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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Housekeeping

Heeeeeeey! How about a big-ole 'Whoop-Whoop!' for Friday! We've got a big weekend of piano recitals and yard work planned, as well as a few projects, and I can't wait to get started. It's been too long since my finger was on the nozzle of a spraypaint can, or the trigger of a glue gun....time to remedy that before I go into withdrawls!

First up, my finger has been a little busy online shopping. I've been smitten with C.Wonder, but have yet to pull the trigger for anything. That changes today with this monster of a sale!

Their prices are fair to begin with...but on sale....and then another half off that?!?! Here's what I'm looking at, along with the final sale price.

Ikat Pattern Notebook $4

Chinoise Dinner Plate $3

Set of 3 Chinoise Nesting Bowls $15

Large Pattern Spheres $6

Tropics Notecards $2

Faux Croc Tray $12

Calf Hair Cuff $12

Yes, that's dollars. Crazy prices, right? There are several pages of sale items to woo you, just enter 50MORE at checkout for the additional half-off sale price (no clue how long this sale runs). But don't do it until I have my cuff and nesting bowls, mmmkay? World Market is also having a pretty wicked sale on their Outdoor Goods, as well as a 10% off coupon for Reward Members. I'm stopping by after work to check some stuffs...

Wood Potting Bench $72

Bali Stripe Chair Pad $20

Polka Dot Paris Tea Towel $8

Okay, so the tea towel isn't Outdoor or on sale, but I may need it anyway. Neither store is pimping me to tell you this, either. I'm enabling your shopping habit all on my own! You're welcome.


Next up in the Friday Housekeeping, is to remind you of the kickin' giveaways running around this blog right now! I know it got a little hairy with the back-to-back Sponsored Posts (read my Editor's Letter on the subject here), but it's hard to resist when they offer you guys $100 Visa Cards as incentive. Again, all for you!

See the evolution of my aging face and enter to win $100 in Darphin products.

Check out our Spring Break trip to Ft. Worth and enter to win $100 Visa card from Texas Tourism.


I threw a Girls Night In Party, courtesy of Simply Cranberry, and you get a chance to win $100 gift card!

And lastly, my sponsor Fullerton Photographics is giving away a custom iPhone case (like mine), plus $30 shop credit. Last chance to enter today!


To wrap up all this housekeeping, I'm thrilled to welcome my newest sponsors! Thank you for having faith in me and bringing validity to my little nutball blog!

Luxury Kitchen and Bath accessories at affordable prices

Designer pillows at discount prices


Whew, I'm exhausted! How about you? Well rest up and grab a snack, because you've got a lot of surfing to do! Happy weekend, lovebugs!


  1. Just thinking about piano recitals makes my palms sweat. ;-) Now I'm off to C Wonder to see what I can find! Those are crazy prices!

  2. without oxygen, there is no combustion.plastic bag will not be liquid.

  3. Have a fantastic weekend! And, thanks for the sale alert!!

  4. I totally took advantage of the World Market sale and got some great chairs for our screened in porch on sale ( ). I've also been stalking C Wonder but havent made the plunge yet!

  5. I NEED that wooden potting bench! I wonder if I can find one here in the UK? My yard looks...well it doesn't look good. If the weather would get above 45F and stop raining maybe I could do something about it! For now, we look like the dirties of the street.

    LOVE the designer pillows from Pillows by Design!

    Who doesn't need a Paris tea towel?!

  6. I took advantage of the C. Wonder sale too. I thought it was a great deal! I haven't received my stuff yet, but I'm so excited. I was able to stock up on some gifts that I think will be perfect for friends and family. :)

  7. Why have I not been shopping C. Wonder? Thanks for the heads up. . . If only I were ambitious enough to shop for teacher's gifts now!

  8. Thanks for the C Wonder heads up - I had no idea they were running a sale!

  9. I've been lusting over the C. Wonder goods too. This is the perfect excuse to finally order some of them! I'm a little jealous of my sis who lives in NYC who gets to go to the actual C. Wonder store.

  10. I want to go to World Market too- ours is a little out of the way so I tend to forget about it. And definitely heading to C-Wonder- thanks for the heads up on the sale! Have a great weekend!


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