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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Easy Gifts from the Dollar Spot

Thanks so much for all the kind comments on our new wall color yesterday! I can't wait for the projects that come from that room! And as luck would have it, Sherwin Williams is having one of their 40% off all paint and stain sales this weekend. I plan to paint a few other rooms, but haven't decided on colors yet. So I'll buy the base paint (right off the shelf) during the sale, then take them back for free tinting at a later date. Just a little nugget for stock up!

Last weekend, Babygirl went to a birthday party celebrating her favorite twins. Kids can be hard to buy for if you don't know what they're in to. And even if you do, it's likely to change by next week. So I assembled personalized gifts with an assortment of goodies any child would love to receive.

First stop was to hit up Target's Dollar Spot for these tote buckets...and get Mr. Sugarplum to work his letter magic (like he did here).


I raided the Dollar Spot for more treats and fun stuff, and the Back-to-School aisle for a few artistic items.


Then I assembled everything in the buckets by height.


Goodies are on both sides, and look cute from either direction.




To wrap, I placed each in a clear sack and tied a tag to the top with ribbon. Cards are so expensive, so I keep an assortment of colorful tags on hand instead.


An inexpensive gift that's fun to give and receive! What's your favorite go-to children's gift?



  1. Great idea, Cassie. I love the way you finished it off with the clear sack. Where do you get those? It makes it look like a big Easter basket with all the goodies inside that kids go crazy for. My go-to gift is an assortment of arts and crafts supplies.

  2. Cute idea Cassie! My kids love all those little items. I like that it's original and has some personal touches.

  3. Love this! Sure to please mom and the kiddos. We're all about Fancy Nancy over in this I have certain books memorized. ("Memorized is a fancy word for...")

  4. Super cute idea! I love giving art supplies and books as gifts.

  5. This is a cool idea. It's a great gift and simple to do.

  6. The cellophane makes it look so sophisticated! :) I love your new Popular Posts sidebar.

  7. Such a great idea! And a great way to save money, especially when you don't know what to get them!
    My mom used to save my siblings' "double gifts" or toys they never wanted and would wrap those up for neighbor kids' birthday parties. It was totally tacky, but they weren't opened so I guess it was ok lol.

  8. What a great idea. Sometimes it's so hard to come up with gifts for my daughter to take with her to birthday parties. This is a great not too expensive idea. I'm excited to see more of you by reading your blog and seeing what you bring to I heart organizing.

  9. Now this is my kind of gift - I think kiddos always have so many toys! Love it!

  10. Love these buckets! I love giving kid gifts like this... the dollar bins at Michaels are a good spot to get fun stuff too!

  11. Awesome idea and actually stuff they'd use! Heck, I'd use them too!

  12. What an awesome idea! I have lots of little nieces and nephews so this will definatelty be something I will be using! Thanks, Cassie.

  13. Great idea to use these little bins! The Target dollar spot is always my first stop - it's like a toll!

  14. Wait, wait-can you please back up and explain the whole buying the base paint at SW and having it tinted later? How do you know which base to get? Please go slowly, I will be taking copious notes. Thanks!

  15. great way to save money, especially when you don't know what to get them for, Eid gifts to Pakistan.

  16. What a great idea Cassie! Stopping by to say hi as I'll be contributing alongside you on IHeart Organizing. Your blog is a DIY dream! xx

  17. So cute!! Wait...where's mine??? Xoxo

  18. Hi S! Just tell the smart folks at SW what room you're painting, and what color you'll be painting over, and they'll direct you to which paint is best for you. Just buy it off the shelf, then take it back at a later date for free color mixing. Hope this clears it up!

  19. Great gift idea! It's nice to give something that will spark children's creativity.

  20. So glad to read your comment about cards being expensive. I know some people like to read and keep cards, but to non-sentimental me, they just get recycled/trashed. I much prefer using a marker or paint pen to write the to/from on the package itself, or using gift tags like you did. Down with cards! :)


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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