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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Wishes

Everyone has dreams and desires. Things we like to daydream about, to take us out of our every day. Certainly as little girls, we all sat in our rooms dreaming of a fabulous grown-up life. What's funny, is now that I am a grown-up (loosely interpreted), my dreams are quite different. And what if those dreams could come true? I want for things every day, but if I could actually have anything I wanted, would I be able to speak those desires with certainty? My friend Michelle at Ten June, asked me just that...If I had three wishes, what would they be?

The hardest part was narrowing it down to only three wishes! Here's a sneak peek at what my selfish heart desires....

wish collage

What would you wish for if it could be anything your heart desires? Come hang out at Ten June with me today and see if we share dreams!


  1. Loved your post over there! I agree it would be hard to narrow it down to just three!

  2. just checked it out, loved it. Especially the space for projects. Of course.

  3. Such a fun series! Loved your 3 wishes! :)

  4. I'm off to check it out! I love the idea. :)

  5. Loved your wishes! I would love to travel alllll over the place, too! :)


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