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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

(Outfit Inspiration} Kelly Green & Leopard

Happy Halloween, friends! After a month of posting Halloween projects and decor, you'd think today's {Outfit Inspiration} would have some connection to the holiday. But nope, that would make too much sense. Instead I whipped out my favorite color lately....kelly green, and paired it with my favorite accent...leopard! I also threw in a pop of red for good measure.

Shocker alert...I'm not wearing an a-line skirt!

green & leopard

Since Texas is having a temperamental Fall, my jean jacket (circa 1990s, for reals) has become a go-to outfit addition. But I think most every outfit benefits from a fitted denim jacket.

green & leopard

Many of you ask who takes these used to be my sweet friend at work, but after she changed jobs, my 11-year-old son took over. Sometimes I have to bribe him, other times he's way into it and totally cracks me up. I usually get six frames from him before he heads back inside....thus why some of the pics aren't so great!

green & leopard

I finally jumped on the bubble necklace bandwagon, after finding this one for $16 (thanks for the tip Sheaffer!)!! I jingle like a reindeer when I walk, but it's totally worth it. No one said cute comes easy.

 green & leopard

What do you think....a scary trick, or a definite treat? Bring on the sugar coma tonight! I hope everyone has a fun and safe evening, and many thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering from Sandy's wrath that bitch!

{Outfit Details: Top: J.Crew Factory | Jean Jacket: old Gap (similar & similar)  | Bubble Necklace: Etsy | Pants: J.Crew Factory | Red Peep-Toes: Tahari (similar & similar) | Watch: Nordstrom BP | Bracelet: Forever 21 | Patent Belt: Banana Republic}

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{Dining Room} Ring It In

Several room makeovers are in progress over here, but the biggest changes lately have come in the Family Room/Den. Last you saw it, we filled the large wall over the new sectional with photos from our travels.

 Gallery Wall

Which meant the knot mirror needed to be relocated. This certainly isn't the first time this mirror has gotten the boot...after snatching her up for a cra-zee deal, she lived over the Living Room mantel.

Wowza, this was before painting the brick and enclosing the pass-thru!

But she was too bold and graphic for the space, so she moved to the Family Room. But once the sectional came home, she just didn't fill the space the way we wanted there either.

hi sugarplum den (5)

At this point, we were running out of walls to try! Since we stole six of the travel photos from this corner of the Dining Room....

Ring Pulls

The next likely spot was over the hutch, where it was a black and gold match made in Heaven! The Dining Room has tall ceilings and big furniture, so this mirror holds it's own without being overly dominant. It also makes this corner a real focal point....which meant it was time to finally do something about the hutch.

Ring Pulls

It's well over 100 years old, and has passed through several generations of our family, so I definitely wanted to keep it. And although I'm not afraid to paint "fancypants heirloom pieces," I just didn't think it would benefit from it. You can see I'd tried out different looks by placing bright paper behind the glass, and experimenting with blue glass knobs. Neither was working for me. But the existing knobs weren't contributing to the overall beauty of the hutch.

Ring Pulls

Once we pried each of them off, we realized any replacements would need some sort of base plate to cover the mark left behind.

Ring Pulls

Ring pulls from Horton Brasses to the rescue!! The base plate covers the hole, and the antique finish jives with the time period, while still updating the piece. 

Ring Pulls

I can't get over how such a small change has completely transformed the hutch! Removing the paper and organizing the cabinet really helped too. I just love how the pulls look with the DIY Metallic Lampshades!

Ring Pulls

There's no question this spot, with those lamps, is where the knot mirror belongs. I'd say forever home, but let's not get carried away.

Ring Pulls

Look at the difference, would ya?!

ring pulls

Ring Pulls

I'm absolutely crazy about this corner...and can't wait to see it once the new wall color and drapes go up next year.

Ring Pulls

I'll save your scrolling finger and leave you with a final Before & After.

Ring Pulls

Dining Room List
New Drapes
New Wall Color
Brighter Rug
What to do with the Piano?
Repair Piano Leg
Piano Bench Makeover
Replace Lampshade on Piano
Wall Art?

And another one bites the dust!! Have you made any small changes for a big impact? Do you think the knot mirror has finally found her home?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Crossing the Virtual Friendship Line

Ahhhh, Monday....never my favorite day, but especially not this Monday, since it signals the end of a glorious weekend. It was packed with family fun and projects...but what made it so special was the time spent with new friends. I am so grateful that this blog has brought these girls to my life!

court & megan
Me, Courtney & Megan
Megan and I have seen each other several times since meeting through our blogs, but this was our first time meeting Courtney in person. I am so thrilled to no longer refer to her as 'my blog friend Courtney from California.' Now she's just, my friend Courtney! (You bloggers know what I mean...when you talk to someone in your 'real life' about a blog always have to preface. And even then the person looks at you funny.) Even our husbands hit it off and became fast friends!

One of the best parts was having them over to our house...watching them see it in person was funny. I guess pictures don't really show the whole package.

court & megan
Why yes I'm wearing the same outfit as my profile pic!

We also met a few blog readers while out-and-about the city (a first for me)! Even though my face turned beet-red and I clammed up like a Lohan in court, I loved meeting them, and was so glad they said 'Hi.' Thank goodness I wasn't picking my nose at the time (or was I?!)!

We had such a great weekend, and I'm already looking forward to next time...and hopefully meeting more of my online friends! Who wants to plan one big blogger party?! Have you met any of your blog friends in person? I've got tons I'd love to run in to!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Friday Five

Hey friends, and happy Friday!!! I'm moving a little slower today after a night out with Megan and Courtney. We had the best time eating, drinking, laughing and talking a'd never know that this was our first time meeting Courtney in person! Of all the blessings to come from blogging, making new friends has been the biggest, and most surprising. You really do get to know people through their posts, and meeting them in person feels so natural. I'm not going to lie though, I was a little sweaty driving over!

megan and courtney
Megan, Courtney & me

The three of us are heading out again today...there will be more laughing, talking, eating...and shopping! Here's the Friday Five of what's on my radar.

Anthropologie is a little rich for my cheap blood, but they make up for it with stellar sales. I've been stalking this tulle skirt and funky rug online for months....fingers crossed I can check them out in-store today.

Lawn Party Skirt, $30

Adiabatic Rug, $229

I bought these boots in brown several years ago, and love, love, love them. I think this year I need to add a black pair. They are perfect for my Fall uniform of skinnies, cardigan and a scarf.

Steve Madden Intyce Boots, $129

My Pinterest board, Now Wear This, has been seeing a lot of action lately. So many of the seriously cute Fall outfits contain a camel sweater, so I just picked this one up from Target. It's the perfect weight and length, so I may need to go back for more colors!
Merona Ultimate Cardigan, $20

And finally, the new West Elm Market is open, and I can't wait to check out the full collection....especially these wire baskets. I can think of about 100 ways to use them!

Wire Baskets, $29

The girls want to come House Crash I'm off to shove things in closets and under beds! There's sure to be some InstaGram posting, so follow along if you want (@cassiesugarplum, @honeywerehome, @athoughtfulplace) Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

{Halloween DIY} Bug Plates & Snake Nests

Hey friends...and happy almost Friday! Yesterday I showed you our Halloween table....and today I'm back to give you the details on the easy projects that made this table extra special. 

Glitter Bug Plates


Glass plates (mine are from the Dollar Store, and surprisingly nice and heavy!)
Bug stencils, sized for your plates (I used these)
Glitter (I like Martha's because it's fine. Not Ryan Gosling fine, but fine like sand.)
Craft glue with a small tip.

Glitter Bug Plates

After washing your plates, position the stencil on the front of the plate, with the graphic facing down, and tape in place.

Glitter Bug Plates
Trace the outline of your stencil on the bottom of the plate with craft glue. I used Martha's glittering glue, but the only difference between it and Elmer's, is the extra small opening.

Glitter Bug Plates

Cover the glue completely with glitter....I put the plate in an old cookie sheet for easier clean-up.

Glitter Bug Plates

Once the glue is dry, shake off the excess and run the plate under a slow stream of water to remove all the stray glitter. (Yep, just like my nails!) I set mine on black placemats so the bugs would really pop. We've used them several times, and hand-washing only removes a little of the glitter.

Glitter Bug Plates

The snake nest place cards were even easier, and just as cheap!


Small circle forms (these are from Target Dollar Spot)
Floral moss (Dollar Store)
Plastic snakes (Dollar Store)

Snake Nest placecards

Just fill the little form with moss and shape into a nest. After spraying the snakes, I gave the nest a light dusting of black, too, and added a little card for the name.

Snake Nest placecards

Easy ways to customize your settings, without buying a bunch of themed tableware.

Halloween Table

Want to come over for dinner?! If you're having a party, here are some fun Halloween foods to serve. I'm so excited to finally meet Courtney in person tonight! Megan is even cool is that?! The three of us, and our husbands, are meeting for dinner...chances are, there won't be any bug plates...but there will be lots of fun! My presence on the blog tomorrow is questionable. I'll report back.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{Halloween} Creepy Black & White Table

The costume debate finally ended in our house, and Catwoman and an Alien will be hitting the streets for candy next week. The porch and mantel are decorated, and the teacher treat bags all that remained was to wait for Halloween.

Until my last Target run, where I found the cutest black and white striped tapers....and all of a sudden, we neeeeeded a Halloween table!

Halloween Table

Like the rest of the decorations, I stuck to a black and white color scheme, and raided my house for supplies.

Halloween Table

I used the spooky holiday as an excuse to leave the silver tarnished. The pumpkin centerpiece is from last year's Tricked Out Pumpkins...the bird and mini skull heads from the Dollar Store. I was going to glitter the pillar candles, but opted to wrap them in glittered scrapbook paper so the look would be temporary.

Halloween Table

The snake nest place cards are a little DIY I'll show you tomorrow.

Halloween Table

As are the glittered bug plates!

Halloween Table

Halloween Table

Halloween Table

Halloween Table

Mr. Sugarplum panicked when he saw the table, thinking he'd forgotten a dinner party. I played it off as a surprise for the kids....which is partially true since they love having breakfast here! (Never reveal the full scale of crazy!)

Halloween Table

It's a fun and graphic table, with just the right touch of creepy and spooky for us. Have you seen my pal Courtney's Halloween table? He's the king of tablescapes! Are you ever possessed inspired by impulse purchases?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{DIY} Glittered Nails for Fall

You guys are the best...thank you for sharing in the excitement of our possible House Crashers! It felt great to knock out a bunch of projects over the weekend, but my jazzy manicure paid the price. It's a fun look for Halloween, and fortunately, I took pictures last week!

Glittered Nails

First of all, when did my hands morph into my mom's?! And secondly, have you ever tried to take a picture of your own hand, without it looking like a claw?! I think the camera really does add 10 pounds.

It's hard for me to pay for manicures when it gets wrecked every weekend, so I almost always do it myself....hence the jacked imperfections. But here are the details for my Halloween hands...paint your nails as usual, with a base coat and two coats of color. Let them dry completely, then paint only the nails you want glittered, and cover them with a generous amount of sparkle. Once that's dry, just run your hand under water to rinse off the excess glitter, and finish with a top coat.

Glittered Nails

The top coat makes the glittered nail smooth to the touch. And the funny thing is, my weekend of sanding and painting completely ruined every nail except my glittered ones! Sure you can find glittered polish, but every good DIYer has glitter laying around already! Do you like to play with your manicures? Have your hands recently started looking just like your mothers?!

{Details: First coat, Sally Hanson Thinking of Blue | Second coat, OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyranees | Glitter: Martha Stewart Fine Glitter Hematite}

Monday, October 22, 2012

Big News = Busy Weekend

Hi friends, and happy Monday (said no one ever). Although, my kids are on a mini Fall Break, so I'm off work today...which drastically improves the outlook of my Monday. We're heading out for a family day, but I hope to scope the Nate Berkus for Target collection first (if there's anything left!). I'm looking forward to a relaxing day, after our crazy weekend full of projects.

So you know when you're having house guests and you run around like a crazy person getting things ready? I mean, it's okay to have broken blinds, half-painted chairs, and your piano leg supported by blocks when it's just your family in the house. But when others come over, you don't want to be constantly explaining the unfinished projects.

Now what if those guests happen to be a certain Young couple, who blog about a House, they are DIYing, with lots of Love?!? This said couple is touring the country with their new book, and have asked to House Crash the Sugarplum casa while in town! Needless to say, we used this long weekend to get a few things's some sneak peeks.

Love affair with #rustoleum continues

Baby's got her blue shoes on



These are all projects I've talked about doing, so you may recognize a few. I'll show you the results in the coming weeks. There's no guarantee the House Crash will happen, since they don't know their schedule yet, but we'll be kind of ready if it does! But the weekend wasn't all trigger blisters and wrecked manicures, we had fun family time and new milestones, too.


Babygirl ditched her training wheels...this triumphant smile melts me.


And our son became an expert rock-skipper. All very important life skills.

Skipping rocks.

And as always, copious amounts of food were involved. Can you even believe this is a veggie burger?! Or, was a veggie burger, since it took me all of two minutes to toss it down.

Heaven on a bun. #veggieburger #best #houstons #gone

So how was your weekend? Did you paint 4 chairs, a bench, and a lampshade? How manic do impending house guests make you?!

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