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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simple Teacher Gifts

We are wrapping up the end of a fun and eventful school year this week. And while I'm excited for Summer and the easier schedule that comes with it, it's a bittersweet feeling as well. This was the only year my kids would attend the same school, since our son moves to Middle School next year *gulp*

He had a blast in 5th grade, and Babygirl loved every second of Kindergarten...and I know this is all due to their phenomenal teachers. Call it working-mom guilt, if you will, but I like to send little treats of gratitude to the teachers throughout the year, and especially on the last day of school. This year I put together a simple Starbucks gift.

may2 093

I grabbed some of their (free!) empty cups and a box of biscotti, filled them with shredded paper and topped with a gift card. Easy breezy! And all it cost me was a box of $5 biscotti and the gift card amounts....not bad for four gifts.

may2 094

I rounded up a few other gifts I've made, in case you're looking for ideas.

My friend, Courtney, is the Queen Bee of thoughtful gifts.

And if you're running short on time, these Fanta bottles from Michelle are super cute and easy to put together.

I can't imagine trying to wrangle 20 kids and actually teach them something. I can hardly stand when my kids have a friend over! So I'm grateful there are people out there willing and able. To all the teachers, bless your sweet souls! You know you have a direct path to Heaven, right?!


  1. These are super cute. Did they give you the cups? I've asked to buy the cups at Starbucks and they wouldn't let me. :(

    1. If you buy a gift card from them I don't think they'd balk at giving you a disposable cup. =)

  2. Cute gifts, but my favorite part of your post is that you admitted that you can hardly stand when your kids have a friend over. I feel that way often, and it makes me feel like a bad mom.. glad I'm not the only one ;-).

  3. Very cute! I'm always jealous of your teacher gifts- my high school students aren't so big on giving me cute gifts!

  4. Those are really cute! You're awesome to send your children's teachers gifts. :)

  5. Such thoughtful gifts Cassie! Thanks for the kind words about have no idea how we need to hear those positive thoughts sometimes!!! It's people like you that make us feel it is all worth it and that we are appreciated. Thank you!

    xoxo, Sarah

  6. Cute gift ideas! I feel like a need some biscotti now - seriously I'm going to drive through Starbucks as soon as I finish typing! ;) I agree - every teacher has an invisible halo.

  7. So nice - my mom is a middle school teacher (eek) and we always loved using the giftcards she received throughout the summer.

  8. These are the cutest. Love the Starbucks cups!

  9. Cute! I'll keep these in mind for next year. As someone posted earlier, those of us who teach high school hardly ever get gifts. I would love just to get a note telling me what they enjoyed about my class. This year I did have one class bring me roses and sign a card. Made my day!

  10. Great ideas! I will miss teacher gifts. I will miss knowing my child's teachers period! LOL Our girls were only together one year as well. Bittersweet!! Now on to bigger and better things.

  11. Seriously, bless all their hearts for wanting to be in that line of work...especially the good ones! (c: These are all darling! I'm sure any teacher would be feeling pretty snazzy with one of these (c:

  12. Super-duper cute! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  13. I love these, I would totally want one if I were at teacher. How come other professions don't get gifts like this pre summer? or summers off? Seriously, I shoulda been a teacher ;)

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  15. Love it! I was looking for a cute way to give a gift card! Thanks:)

  16. Love it! I was looking for a cute way to give a gift card! Thanks:)

  17. That's a very great gift card i like it.


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