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Thursday, August 2, 2012

{Top Ten} July

It's a been a busy month around here, and we have a bunch of new readers, so I thought I'd re-cap the Top Ten posts of July!

july 2

july 3

before and after den

Painting the Den Walls -- Before & After

We'll get back to it tomorrow...I'm excited to show you a new organization project! If you're really behind around here, check out the projects from the first half of 2012, or browse it all in the Project Gallery.


  1. Wonderful re cap, Cassie, and you are the cutest thing! Love your outfit inspirations, and your Den wall re-do!!!! LOVE. oh, and the floating shelves..

  2. Busy bee- doesn't it feel good to see all you've done?!

  3. LOVED the aqua and grey. Such a great color combo. Cheers from London!

  4. Since I am new reader (and blogger) I wanted to weight in and let you know I really appreciate the recap! I wish all bloggers would do this. Still loving your blog :)

  5. Impressive, my love. That living room transformation is one of my favorites.

  6. I'm new here, so thank you so much for the re-cap! Cannot wait to read all about it, especially the floating shelves.

  7. Totally loving your den/family room transformation. I just love those floating shelves!

  8. Just now catching up on my blogs and loved the recap. Your chambray shirt looks amazing on you. I think you just sold me on getting one! Your outfits and you are adorbs:)

  9. Can't believe the summer is almost over! You got a ton done this month lady! :)

  10. Love the outfits - you look stunning!! xx

  11. Saw your under the sink organizing. How did you fasten the paper towel holder inside of the cabinet? Thanks.

  12. Hi Anon -- I used two Command strips on the back of the towel rod instead of the mounting hardware that came with it! Hope this helps!


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