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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{Pool Bathroom} The New Problems

I suppose I am spoiled by how smoothly my Kitchen Renovation went, as well as the first phase of this Bathroom Renovation, because I am annoyed shocked at the delays and problems we're having now! Obviously it's fairly common, seeing as how HGTV has entire shows based on renovation problems. Things could be worse, so I should probably shut my trap. I showed you the beautiful new shower door that was finally installed after two months of waiting.


And the high-gloss navy walls, cabinets and trim.

navy walls

And just when we started to settle back in (if adding a plant and nightlight constitutes settling in)...


Son of a biscuit, what the french is happening here?!? After only two showers, Mr. Sugarplum informed me the leak was back. I immediately called Rockstar Contractor, who assured me there was no way this shower would ever leak again. After his weekend housecall, he declared it the fault of the glass guy. You know, the one we waited on for 2 months (have I mentioned that already?)!

What happened wuz.....the gap in the door was installed too wide, causing water to spray out and seep down between the paint and drywall. High gloss paint is almost pliable when dry, so it was trapping the water and literally formed a water balloon on the side of the wall.

The fix is simple, but I'm wary of how it will look. They need to insert one of those silicone sweeps all the way up the gap (like the one along the bottom of the door), and I'm thinking that will look like crap! Does anyone have that on their frameless shower door? How wide should that gap be? Mr. Go-the-Extra-Mile Contractor is going to tile the bottom part of the wall too, just to be safe.


And problem Numero Dos that's preventing us from moving on, is the paint application. Since I wanted a lacquer look (which shows every single flaw), I let a professional handle it. My painter 'floated' the walls (much like he did when expertly enclosing this opening), then sanded them smooth. The trim and cabinets are painted with a brush, creating a smooth, shiny surface. But for the walls, he used a really nappy roller....which caused the paint to dry with an orange peel texture!!


I know, that picture is lame, and you might not even care be able to see the texture. Normally I wouldn't be all that bothered by it...but the whole purpose of having him redo all of the walls (he already had drywall work to do as part of the reno to the shower) was to make them smooth!

Oh hello. Someone needs another coat of paint.
The only fix is to float and sand again, then repaint with a brush. Clearly he has to come back for touch-up work, but I feel awful mentioning the walls. And frankly, I'm ready to reclaim this bathroom! Do I let it go since I'll more than likely cover the walls with stuff? Is the texture even noticeable in a space this small? I'd love to hear what you think regarding the shower door and paint.


  1. I have no idea on the shower door. As far as the walls go, if you're not happy I'd say something to your painter. I think when you are paying for something to be done in your home you should get exactly what you want. You're allowed to be picky when it's your home and money. That being said, I didn't notice the texture until you pointed it out.

  2. I think the paint looks fine. It seems like youare a perfectionist like me and with a smoother wall you will see everylittle imperfection and it will drive you nuts. trust me. As for the shower parents have a glass seamless door and your gap is deifintely not right. When my parents got theirs installed I was amazed at how close the doors would shut together. If I lived closer I would send a picture to you. Honestly I would make them replace that, it looks like they manufactured the door incorrectly for your space. Seeing a true seamless door in person is beautiful and running a plastic strip to cover the gap just doesn't cut it. Lesley

  3. I should also mention that with a glass seamless door you do see a seam. But they are so close together that they do indeed touch and no water can escape. Lesley

  4. I think you should say something it if's bothering you. Otherwise, it will drive you nuts forever. It's hard to see from the photos (small baths are hard to photograph!), but if it isn't what you all had discussed, he needs to make it right. I think as long as you are polite, but make your unhappiness known, it should be fine. :)

  5. I also vote you point it out to him. If it's not how you wanted it and you paid him for it then it needs to be fixed.

  6. Ugh! That's miserable. You'd think that you'd avoid all those problems when hiring a professional. If its bothering you now, then its going to bother you more and more in the future. I've learned that the hard way and you can't go back to the painter in 6 months. You have to claim it now!

  7. I'm sure you're just ready to be done with it, but I know for myself it would always bother me when I went in there. Nobody else would notice the texture but you will! Hate to be "that lady" but I would say something... Also, LOVE the cabinet and walls painted the same color..and navy- beautiful and dramatic!

  8. Ugh...don't ya hate that! I have to say, unfortunately, that most people I know with seamless have had issues at some point or other due to the nature of the way they are installed. Look great but not really "leak" proof. Hope they get it fixed to your liking!!!

  9. I'd definitely want the door/leak issue corrected, but as for the walls - I've seen them in person and they look so good. Plus, knowing how much you'll put ON those walls, I'd move forward! Just sayin' :-)

  10. This is mother nature's way of keeping you from re-modeling too often. You've been too lucky before, the odds were against you. :) Terrible, that is not very supportive. I'm sad about your paint. Yes, a total waste of time to float and sand a wall only to roll on the paint. And what a huge mess to make it right. You are not alone, this is how DIY started.

  11. I have that same problem with the orange peel texture in my dining room. The orignal paint was rolled on so even after 3 coats of hi gloss blue i still cant get that shiny look due to the orange peel layer underneath! The thought of the dusty mess i will make if i sand it all down sooo annoys me but i am going to sand it anyway and re paint it using a high density foam roller.

  12. I think the shower door is a major issue and should be replaced. :( And some polite pressure should be applied so that it doesn't take two months should go to the front of the line!

    As for the paint, I don't think it looks bad, and I agree with the person who said you will never get a perfectly smooth wall. But it's worth a conversation with your painters- maybe another few coats with a foam roller will make it a little better? Good luck!

  13. My two cents:

    1) Frameless shower: the gap is too wide -- at most it is a 1/4 to 1/2 inch. the clear sash isn't going to look horrible but it will be visible to the naked eye. you need it - so it's one of those things you will need to live with unless you want him to recut the door and add an 1/4 to 1/4 to the glass door return.

    2) Paint Job: Caveat is that if you need to retouch with a smooth finish and high gloss,it is pretty obvious unless you have him repaint the whole wall. Second caveat is that the condensation from the shower will dry on high lacquer walls and you will see small water droplet marks depending on the hardness of your water - think water spots on a mirror essentially. The orange peel texture may play to your advantage in this case....

  14. yikes hope he's able to fix that gap soon! i really like the dark blue paint, very classy look

  15. We had a similar problem with our shower door in our last house. The guy took forever to make the door then, then when it was installed it had a big gap. We had him remake it which took another couple of months but it was much better. Don't do the sweep thing. It's not going to look good.
    As for the paint, I'm torn. If it isn't what you asked for then he really should redo it. I don't think anyone is going to notice it, and like you said, some of it will be covered. If you can live with that great. If not, have him redo it.

  16. I have a frameless shower door and our gap is 1/4 on an inch. I'll send you a picture if you need one. Oh and this is the first time I've commented but longtime reader :)-

  17. The glass needs to be redone, they messed up. Do NOT let them put a rubber strip in that space and call it a day, heck no. I think the wall looks fine with a little texture, but I get what you were going for with the smooth high gloss. I agree that the condensation will put water spots on the smooth finish, though. Up to you on that one!

  18. In regards to your email... I don't have any trouble with water spraying out. Looks like they cut your glass to short. The gap looks pretty wide in the photo.

  19. Oh Cass, so sorry to hear about these problems. I love the look of the navy, but agree with Carmel that you should get what you pay for. I didn't notice the texture in the photo so I'm not sure if it looks worse or more noticeable in person. I know you just want it all to be fixed and usable.

    1. Oh no, how awful! I would ask both the painter and the shower guy to come back and re-do the jobs. I would not want a big silicone strip down my seamless shower. And it would give me anxiety to pay for a painter and he didn't accomplish

  20. I had the same problem with the walls in my master bath. A nappy roller created the exact result that you have. I thought I was the only person with this dilemma! It has bugged me for 14 years and I haven't done anything about it because it would be a big undertaking to have a large space sanded and re-done. It's on my "to do" list for 2012 and I will find someone to fix it. My advice is to fix it now if it's something you'll look at daily. Good luck!

  21. If you are like me and you don't get the problems corrected now, you will never be satisfied and will wind up having the whole bathroom re-done in a year or so. The paint looks good in the photo, but if it isn't what you envisioned you will probably regret it if you don't get it corrected now. As for the shower door, I think it should definitely be replaced at no charge to you.

  22. We have a frameless shower door and the "wall" part of the glass does have a little plastic strip on it that the door glass fits up against. I think that is pretty standard and you can't really see it at all. There is no other way to have two pieces of glass meet with out having water get out, there is always going to be a gap in glass to glass.

  23. The walls look fine but I'm not sure about them just putting a strip on the doors. I'd give them a chance to try out the strip but if you're still not happy, then I'd ask for the doors to be replaced.

  24. The glass definitely needs to be replaced. The measurements must have been wrong because the gap should not be so huge. I would definitely not settle for the sash. That will take away from the look!


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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