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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Marry, Make-Out, Muzzle} All Things Bright & Beautiful

I discovered All Things Bright & Beautiful after Aubrey continued to leave me the very funniest comments. I just had to know this girl who was so clever, and was thrilled to find her blog is the exact same! She writes with so much personality that it's a joy to start each day with her, and I look forward to every comment she ever leaves for me!

Oooh, Eeeeemmm, Geeeeee.

I'm feeling a little star-struck being here on Cassie's illustrious blog, I mean, she's pretty much the rockstar of the DIY/design blog world, am I right???

(Um, oh, it's Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful, BTW, in case you were wondering who the gaga groupie was (c: )

And regardless of that, she is an absolute sweetie pie, love her to pieces! So I'm going to try to do her proud and not eff up her blog today, mmm-kay?

Soooooo...this was pretty much the most fun guest post *ever*...except for when my hubby walked in and wondered why I was pouring over all these pictures of oily beauhunks...a little awkward (c; 

But if I had my say on who to Marry, Make-out, and Muzzle...

I'd definitely marry funny man Joel McHale. Hot and Funny. Double threat kind of guy! 
Seriously, I think I watch Community just for him.I know I'm not going to be alone on this one, lemme hear the swoons, ladies!!!!
I'd totally make out with David Beckham...I found a pretty tasteful shot of him because *heaven knows* there are plenty of scandalous ones!

And this might come as a surprise (I can already hear the boo's and hisses!), but who I would muzzle would def be Liam Hemsworth right now.

*WAIT!!!* Before you stone me, hear me out! It's not him, it's me...

I mean, how can he be with **Miley**??? Ick. And I have to say that after reading the books, I was team Peeta all the way (that was before I saw who was playing him in the movie, not as impressive, but *meh*), so there you have it. Muzzle. (c:

Thanks for letting me play today, Cassie girl! Hurry back so you can save your poor blog from all the crazies taking it over (c:


  1. ha ha! i was teem peeta, too, but then they have to go and cast the movie like that...
    i had no idea he was with miley. gross.

  2. Oh man Aubrey, you totally should have gone for the not so tasteful shot, ha!

  3. Great post Miss Aubrey! And I have to agree with you on Joel! Love a guy who can make me laugh!

  4. THIS IS AWESOME, Aubs! :) LOVE THIS... you are as cute as they come! xoxo

  5. Niiiiice picks Aubrey!!

    Love Joel, could totally marry the guy--I'd never stop laughing. As for Becks, I lost sleep over whether to put him on my Marry or Make Out list b/c let's face it, he gets me hot & bothered. Then I thought well, I'd totally want him to raise our kids since he's so good w/ his brood. Then I finally fell asleep.

    This is how my brain cells are put to use....

  6. Oh My Gosh I am dying over this! My side hurts from laughing so hard! Aubrey is obviously super funny and this series is SNL worthy!

  7. Aubrey! haha - you are so funny - love this post & love your commentary!!

  8. HI-larious!! Love her muzzle...he may be hot but I agree! :)

  9. Too funny! Thanks for the eye candy!!

  10. Oh David Beckham! Yum! I love this series! ;)

  11. Haha you're hysterical! I have to say that I was surprised by the Liam Hemsworth thing. He's dreamy but I just don't get the Miley thing either. :)

  12. Hilarious! This is a genius series!

  13. Love you Aubrey! And yes Wth is Liam with Miley! And I still dream about the David Beckhmam HM ads!

  14. Love Becks! Have you seen the new Burger King commercial? Love the way he says "strawberry"! :)

  15. Aubrey is. the. best. - that is all! Love her! I agree - Miley really?!

  16. Well you all sure know how to make a gal feel good...and *blush* (c: Thanks for having me, Cassie, it's been a blast! I'm going to be counting Beckhams to go to sleep tonight (c:

  17. Ha! I was reading through these posts and think "I would marry Joel McHale" and then I saw your post! Actually, my hubby is very funny. When we watch the Soup together he often cracks a joke right before Joel says the EXACT same thing.


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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