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Thursday, August 30, 2012

{About an Hour} Your Projects

I was so excited about our 'About an Hour' link party, but also a little nervous no one would play along. Wow, did you prove me wrong! Clearly we all love a quickie. Project. A quickie project. Preferably one that can be completed while viewing highly intelligent TV shows. It was so inspiring to check out all 128 projects, but I had the hardest time choosing my favorites. Here's just a small sampling of the creative genius you guys brought....

Cheap to Glam Frames at Our Lake Life

Adding Greek Key to a Lamp at Honey We're Home

Ballard-inspired Chandelier Magnets from New House to Home

Polka Dot Tray from This is Happiness

Rope Vases at A Thoughtful Place

Washi Tape Coasters at Organize & Decorate Everything

Penny Vase from Krevyv

Kids Abstract Art from My Third True Love

Hand-Painted Tea Towel from Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up

I can't wait to get started on some of these ideas! So what do you think...should we do it again next month? The link party, that is.


  1. This post made me chuckle... tee hee! ;) xo

  2. These were some of my absolute favorite projects too! I cannot wait to make those coasters as a hostess gift for Christmas. I vote yes for another Link Party :)

  3. Oh how cute are those coasters- and that penny vase?! Thanks friend for including our lamps too! I'm ready to do another pair:)

  4. Maybe you should do it TWICE a month.....just to get a little crazy ;)

  5. Love me a quickie. project. I have a lamp that needs some greek key trim!

  6. Wow! These are all amazing! Thanks for including my tray :) Count me in for another party!

  7. Thanks for the feature Cassie! The party was great I'm up for another one.

  8. What great features. I can't wait to make that penny vase. Thanks for including my washi tape coasters. I would love this party every month.

  9. WOW!! Thaks so much for the feature Cassie!! It's so cool to see my daughter's painting on your awesoe blog. Yes! I love this link party. I am more likely to have a "quickie" than a more involved project. A quickie project, that is ;)

  10. Definitely try it next month, I love seeing quick, easy projects. I'm going to go check out the tea towel, looks great!

  11. Wow, so many great projects! Yes, I would definitely come back for this next month. I mean, I'm here all the time, but I'd by psyched for more one hour inspiration.

  12. Yes please! I would definitely participate!

  13. I keep seeing that Greek key everywhere and the more I see, the more I love! Wonder if I can find a Greek key pillow or two somewhere??

  14. Thank you so much for featuring my chandelier magnets! I'm glad these projects can be completed in less than an hour, because there are so many I want to do. Thanks for hosting!

  15. Cassie, thank you so so so much for the tea towel feature! I love this linky party, my favorite thus far. I absolutely love finding new projects that are quick!

  16. These are totally fantastic! I'm completely shame faced now that I haven't made just a little bitty time for projects lately, just look what you can do in an hour! (c: LOVE IT! Now I want to do art with the kiddos...


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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