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Friday, April 27, 2012

{Marry, Make-Out, Muzzle} Pawley's Island Posh

I'll admit I can be kind of shallow. For instance, I knew I'd love Julia as soon as I saw her blog header! It's like a nametag that reads, "Hi! I'm fun and stylish, and I don't take life too seriously." And that's exactly what Pawleys Island Posh is! Julia has fabulous projects like these Dining Room chairs, and gives great fashion advice. I can't wait to put this recent moodboard to work!

Hey lovelies!
I'm Julia from Pawleys Island Posh and I'm here today to play a little game and share a little secret. 

When Cassie first asked me to write this post I honestly had no idea where to start. 

There are so many celebrities I'd love to let buy me a glass of wine 
(Jude Law, you hear that?)

And just as many I'd rather throw that glass right in their face 
(Ashton Kutcher for starters)

But I thought since I'm married and my last name is Ryan, I'd stick with three Ryans I'd like to Marry, Make-out, and Muzzle!

I'll be honest the first two might be a bit interchangeable!

So, tell us.

Who are your three?


  1. Ugh! Ryan Seacrest. Agreed. Looks like he was "carved out of cream cheese" - name that movie :)

  2. Well if that's not the sweetest introduction I've ever heard about myself. I seriously almost teared up! ha! Thanks girl and hope you're enjoying vacay, 'eh!

  3. Love your fun twist with the "Ryans"!! So cute!

  4. Ohhhh Ryan Gosling. Such a sexy man! How fun is this game?!



  5. Why do I always forget about Ryan Gosling? Can I change my list? ;)

  6. Love it and agree with your list totally! I picked Ryan Reynolds for my marry too:) great minds think alike. And can we talk about Ryan Goslings body in Crazy Stupid Love, freaking amazing!

  7. Mmm, Mmm, GOOD! (c: LOVE the Ryans edition...couldn't agree more on *ALL THREE*!

  8. Love Ryan Reynolds! Totally agree about Ashton Kutcher too...I would be happy if he just disappeared.

  9. marry -- GEORGE CLOONEY

    make out - Ryan Reynolds

    Muzzle -- Tom Cruise -- SOOOOOOOOO Sick of him

  10. Um, Steel Magnolias! I agree Julia Ryan! Great taste indeed!


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