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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Mantel

Setting tables and creating mantelscapes. Those two activities have quickly moved to the top of my 'Love To Do' list TWSS. That makes me the most pathetic and boring person on the planet. But looking back through my overload of Mantel Posts, you people seem to love pathetic and boring! (Last year's Winter Mantel was one of the most popular.) I happen to be quite smitten with my simple Winter Mantel this year!


I decided to regenerate some of the items from the recent Pink Christmas Mantel, and just evolve it in to Winter.

winter mantels

The fresh magnolia stems dried beautifully, so I gathered them in a clear vase and set them alongside the reindeer.



I yearn for clean and fresh after the Holiday decor comes down, so I polished my collection of silver candlesticks and clustered them at one end for more impact (and good height).


The tapers are a moody gray-blue I picked up from the Pottery Barn outlet ages ago.


Simple, clean and crisp...just like the feeling of a cold, snowy day.

Are you imagining naked lounging on the sheepskin, in front of a fire? You are now. Freak.

I wasn't ready to pack away all the DIYs from Christmas, so some stayed behind as Winter decor. The Boxwood Wreaths are drying just as beautifully as the magnolia. They have retained their color, but gotten a little thinner. Fortunately I created them with green wreaths, so they've stayed looking full.



Hopefully the Snowy Pine Cones will bring us some real snow mojo this year! (Say that three times!)


It's not a full-out Winter assault, but subtle enough to signal the colder season.



Did you pack up all your Holiday decor, or do you let some of it hang around for awhile?

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  1. Your mantel is so gorgeous! I LOVE the color of your candles. They look perfect with the silver candlesticks! Have a good week!

  2. Stunning artsy photo of the pine cones and branches with the peacock armoire in the background!

  3. it looks so pretty and clean and fresh- perfect for starting the new year!

  4. Lovely job-- so clean and fresh! My holiday decor is lingering a little, but will be coming down over the next day or two. Love that you kept a few things that will transition into winter. :)

  5. LOVE the clean look, and the grouping of candles are perfection. I really want one of those sheepskin rugs a) because they are flipping gorgeous and b) so I can imagine myself the same way, hahaha!!!

    I'm really digging your table display too :)

  6. I love how clean & simple this looks. Your constant mantle decorating has inspired me to try & do the same with the top of my upright piano (my substitute since I don't have a fireplace).

    Keep the mantels & tablescapes coming! You're inspired me to follow!

  7. Love both Cassie! I am all about simple after the holidays.

  8. Loving your mantle and Of course I love the magnolia leaves! Thanks for sharing! Hope you get your snow mojo!

  9. I love that you did a winter mantle. I have one too and was hoping I wasn't the only one. It's such a nice transition from holiday to this!

  10. Minus some gold branches I sent it all packing! I always LOVE the clean and open look of things after Christmas. I loved your white to color transition post yesterday! So you!

  11. Love how simple and clean it is! Mine looks the same except for the wreath and ornaments are gone! :)

  12. Simple yet stunning - love the collection of candles.

  13. I love the winter decor! It's so cozy! I still have my Christmas decor out, but that's only because I'm slacking.

  14. The shot of your coffee table has me all woozy and gooey feeling inside...I *love* it! Those cherry blossom branches are getting lovey dovey stares from me...I'm a creeper, I know. (c:

  15. LOVE it! It's so great how much you were able to transition or repurpose. Lingering, but fresh!

  16. Very pretty and relaxing. I love all the winter sun streaming in through those huge windows...if a freak was lounging naked-they could also get a tan! :)

  17. I love the magnolia leaves! Isn't it amazing how something fresh can change the whole look of a space? :)

  18. My favorite part has to be the candles. It looks so cozy!

  19. I pack those bad boys up and ship them to the nether regions of the garage. Then I instantly pine for them .....I am a fickle decorator....

  20. Lovely! It's crisp and wintery and so pretty! I must tell you - every time I see that mirror I think "it's the Chaz Bono of mirrors." LOL.

  21. Love the mantel. Those candlesticks are beautiful! And is that pillow on the chair new? Or I have just never noticed it before? Either way, love it! And I love your coffee table set-up! Everything is beautiful!

  22. Beautiful! So fresh and clean! I'm still trying to get all of mine put away! ugh!!

  23. Beautiful mantel! We don't take our Christmas decorations down til the Epiphany(today,) so I'll be playing with my post-Christmas mantel. Love yours! Thanks for sharing.

  24. It looks great. So clean & simple-I need to do this to mine! wanna come over & help? ;-)

  25. Totally lovin' those candlesticks Cass! And I think I missed the post about your new fabric on the chairs- AWESOME!! Congrats on those features too, it's so exciting to be in the newspaper- twice now?! :)

  26. Did some 'winter decorating' last weekend...pine cones included! As a new reader, I love your home...and your blog!

  27. your living room is always so cute...
    not only does it keep looking better- but your photography is looking great! keep it up, lady! :)

    and happy new year!

  28. Thank you for posting some pictures of how you decorate your home. Some people might relate to your excitement to take holiday decorations down.

  29. Your mantle is gorgeous! Love the magnolia & might have to add some to our mantle once the paper whites are finished. The fabric on that chair is gorge!


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