she said, "Well I hope you're taking pictures of how you organize it, I'd love to see it on the blog!" So for you mom, and anyone else interested in how I organize my holiday decor....

For years, I stored everything in random cardboard boxes, that moved with us from house to house, so you know what kind of shape those were in! I finally sucked it up, and started buying a few plastic storage tubs every changing, I tell you! This year I splurged the extra few dollars, and bought the tubs that come with dividers....perfect for loose ornaments, candle toppers, ribbon and other small decor.

Organizing Holiday Decor

I put the discarded toy boxes to good use, and wrapped garlands and beads around pieces of cardboard.

Organizing Holiday Decor

The cardboard dividers are easily customized to fit all your different sized items.

Organizing Holiday Decor

God's gift to organizing...the Ziploc perfect for grouping collections of similar decor.

Organizing Holiday Decor

They tuck easily in little nooks of the tubs.

Organizing Holiday Decor

I accidentally hit up Target's after-Christmas sale....looks like next year will be jewel tones again!

Organizing Holiday Decor

Whenever possible, I place everything back in it's original package, for the most compact storage.

Organizing Holiday Decor

I use the stockings as padding to protect the nativity scenes, and more fragile items like my DIY Sequin Trees.

Organizing Holiday Decor

All the greenery is stored together, and the snap lid keeps it from getting dust and critters. That makes it much nicer to unpack the next year!

Organizing Holiday Decor

And finally, I found these spools for $2 at Target....keeping the lights wrapped neatly should prevent the tangled mess next year! I'd show you more, but Mr. Sugarplum is in charge of taking down the lights and disassembling the it's liable to still be up for Valentine's Day.

Organizing Holiday Decor

All that remains is labeling these gorgeous plastic tubs! The other plus side is how much easier it is to haul these up the attic pull-down stairs (or so Mr. Sugarplum tells me, you think I'm climbing that death-trap?!)....not to mention, they take up less room than a collection of mis-matched boxes.

Organizing Holiday Decor
Um, this isn't quite all of it.
Our tree, if it ever comes down, (and remember it's propped up on paint cans!), is kept in an over-sized plastic tub also. So what storage tips do you have? Have you taken down all your holiday decor? Are you dragging it out like my husband?! He thinks I'm cuckoo, but I prefer to start the New Year clean. Have a wonderful and safe night, lovebugs!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Best of 2012 ~ Before & Afters

Hello, hello! Back for another fun round-up today. This time, it's the 10 most popular Before and After projects from 2012. Here they are in chronological order, click the links for the full post!





   Pool Bathroom 

pool bath before


chair before 2

chair after

after 7

3-27-12 044

3-27-12 062

may2 062




Gallery Wall

Sheepskin Piano Bench

Sheepskin Piano Bench

mudroom progress


Whew! No wonder I'm enjoying this break so much! But I'm so excited for all the projects we have planned for next year, and can't wait to share them with you. Until then, check out the Project Gallery, House Tour and Popular Projects pages for more happenings around here. Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, From My Family to Yours

I don't know if I'm more excited for Christmas, and seeing my kid's faces when they discover Santa's goodies, or for the extended holiday break! Having the kids home from school, free of all scheduled activities, and me off work, is my very favorite part of the year. I am so blessed to have this flexibility, and treasure every second of it.

If I could, I'd send each one of you a Christmas card, thanking you for your support, friendship and clever comments....but have you seen the price of stamps lately?!?! Here's the next best thing...

2012 christmas card

2012 christmas card

I plan to soak in every moment with these precious people, and I hope your holiday is full of love, merriment and magic! Merry Christmas, lovebugs!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cute Gift Card Packaging

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When Dollar General Gift Center challenged me to create cute gift packages using only supplies from their store, I was a little uncertain. I'm no stranger to the dollar store, but had never actually been to a Dollar General. Gift cards are fun to have, but not that exciting to my goal was to find fun ways to package the ones I give my nephews.

So armed with their $10 gift card, I raided my local Dollar General Gift Center store. I was surprised at the huge assortment of products, and had no trouble rounding up cute gift wrapping materials in their large Christmas aisle.

For only $10, I came home with:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Round-Up of Free Gift Tag Printables

Well friends, we're at the end of the week, and Christmas is a few short days away. If you're like me, you're doing some frantic last-minute running around, baking and gift-wrapping. To help you with the wrapping, I've rounded up a Santa-sized collection of free gift tag printables. Even though we made our own Felt Gift Tags this year, I like to keep a few of these on-hand for last minute gifts, and the little treats for neighbors and party hostesses.

holiday gift tag printables

{Brightside Prints}

{Love vs. Design}

{Sass & Peril}

{Nest of Posies}

{Design Sponge}

{Miss Pickles Press}

{Eat, Drink, Chic}

{Hey Susy}

{I Still Love You}

{The Black Apple}

FREE printable gift tags
{Blush Printables}

{Kristen Magee}

{Martha Stewart}

{Kelly Ashworth Designs}

{The Caroline Johansson}

Happy weekend, lovebugs!


 And a big Welcome to my newest sponsor, Charles Emerson Designs!
You won't believe how cute her collection is....and it's affordable!
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