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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Housekeeping

Happy Friday, my friends! Lots going on around here and in my brain, so time to purge it out in a Friday Housekeeping post. We're super excited for the weekend...which for me, will include an extra day off to celebrate my son's birthday!

party invite 2
Invite created using PicMonkey

As feared, last year's Stars & Stripes Pool Party was the last time he'd let mom create the birthday party at home. This year he opted for just friends, and at a water park. Of course I'll be there, but no way this gal is braving a waterpark on the weekend. So we're celebrating on Monday, his actual birthday. I can't even believe I'm old enough to have an 11-year-old my sweet boy is 11!

jack collage pics

My girlfriend is having a blow-out party Saturday night, and I think I'll make these fun Patriotic Pretzel Sparklers.

martha stewart
I think I'll make a Black Bean Salsa too, mostly because I want the cans! I think it'd be cute to serve the pretzels in these cuties my clever friend, Courtney, made.

a thoughtful place
I was perfectly happy with my red Front Door. That is until Abby posted her client's new green door. Granted I don't have a cottage-style house, but now I suddenly feel the need to change my door color!

a delightful design

It's been a full week since Mr. Sugarplum brought these flowers home for our anniversary, and they are still first-day fresh. Well done, sunflowers!


My friend, Emily, recently brought her twin babies home to this gorgeous nursery! I've seen it in person and these amazing pictures don't even do it justice! I can't wait to go back, but this time get some baby love.

well dressed home
And I'm so thrilled for my other friend, Emily, who's home appears in this month's issue of Better Homes & Gardens! How cool is that!? And how weird is it that this Emily also just had twins?! And how grateful am I that my mom didn't name me Emily?! It's a beautiful name, but I'm not taking any chances in the twin department!

emily a clark
So that wraps up my random happenings and musings today. What's running through your head, and what have you got planned for the weekend? Unfortunately, I won't have a party post for you on Monday, but I have a feeling I'll enjoy leaving the party mess behind for someone else to clean! Have a great one, lovebugs!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

{DIY} Sisal Bowl

After jazzing up my plain cork trivets last week, I was left with a small roll of sisal rope. I love the natural texture it brings to spaces, so decided to create something for our Master Bathroom.

may2 085

I've seen tutorials online for wrapping existing bowls, but I was just looking to use up the rest of my rope while my glue gun was still hot, so I grabbed a glass candle holder from my stash. (You can find them anywhere, including the Dollar Store.)

may2 076

I didn't want the glass base to show, so I started with the rope flush with the counter, and glued it to the base. Instead of wrapping the rope inward in a bullseye pattern (like the trivets), stack it vertically, adding glue between each layer.

may2 079

Keep the rope in one continuous strand, glueing and wrapping as you rotate the base.

may2 080

Once you reach the end of the rope, just tuck it inside and secure with more hot glue.

may2 081

The bowl feels very Summery to me, so I piled it with seashells collected on different beach trips.

may2 086

You'll want to carry it by the base since the sides are only secured with hot glue, but the bowl is surprisingly sturdy! Especially with the solid glass base.

may2 082

You could make it as wide or tall as you want, depending on the size of the base and amount of rope. I'm pretty pleased with my 5-minute, freebie bowl! Have you whipped out any quickie projects this Summer? Can you believe I left this bowl natural?! My painter finger is twitching, but I'll resist for now.

may2 085

And a happy, happy birthday to my beautiful Mom!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Win a Trip (or Three!) to Florida!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of VISIT FLORIDA for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the perks of living in Nashville, was being so close to the beautiful beaches of Florida! After only a half-day of driving we could sink our toes in the powdery white sand, and swim in the clear blue-green waters. Before our son started school, we had the freedom to drive to the quiet and quant town of Navarre Beach, or the more bustling Panama Beach, whenever we wanted.

(Panama Beach)

Since moving to Texas, we haven't been able to Visit Florida as often as we'd like (this girl doesn't drive that far in one day!). Fortunately, Mr. Sugarplum has family with beach houses in Destin and Siesta Key, so we've been treated a few times over the years.

(Siesta Key)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{Pinterest Project} Custom Fedora

{Pinterest Project} is a series where I actually make something I've pinned, usually putting my own spin on it. So far, Pinterest hasn't let me down with all the amazing ideas. Today's project originated from this pin, from Honestly WTF. I warn you, don't check that blog unless you plan on getting sucked in all afternoon. My project list doubled, and I'm now hell-bent on making bracelets!!??


I love this straw fedora (seen in this outfit post), but didn't love the crocheted decorative band. I'd planned on replacing it with a cute striped ribbon, but Honestly WTF's embroidered idea was better. All that's needed is embroidery floss and needle.


After cutting off the existing band, I threaded the needle with a long strand of floss, doubling it for extra thickness. After tying a knot at the end of the thread, I simply started on the inside of the hat and stitched a free-hand pattern. Not such a great idea. You kind of need to know what you want before starting...maybe sketch it on paper first. This pattern was a fail.


So I cut it out and started again. Another fail.


This time I thought about what I wanted...a herringbone pattern....and sketched it out. Not being a sewer-person, I had to google how to execute that stitch, and followed this tutorial. I started with the blue, then came back a second time with the white thread.


My adoration of this straw hat is fairly inappropriate, but I love it and can't stop wearing it. The pattern is classic, and the colors are perfectly preppy.


Mr. Sugarplum captured this completely candid shot of me fluffing the hostas on our front porch. Not really. I said, "Take a picture of the back." And he said, "Bend down and act like you're doing something with the plant." Hmmm, okay. Maybe he had ulterior motives. But the back of the hat is cute!


So I think this was another successful {Pinterest Project}, thanks to Honestly WTF! Think you'll give it a try? The hardest part is choosing your thread colors. Oh, and a pattern.


 {Outfit Deets: Fedora - Local Shop; Striped Top - The Limited; Striped Scarf - World Market

Monday, June 25, 2012

(Another) Family Drop Spot!

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a fun and busy one, but managed to squeeze in a date night to celebrate our anniversary (thanks for all the sweet well-wishes!). It's hard to believe it's been 14 years since we walked down the aisle! Our recent road trip to Nashville was to see our dearest friends, whose wedding my son was in when he was only 2 years old. We met at her hair salon, became close friends very quickly, and our friendship has only grown stronger since we moved to Texas 7 years ago.


Everytime we get together, June (that's what I call her, though it's not her real name) insists on doing my hair. No complaining from me, especially since she's a master at blonde! Not only that, but she's seriously organized. Like, everything-in-a-labeled-bucket kind of organized. So I knew it wouldn't offend her when I asked, "What's up with this junk corner?!"


Just like me, her drop zone was completely taking over her Kitchen counters. And since I'm always looking for things to do for her in exchange for her wicked hair skills, I jumped at the chance to whip this corner in to shape. The pictures aren't great, but that's what happens when you decide to start a project at 10 pm!


The first step is to completely clear out the area, toss the unnecessary junk (be ruthless!), and assess how you need the space to function. June decided she needed storage for invitations and announcements, key hooks, a weekly calendar to keep her schedule organized, and filing for all the in-coming papers. She charges her electronics in her bedroom, so we didn't need a charging station.


I didn't want to sacrifice any counter space, so we took everything vertically and utilized the free wall. A quick trip to Target and we had a new, clean and functional Family Drop Zone for less than $60!


This wall isn't visible from anywhere but the Kitchen and Breakfast Room, but we still wanted it stylish and tidy.


Wall files with cute folders hold all the necessary papers, and June's amazing penmanship just makes them cuter. She's classier than me, so opted for a 'Random Stuff' instead of 'Crapola.'


June and her husband keep different and busy schedules, so maintaining a weekly calendar helps them stay on the same page. This dry-erase version is also magnetic and has a strip of cork.


By keeping everything in the same colors and materials, the space looks unified and intentional. I love products that work double duty, too...this pouch holds notepads and keys, and provides extra space for the odds-and-ends you need when racing out the door. I prefer smaller storage systems, so you're forced to be selective and not just stash everything willy-nilly.


A few squares of cork tiles mounted to the backsplash provide more vertical storage space. We simply cut the tiles for a custom fit around the outlet. Notice the push pins, notepads and folders are all color-coordinated, too? Cute and functional!


We mounted the leftover cork tiles to the inside of cabinets, for more paper storage. These are great spots for recipes you want to try, grocery lists, sports schedules, etc.


Not everyone has a room, desk or corner to dedicate to a Drop Zone, but you can find a sliver of a wall! My friend has reclaimed her counters, and created a useable space to help her daily life stay organized. We could even be dramatic and call it life-saving.


I'll save you the finger-scrolling, and show you the Before & After...

PicMonkey Collage

Not too shabby, eh? And I'm thrilled to report that June is using and loving it! Because what's the point of creating the space if it's not helpful? Do you have an organized Family Drop Zone? If you haven't seen ours, check it out here.

Friday, June 22, 2012

{Score} Pillow Party!

Happy Friday!!! I have some pretty good news for you and your credit card lovely sponsor,
Fabulous But Frugal, has lost her ever-loving mind! She whips out fabulous pillows at already super-affordable prices....but now she's having a blowout sale in her Etsy shop, Idari! Right now, you can get

30% off her entire store of pillows.

And to sweeten the pot, she ships pillow covers for FREE, and as always, she ships to CANADA!! So for a mere $7, you can have this cheery yellow chevron lumbar at your door!

chevron lumbar $7
Here is just a sampling of my favorites, including their ridiculous sale prices.

mod suzani lumbar $7

mod floral $17.50

yellow ikat $17.50

blue ikat $14

gray and citrine ikat $7

kravet pink linen paisley $17.50

indoor/outdoor orange fretwork $14

dwell brown dots $17.50

So stop jacking around here (unless of course you missed this week's Outfit Inspiration post, or my latest DIY Project), and get shopping at Idari on Etsy! Use SALE30 at checkout for your 30% off total purchase. Happy weekend, and shopping, lovebugs!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Sweets

Fourteen years ago today, on a gorgeous and humid afternoon in Nashville, surrounded by friends and family, I married the man God intended for me. He didn't promise it would be easy, or perfect, but it would always be good.

KnightVision Photography

KnightVision Photography
I knew we'd explore life and the world with the same excitement....


I knew I'd laugh....


A lot!

My Edward

I also knew he'd be a great dad.


But I didn't realize just how much he would become the center of my life, and our family life. I didn't know I'd love (and more importantly, like!) him more every day we're together. I didn't know he'd be my biggest cheerleader and challenger. He is the constant and steady in a life full of ups-and-downs, my unwavering strength when I need it, and even when I don't. I learn from him every day, and through him, I've learned to know and love myself.


We aren't always lollipops and roses, but I know he'll never leave my side. That's a huge feeling of relief and security for a person with abandonment issues (geez, here I go over-sharing again!). I know he is the perfect dad for our kids, and I can't wait to watch them grow, with him by my side. Life is good, sharing it with him.

daddy love

So happy, happy anniversary, my sweet and glorious man! I love you.



If you missed it last year, you can read about my grandmother's wedding dress that I wore here and here.

wedding portrait2
KnightVision Photography

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