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Friday, March 30, 2012

This Really Melts My Butter VI

Between Babygirl's Art Party and Easter, I've got a lot of prepping going on, but not much to show you yet. Fortunately for us, the rest of the blog world has been busy getting their genius on! Here's what really melts my butter from the last month or so....

Tiffany at Living Savvy reupholstered this club chair. All. By. Herself! She makes it look so easy too?!

{Living Savvy}

Julia at Pawleys Island Posh took a basic black table, and made it stunning...thanks to the power of Rust-Oleum! Looks like she and I are set to have a Liberace's Lair face-off!

{Pawleys Island Posh}

Carmel at Our Fifth House has been slowly updating her kitchen (and teasing us mercilessly along the way!), but the final reveal was worth every post of torture....gorgeous!

{Our Fifth House}

The darling Jen, of I Heart Organizing, spent less than $30 and created beautiful moulding for her bedroom. I bet you're giving a plain wall in your house the stink-eye now, aren't you?!

I Heart Organizing

Shelly at Crazy Wonderful made this tufted headboard. As in, created it with her own two hands!!?? This is way beyond my skill set, so I am in awe! Check out her little girl's full room reveal, too!

The adorable Julie of The Smitten Mintons threw this sweet bird-themed shower. What did we do before party printables?!

Anna at My Design Ethos was lucky enough to find this cool piece at a second-hand store, and she turned it into a real showstopper!

How gorgeous is Julia at Gal Meets Glam? Her outfits are fun and modern, and totally wearable by us regular folks. I may have spent the better part of a day reading all her 229 posts.

I love a stylish kid's room, and Amanda at Amanda Carol at Home gave her two boys just that!

So much goodness, I've got it all bookmarked for future reference! And in between baking a 6-layer rainbow cake today, I'm hanging out with Kellie at The Yuppie Files. She's got a fun series called 'The Ten,' where she asks bloggers (you guessed it) 10 really interesting questions. You might not be interested in what I have to say, but you will want to see her Egyptian honeymoon recap! Happy Friday, dollfaces!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wait, Easter is When?!

Did you realize that last year, Easter was April 24th? And this year it falls on April 8th. Which means I just realized yesterday that Easter is next weekend! We've been so wrapped up in Spring Break and Art Parties that I haven't given the sweet holiday any thought.

We'll probably host my in-laws for lunch, which means I get to set a table! Last year's Easter table is still one of my favorites so far.

The placecards were plastic eggs with glittered monograms. I raided our Magnolia tree to DIY the chargers.

The centerpiece was a simple dish of flowers, but lined with Peeps Marshmallows.

Once Babygirl's party is over, I'll start thinking about what to do this year. Until then, here's some of the inspiration I've gathered thus far.








Have you started thinking about an Easter table? Click here to see all the details and read the full post on last year's Easter Table.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Par-Tay Time!

How has it already been a year since I threw this Pancakes & Pajamas shindig for my daughter!? Where has the time gone?

Sadly another year has passed, and my little Babygirl is soon to be six. *sob* I'm working through the depression by planning this year's birthday

Art Party! 

She loves to draw, color and paint, so we thought it would be the perfect creative party for her. My talented sponsor, Carli at DimplePrints, created the adorable invites, which I mailed in bright yellow envelopes.

sloan art party invite

The party is this Saturday, so we've been busy getting things ready....starting with adding some bright iron-on patches to plain cotton aprons. For $2 each at Michaels, it's pretty cheap protection for the artist's clothes!

3-27-12 098

For placemats, Mr. Sugarplum made me a Pac Man paint palette template, which I used to cut thin pieces of foam. Waka waka. Circles of felt are glued on to represent the paint.

3-27-12 102

I tend to go hogwild overboard with events like this, but this year I'm trying to scale it back. There will be fewer guests, and I'm making it easier on myself by using DimplePrints printable package for more of the decor. The scissors and I are now besties.

3-27-12 105

Since we're using all the colors of the rainbow, finding coordinating  items has been easy! The goodie bags are made up of colored pencils, a drawing pad and bright water bottle (all from Michaels). The oversized tote ($1 at Old Navy) is perfect for taking home their creations and holding pinata candy (there's always a pinata!).

art party gift bag

Here's some of the inspiration I'm drawing from.....Pinterest is like fuel to my fire, and not helping with this whole 'scale it back' plan!





I'd love to make these mini-cakes, but someone's special day isn't the time for me to be botching attempting the most important menu item!


But I am going to give this rainbow cake a whirl!


Any rainbow/art part tips and ideas you want to pass my way? How about the secret to making one of those cakes?! I hope Babygirl is as excited about this party as her mother!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Pinterest Project} Headband Organizer

I've been on a roll with the {Pinterest Projects} lately....people online just have the best ideas! This series is where I step away from the computer, and actually make something I saw on Pinterest...usually giving it my own twist. Today I decided to deal with the overflowing mess of Babygirl's hair accessories!


This time I was inspired by this pin from Lyssa Beth's blog. She had the clever idea of using an oversized empty oatmeal can to hold headbands. I don't know about you, but there is a lot of water involved when my kids use the sink. Which means a cute paper can sitting nearby would last less than one handwash/toothbrush episode.

I love that she put hers on a pedestal too, but I know we'd knock that over 1087 times!

I wanted to go with something a little less destructible, and found this canister a perfect fit. (Note: make sure whatever vessel you choose fits your headbands, you don't want them sliding off a too small can or being stretched out by a too large can.) Leave it to Target to have the Goldilocks of canisters.


Just to add a bit more zhush, I painted small wooden letters from the craft store and glued them to the top. Monograms make everything cuter, don't you think?


Then all you do is round up the headbands from under the sink, stuffed in drawers, in pockets of backpacks and laying around the floor (since this was the storage method of choice before), and pop them around the can.

Picnik collage

I chose a white canister so the cute designs of the headbands could stand out. It's like instant decor....the over-used 'pop of color!' Now they are all in one spot and getting ready in the morning goes much smoother. We even store brushes and bows inside the canister, so it works double-duty.


I prefer to keep most things put away (and off counters), but I think this Headband Organizer looks cute in the bathroom. It may be the main guest bath in the house, but it's also the kid's (when they aren't invading ours!). I painted the monogram letters the same green as the stepstool (which, by the way, is holding up grand with the shower curtain liner and fabric).


Lyssa Beth's is a great free option, but for only a few dollars, I have a more permanent version. And once Babygirl is over headbands, I'll simply pop the letters off the top and have a canister sure to find a new use!


Have you tackled anything from Pinterest lately? How do you organize the overflow of hair accessories that come with having little girls?!

You can read about the full budget makeover this bathroom received here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

{Outfit Inspiration} Plum & Lavender

No sooner than I sang the praises of Spring's colored jeans, does Mother Nature bitch-slap remind us who's boss! True to Texas weather, we went from 80 to 49-degrees in one day. Back came the black tights. This time paired with two shades of purple.

plum and lavender

I love pairing two tones of the same hue, as long as one is significanly lighter than the other. If the colors are too close it will just look like you dressed in the dark. The black top breaks up the purple, and keeps me from looking like Barney the Dinosaur.

plum and lavender


This outfit also mixes patterns, if you count the dots in the top and the horizontal lines of the ruffled skirt.

lavender and plum

plum lavender


plum and lavender

The temperature is back to 80-degrees as I write this post, so hopefully we've seen the last of black tights for the season. Which means I'd better stock up on self-tanner before I frighten the neighbors! Are you still dressing for Fall, or have you made the switch to Spring? What color do you like to layer in tones?

{Outfit Deets: Top: J.Crew; Cardi: Gap; Skirt: Target; Tights: Assets; Maryjanes: Gionni Bini}

Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Giveaway} Tigressa Carpet Area Rug

I'm kind of funny about carpet. Not funny, like, the carpet and I are having a joke-off...but particular. Especially about living on other people's carpet (ick!). We've owned two homes, and in each, I had the carpet replaced before moving in. Which means we've had the carpet in our current bedrooms for almost seven years. And with small kids, you know that carpet has seen better days!

When the time comes, I'll definitely consider replacing it with the new Tigressa line of carpet from Flooring America.  

 More Luxurious And Smooth
  • Advanced yarn engineering produces a pleasant, luxurious touch with superior durability.
  • Unique fiber shape maintains a pristine, smooth appearance. 
  • Precision-engineered, high-tensile filaments are half the size of a human hair for ultra-soft texture.

More Durable And Long-Wearing
  • Dense, resilient super-strong fibers show less matting, crushing and wear.
  • More filaments per square inch spread out daily abuse over more individual fibers.

The Earth-Friendly Choice
  • Meets rigorous standards for environmental safety and human health.
  • Earned the Green Select label, which designates a product that is environmentally friendly. 

And just for Hi Sugarplum! readers, click here for $100 off your purchase!

Plus, Enter to Win a FREE Tigressa SoftStyle Area Rug!

Click here to enter.
Six lucky winners will choose their favorite Tigressa area rug style.

Have you had your home carpeted lately? Are you as particular about carpet as me?!

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