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Thursday, February 9, 2012

{Valentine's Day} Cookies on a Stick

Food just tastes better on a stick, doesn't it? Maybe it's because if you're eating something on a stick, chances are, you're at a fair or theme park, and it's pure junk food! Either way, putting these simple heart cookies on a stick takes them from ordinary to something fun and special.


Sure you could roll out your cookie dough and cut the hearts before baking, but that would just be more mess to clean and less scraps to gobble up. So I made my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe (her name is Betty Crocker, and she comes in a bag that requires some butter and an egg), and spread it in the bottom of a greased pan. The dough is sticky, so I sprayed the back of a spoon with non-stick oil so it would spread smoothly and evenly.


Let them cool just a little before cutting the hearts. It really is unfortunate how many scrap pieces are left over that you're forced to eat.


Lightly press your fingers on top of the cookies and insert the sticks.


Once they've cooled completely, they'll be adhered to the stick.


We added pink frosting and candy eyes for a fun touch...and because my food decorating skills don't go beyond this. They make a cute centerpiece by standing them up in floral foam in a little bucket with filler.


We refrigerated them so the frosting would set completely, then put them in treat bags tied with ribbon.

2-6-12 031

With a chalkboard tag, they make fun and easy sweet treats for friends and neighbors.

2-6-12 030

Except for the batch we kept for ourselves!

2-6-12 045
Yes she owns a hairbrush. We just don't use it on the weekends.

 How do you like to decorate your cookies? And what's your favorite food on a stick?


  1. Those are adorable, and I love that we're forced to eat all the scraps. I think need to make these ASAP! What a cute Valentine's Day treat. :)

  2. Love those! Especially the little eyes!

  3. So cute! Also, I bought a can of cinnamon rolls yesterday so I could make them in the waffle iron for valentines day next week. Im super pumped about it...

  4. I had to laugh when I saw the first picture. Love the googly eyes.
    My favorite food on a stick is a corndog because that's the only thing I can think of right now. My brain hasn't been working since I saw the cookies. I feel like Homer Simpson right now.

  5. I spy an IKEA tray with birdies on it! That is awfully sad about those scraps...

  6. those are so stinking cute!
    I love the messy hair picture :) precious!

  7. I am LOVING all your DIY's this week and last! these look like a great project to do with my 3yr old! thanks . . . love your blog . . . come say hello if you get a chance

  8. You are just a Valentine's Day loving fool! I am so jealous! I have zero V-day prep done in my house... although we honestly don't celebrate Valentine's Day (I know, I'm such a scrooge!). But I want some of these cookies in my house, that's for sure! YUM. On a stick. Maybe I'll do some baking tonight....

  9. these are so cute!! loving all your V-Day posts!!

  10. Super cute and scrumptious. So funny. Riley let me know that we didn't brush her hair the whole time we were in Big Bear! ha!

  11. I should stop reading these posts (which from the title *clearly* states that it's about food!) right before dinner...hamburgers aren't sounding nearly as appealing after seeing cookies *on a stick*! Have you ever watched Jeff Dunham? I just had a flash from one of his routines (c:

  12. I would happily make and eat those! How CUTE.

  13. These are sooooo cute! I just might try to make them on Saturday :)

    Check out as today is my first ever giveaway!


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