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Friday, September 28, 2012

{Organizing} Gift Wrap

On a recent visit to The Container Store (a 'visit' means you just go to look around, not to buy), I discovered they were having a 25% off Shelving Event. Well, my inner manic couldn't let that I loaded up my cart with a discounted Door Rack System. So much for just visiting. My girl, Freckle's post, had my wheels spinning, and there was no stopping that train.

Once home, I attacked an unsuspecting closet door.

hisugarplum gift wrap station

 hi sugarplum gift wrap station

 hi sugarplum gift wrap station

hi sugarplum gift wrap station

 hi sugarplum gift wrap station

My ridiculously large gift wrap collection had been stashed all over the house, but mostly under my son's bed. Now it's neat and compact, and oh so pretty. (Download my free Important Dates printable here.)

 hi sugarplum gift wrap station

I hope you'll hop over to I Heart Organizing for my contributor post to see all the glorious details...and how I squeezed every ounce of usable space from that door. But don't blame me if it sparks your own OCD episode!

*  *  *  *  *

And as if Honey We're Home doesn't fill the blog world with enough gorgeous inspiration, now she's inspiring us to get fit and healthy! My sweet friend Megan has started a new blog, Honey We're Healthy...chock full of recipes, workout tips and motivators, and real life advice on getting and staying healthy. I can't wait to rediscover the feeling of my ass not touching the back of my thighs!

Happy weekend, lovebugs! I'll be checking out all the fabulous links in our About An Hour party! Have you linked up your quick and easy projects??

Thursday, September 27, 2012

No More Dormant Orchids & a Link Party

Thanks for the sweet birthday notes to Mr. Sugarplum yesterday! Our son set his alarm extra early and surprised him with decorations and breakfast....could you die?! Just when you're ready to trade them in, they pull a wildcard!

Today's project is super duper cheap and easy.

hi sugarplum faux orchid

Several months ago, the sweet and talented Shay Geyer sent me a gorgeous orchid. I watered it with ice cubes every week, but eventually the blooms died off. It's still green and full, but I got tired of waiting for it to bloom again.

hi sugarplum faux orchid

I decided to fudge Mother Nature until she kicked in. Two faux orchid stems (mine were $2 at Ikea), and some wire cutters are all you need.

hi sugarplum faux orchid

Cut to desired height, and insert them directly in the dirt.

hi sugarplum faux orchid

Then just gently bend the stems to follow the arch of the leaves.

hi sugarplum faux orchid

Voila! An ever-blooming orchid! I'll still water it like usual, and just remove the faux stems if when real blooms come back.

hi sugarplum faux orchid

And as long as we're faking it...remember my Elephant Air Planter? Yeah, that died. And since I'd drilled a hole in the top, I couldn't leave it bare. Enter a faux succulent from the craft store!

hi sugarplum faux orchid

Five minutes and a couple of bucks later, my coffee table is in perpetual bloom! Do you mix the faux with the real? (You can read about the blue armoire makeover here, and the real houseplants I can keep alive here.)

hi sugarplum faux orchid

Now it's your turn! We all love big room makeovers, and huge Before & Afters, but most of us are lucky to squeeze an hour of free time out of the weekend. So this party is all about projects we can tackle 'In About an Hour'...crafts, organizing, name it! Link up below, and feel free to grab my little button for your post. I'll feature some of them next week.

about an hour link button

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today we're celebrating Mr. Sugarplum's birthday! It's a momentous occasion...not only because he was born, but for the next two months, he's a whole six years older than me. That's practically a generation gap. One adult and one senior, please. But I'll go easy on his advancing age, seeing as how my birthday is around the corner...and it's kind of a big one. Why is it men get finer with age?!


Mr. Sugarplum possesses all the qualities God knew I needed in a man (including some to drive me bonkers). He's one of those people everyone likes and opens up to, he makes everything we do fun, he works at being a great husband and father, and I think it's his mission to make me laugh every day.


I shared some of his personal back story here (every comment on that post raises a donation to the Alzheimer's Association!).


Life is grand with him in it...and we are a lucky family to have him.


Happy, happy birthday, baby!
You're the heart and laughter of our lives!

Boston Cream is his favorite, so we'll either whip up these cupcakes or this eclair dessert. Yum! And don't forget tomorrow is our About An Hour party...come link up all your easy, breezy projects we can complete in an afternoon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Pinterest Project} Gold Striped Vases

{Pinterest Project} is a series where I actually make something I've pinned, usually putting my own spin on it. So far, Pinterest hasn't let me down with all the amazing ideas. Today's project originated from this pin, from Bliss Images and Beyond, and this pin, from a now defunct blog.

hi sugarplum gold striped vase

Start out with a collection of glass vessels...mine are all from the Dollar Store. I didn't even bother to clean them or take off the price tag. Nice. Thanks camera, for picking up all the details!

 hi sugarplum gold vases

Wrap the glass with rubber bands until they are taut, making sure the bands lay flat against the glass. You don't want them loosey-goosey and able to move around. The pattern and number of bands is purely up to you.

 hi sugarplum gold vases

The original pins used frosted glass spray, but I did that with my DIY Chevron Glasses, so I opted for Rustoleum Metallic Brass. Just place them upside down to keep the inside clean, and give them a few light primer necessary.

hi sugarplum gold vases
Nevermind my garage floor.
Unlike wall stripes, wait for the paint to dry completely before carefully cutting the bands and peeling them off the glass. How pretty are these...for $1 each!?

hi sugarplum gold vases

I had a twisted sister band on one vase, and those stripes didn't turn out as crisp. So unlike this pinsperation, I wouldn't recommend using string. Unless loosey-goosey stripes are what you're going for. They are perched on my Liberace-inspired Fall Mantel...and will likely make a lovely centerpiece for my Thanksgiving Table!

hi sugarplum fall mantel

Another fast, cheap and easy project...perfect for our About An Hour party this Thursday! Hope you plan to link up. Has Pinterest got you cranking out any projects lately? Do you have any pinned ideas you'd like to see executed? Send them to me and maybe I'll be your guinea pig.

***Sharing this project with Sarah and Beth!***

Monday, September 24, 2012

Liberace Called, He Wants His Mantel Back

Hey friends, and happy Monday. How was your weekend? If you follow me on Instagram (@CassieSugarplum), then you witnessed the makeover I did yesterday...on my black crack roots! My scalp is still on fire, but it feels good to be back to my natural color. *ahem*

And even though Texas is back in the 90s this week, I continued with some Fall touches around the house. It's what bloggers do.

hi sugarplum fall mantel

I mixed a vase of fresh magnolia stems with some faux leaves and sticks, for a slightly unruly arrangement. I was going for the 'just gathered this on my brisk walk''d I do?

 hi sugarplum fall mantel

The pumpkin is an old treasure from Target's Dollar Spot (also used in last year's mantel), given a bit more height by a $2 acrylic riser from Container Store. Those things come in really handy for bookcase styling, too, to keep your objects from all being on the same level. And you remember the DIY Brass that guy.

hi sugarplum fall mantel

On the other side, we have Liberace's vase collection...a DIY I'll show you tomorrow (update: the tutorial can be found here). I usually think of natural elements for Fall, but thought it'd be fun to have some warm glamour this year.

hi sugarplum fall mantel

Well, except for the DIY Pine Cone Garland...but I like a mix of glam and rustic texture.

 hi sugarplum fall mantel

 hi sugarplum fall mantel

hi sugarplum fall mantel

hi sugarplum fall mantel

The mirror was a Home Goods find that got a Liberace makeover, too. (You can read about the barrel chair makeover here.)

hi sugarplum fall mantel

I think the gold is running rampant around here...from the lamps and table, to the animals and wall mirror. Please tell me I'm not the only one!!?? Are you enjoying actual Fall yet? And don't rub it in if you're drinking pumpkin lattes while wearing boots and scarves!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Melts My Butter VIII

Hey, hey, hey -- Happy Friday! It's time for another round-up of What Really Melts My Butter (I'm Southern, it's a requirement to use Steel Magnolia references whenever possible). I pretend I'm showing these for you, but really it's my own selfish bookmarking system. This is some of the genius going around in this talented Blog Pool....

The sweet Michelle at Ten June is now a mama!! Her baby is the yummiest, and he's got the freshest nursery in town!

This project has been everywhere...and for good reason. Emily at Recently rocked the socks off some cheap plastic tables with python fabric. This is so happening in my house!

Check out this fabulous wall Dana created with molding and mirrors at Make Them Wonder. And you know I'm digging the orb chandelier!

Well-designed Kids Rooms are always favorites for me. Probably because they are usually colorful, and don't take themselves too seriously. Abby at A Delightful Design created her son's new big boy room with so much style, yet the perfect amount of fun and whimsy. I'm a huge believer in giving kids a room as chic as the rest of the house.

The secret's out on The Container Store's acrylic trays....and now Jenny at For Chic Sake helps us personalize them with her free printable inserts!

I was introduced to Pinterest Told Me To just yesterday, and I've already read every single post Sheaffer's written! She takes inspiration from Pinterest, then creates an outfit using items already in her closet. And she's really fun to read...this post had me cracking up! We'll forgive her for having skinny thighs.

My girl Courtney used my tutorial for distressing wood, and framed out her builder-basic bathroom mirror. Genius!! Check out A Thoughtful Place for how she did it, and the full Powder Room reveal!

We always talk about the power of paint. But what about the power of fabric and drapes?! Emily A Clark's new Breakfast Room is going to spark a new revolution of patterned drapes! What a seriously cheery place to start and end the day.

Jamie Meares is magic. Or a wizard. Or quite possibly a sparkly vampire. Either way, she has super powers, I'm sure of it. Every single thing she posts, I need. Immediately. She just showed us her latest 'quick, little makeover' on I Suwannee, and it's awesome. She probably did it in a weekend, too...where as I've been working on my Living Room for over a year!

That's what is Melting My Butter this Friday....what's got you swooning lately? Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Fall DIY} Pine Cone Garland

While I admit we get a little carried away decorating for Halloween and Christmas, the changes for Fall are small ones. The shells and coral are put away, in favor of rustic elements and cozy throws. One of the small touches I was eager to add, was a pine cone garland I saw on Twig & Thistle several years ago.


The only supplies you need are pine cones (those scented ones would be yummy), small cup hooks and ribbon.


First cut your ribbon in the desired length, taking into account the amount needed to adhere it to your surface. After laying the pine cones out in your preferred spacing, make a small mark on the ribbon where each will hang. Then screw a cup hook into the bottom of each pine cone. It will be resistant at first, but you can do it, put your back in to it! (Name that song.) The ones with flat bottoms are easier, and first hammering a small hole with a nail helps, too.


Punch a small hole at your marking on the ribbon, and hang the hook from it.


Boosh! A little touch of Fall. My garland is hanging out on my mantel-in-the-making. (Update: A savvy reader suggested making one using my Snowy Pine Cones this Christmas!)



This is a Sugarplum kind of, easy and super fast! You guys seem to appreciate the simple projects as well, so let's have another 'About an Hour' party! Next Thursday, September 27, come link up all your projects easily tackled in an afternoon...anything goes! There were so many fab ideas last time, I can't wait to see what you've been up to. With the weather cooling off, mama needs new indoor projects!

Need some ideas of the types of projects we're talking about? Try this one, this one, definitely this one, and you don't want to miss this one!

***Sharing this project with Sarah and Beth!***

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